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Version: 12.0

Update: 2020-09-08

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***We Present you all ... The Engineering Technical Drawings All in One App for Engineers***

Engineering Drawing App for Civil,Mechanical,Electrical Engineers Professionals.All the students and professional of Civi,Mechanical,Electrical can use this app to learn the drawings of engineering. This app also helpful for teachers,Professors who teaches engineering subjects.

This Technical Engineering App has below drawings.

1 Representative factor.
2 Plain scales.
3 Diagonal scales.
4 Construction of ellipse.
5 Construction of parabola.
6 cycloid.
7 Cycloid.
8 epicycloid.
9 hypocycloid.
10 Involutes.
11 Archimedean.
12 logarithmic spirals.
13 Types of projection.
14 Orthographic Projections.
15 First and Third Angle Projections.
16 Line parallel to a plane.
17 Line inclined to a plane.
18 Projection of a line parallel to both HP and VP.
19 Line perpendicular to HP parallel to VP.
20 Line parallel to VP and inclined to HP.
21 Line inclined to HP and VP.
22 Rotate the line AB to make it parallel to VP.
23 Projections of planes.
24 Plane surface parallel to one plane and perpendicular to the other two.
25 Plane parallel to HP and perpendicular to both VP and PP.
26 Plane parallel to PP and perpendicular to both HP and VP.
27 Plane surface perpendicular to one plane and inclined to the other two.
28 Projection of Solids.
29 Sections of Solids.
30 Visualization of Section Views.
32 Placement of Cutting Plane Lines.
33 Full Section View.
34 Broken-Out Sections.
35 Parallel Line Development.
36 Radial Line Development.
37 Isometric Projection.
38 Foreshortening.
39 Isometric Scale.
40 Alternative Isometric Scale.

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If you are looking to learn technical drawings, then this app can help you. you can find different topics of technical drawings its basics in this app.

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Thanks for downloading , if you want to learn more engineering then check our other apps.(Shami).

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