Historical BMW ads during Nazi app (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Historical BMW ads during Nazi app (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Historical BMW ads during Nazi app (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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How to install Historical BMW ads during Nazi app (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Please note this is the free version of the app "Amazing BMW ads during Nazis", and it has only limited functionality.

During the National-Socialist (or Nazi) government, BMW transformed from a newcomer in the automotive industry, into one of the best luxury automakers in the world. Few years before Nazi rule, BMW used to produce only aircraft engines and motorcycles, and had just entered the automotive industry. As soon as Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933, he shared his vision of “Motorisierung”, the result being a massive increase in demand for new cars in Nazi Germany.

Clearly BMW were in the right industry during the Nazis, and produced some of their most iconic cars, such as:
- the first serie-3 cars (the first BMW cars displaying the "kidney shape" front grill),
- the first BMW four door sedan,
- Z4 roadster’s grandparents, such as BMW 315/1, BMW 319/1 and BMW 328 roadster (considered the best sports car of the 1930s with numerous trophies and later nominated for the Car of the Century).

In addition, BMW motorcycles won numerous trophies and repeatedly broke the speed record, thus confirmed as the fastest object on two wheels on Earth.

Visit our amazing collection of BMW ads from Nazi period, which includes adverts featuring many of the above models. Some of the ads read:
- “The car sends an un-imagined feeling of silence and security, which gives you twice the joy of driving”.
- “The circle of passionate BMW enthusiasts gets always bigger, so many conquered by the BMW cars, which proved their qualities in the toughest races and reliability exams”.
- “BMW has always been regarded as a model of economic thinking through a successful design”.

The ads collection is unique, as it provides the original Nazi newspapers they appeared in, thus providing a direct insight on the historical context at the time from a Nazi perspective.

During the Nazi rule (the Third Reich), BMW also gave horsepower to German Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht, by delivering aircraft engines, rocket engines, cars, motorcycles and employed forced labour during the war. Nevertheless BMW (read by some as “Best Motors in the World”) consistent high quality cars and bikes have an enthusiast in almost every person on the planet to this day.

Please note that some of the ads include logos or symbols of BMW. We do not represent BMW and only present the content of the newspapers as they appeared in public media over 75 years ago.
Also, some of these vintage newspapers and magazines may display political symbols (such as Nazi symbols, communist symbols etc), or may express political or social views, the prices are expressed in Reich Marks etc. We have no position with regards to the content of the newspapers and magazines, and only occasionally translate the text to give the flavour of the historical context or to show the message of the advertisements.

Amazing BMW ads during Nazis is an educational app, for the purpose of presenting historical data, and does not carry any marketing or political message. All copyright information is available on request.

Before installing the app, there is a long list of permissions to be accepted (such as access to phone, taking pictures, location etc). Please accept to install the app, as none of these will be used (they are a standard setup of the software we use to produce the app).

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