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Update: 1970-01-01

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Alien War – UFO war is the latest game developed by CSC game in which players can experience a brand new defense game in the fight against alien monsters to protect the earth and rescuse their fellows. This is the mini game base leader board which is highly appreciated for stress releasing, suitable for all type of ages to play in free time.
Fight against these Alien Monster to protect the Earth!
+ Tap the fellows to rescuse him and get score
+ Tap the cannon to shoot the monster - Green monster, violet monster. Don’t let Alien escape
+ Recuse the fellow before the Monster can catch up
+ Don’t shoot the fellows.
Main Features:
- Use the cannon to get rid of the alien monsters continuously invasion from the UFO.
- Rescuse the fellows,hostage from the continuous chase of the alien monsters,
- Compare your scores with friends and other players in the regularly updated ranking system from Alien war - UFO war
- Get 1 point per 1 green moster shot
- Get 2 points per 1 yellow moster shot
- Get 2 points per 1 hostage rescused
- You lose in the following cases:
• The monster lands the ground, Alien escape
• The fellows are catched up by the monster.
• Shoot your own fellows.
Game information:
Alien War - UFO war will be an extraordinary tense game between you and the alien monsters, Green monster, violet monster
The familiar tower defense style now is developed in a totally different way as compared with the currently existent tower defense games.
Distinguished game as compared to other tower defense games. Players will realize that this is a tower defense game set up in the style of action game, not identical other game.
Are you eager to play a tower defense game in the style of the action game?
You will lose if Alien escape, we recruit their toughest soldiers, veteran, infantry, for alien war and we need convergence of all
The mission of the game is to use the Cannon to defense against the landdowns,invasion of alien monsters, in the meanwhile rescusing the fellows parachuting to escape the alien monsters,
Alien war is a defensive game with quick pace, which requires the player to control the cannon continuosly to shoot down the alien monsters skillfully,exactly,excellence
Additionally, in defense game Alien War, the players have to be fully focused to control the cannon and rescuse the fellows as soon as possible
We need the alliance together, we need you join alliance for powerful earth against alien in galactic, the whole cosmic
We are guardian, same fate teammates are allegiance guardian against the alien, the phantom for worldwide

Main features:
Easy to control: just need to watch the time and tap.
Easy to follow the top ranking: compare scores with friends and other players.
Excellence to play: with uncomplicated rules, players can easily understand. However, it is not simple to rank on top because it depends on how exact and timing their choices.

UFO defense war never ends if one of the two factions doen’t fall, and you can’t be the loser because you stand for justice,to protect peaceful planet, protect from the alien, they are greatest greedy
UFO defense, the war is not easy for anyone, if you do not focus enough, then you can lose at any time, your teammates will be captured at any time in the UFO defense,

Alien war – UFO war a tower defense, a defensive game, simple to play but not easy to rank top. Are you ready to protect the beautiful, excellence Earth and rescuse your brave fellows?


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