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Update: 1970-01-01

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Conquest of Fantasia (COF) is the closest thing to an MMO you’ll probably get on your Android device. Unlike other “MMO” games in the app store, this one actually lets you have a character, level up and equip them similar to PC MMORGs such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft.

COF it’s a server sided MMO with live action battles. The main point of the game is to fight monsters and other players to gain EXP and level up to get better equipment, so on and so on (Just like any other MMO). The game is fun to play and you will find yourself immersed in the game entirely.

Starting off you can choose a gender and a class – Warrior, Rouge or Druid. Each class has its own special ability, to go along with the other 2 basic commands; Attack and Cast. Warriors can Berserk, causing high amounts of physical damage; Rogues can Steal, Once you’ve chosen a class and a name you can jump into the action, after you’ve bought your starting equipment. The main menu of the game shows your character and allows you to view some screens to do with your character information; such as your profile and your inventory. The main menu of the game is along the bottom of the screen and from here you can view the home screen, hunt for monsters, mine for valuables and visit the blacksmith and the marketplace.

Attacking monsters and using your abilities in battle costs energy. The game allow you to have 100 energy and this never increases as you level. Mining also costs energy and results in small amounts of EXP and minerals that you can sell off for money and if you’re lucky you can find Crystals (which heal your energy) or Dragonballs (which heal health and energy). You can also find enhancement gems which you can infuse into your weapons at the blacksmith to grant them extra effects.


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