Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

How to install Equalizer FX. Pro Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Download Equalizer FX. Pro for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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The Equalizer FX allow you to improve sound quality for your android device to get more enjoy of listening music.
The application Equalizer FX lets you adjust the sound effect levels so you can get the better out of your music.
Application include:
- Equalizer. Is an audio filter to change the frequency envelope of the sound.
- Bass boost. Is an audio effect to boost or amplify low frequencies of the sound.
- Virtualization. Is an audio effect to virtualize audio channels. Allow you to enhance stereo effect.
- Loudness Enhancer. Loudness Enhancer is an audio effect for increasing music loudness. (Only for Android 4.4 and higher)
- 12 presets. Also you able to create your own presets.
The application works with music players and audio streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, VK, etc.
- Equalizer Widgets for your home screen.
- Automatically on/off when music player starts/stops play music.
- Flexible configuration.

Note: Equalizer FX is not working with FM radio.


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Equalizer FX hits the mark with Pandora - Happy Customer! Posted by

I tried a lot of equalizers over the last year and many of them fell short in various ways. Some of the more popular ones ate my processing cycles and stopped applications such as Pandora while they were enabled. I took a chance on one more, the Equalizer FX and it hit the mark with its easy to use interface, flawless operations with any of the players I use. I have N7, Google's Music player and Pandora and it works great. Pandora has been especially hard since it is a streaming player from the Internet. It does a great job. I listen to Pandora a lot while at work connected to my speakers through the headphone jack on my Google Nexus 7 (Original). I am setup with stock 4.3, no custom kernel but I am rooted to allow for applications such as StickMount so I can use my 64 GB USB where I have a lot of music, ebooks and videos stored. This software works the way I expect, easy, no performance hits, no stopping of applications, or other bad behaviors I have seen from others. If you're looking for something that's easy to use and works with most players give this a try. I purchase the license after testing to remove the ads.

THE BEST [if you can operate an EQ correctly] Posted by

No bloat, no cowpie, save to yournamehere presets, straight-up-fix. Tried others; found useless gimmicks, push ads, unnecessary permissions, and massive filesize (?! code). If you know how to properly set an EQ curve [plus AND MINUS, rookies!], this is the one for you. [P.S. goofballs: LISTEN to what happens when a slider is full north or south; ya'd UNDERSTAND why a 20-band is pointless on android; the SYSTEM audio output (POST-EQ (AKA: outa Developer's control)) works on ENVELOPE!] 10★.

Was great until recent android 4.5 update. Posted by

Here's the thing. This app does work. It did before. Because of the recent update from android however, the virtualization and loudness eq causes the app to crash. Thus no change in sound is produced. If those two setting aren't touch then the bass boost and normal eq works perfectly fine. However, virtualization is important because of the clear sound it makes. Will give five stars once android or you guys fix the issue with music and sound. Thanks for this wonderful app though :D

Bug report Posted by

Nice app, one of the best on Google Play. 1. Does not work if you launch the app when headphones already connected, you have to unplug and plug in again. 2. Loudness check box is not stored in config, so it is always unchecked after you start the app. 3. Virtualization slider dies not work at all, effects strength is always Tue same. 4. Please add simple widget which will start the app with no window. Will appreciate if you fix these bugs :)

I don't see any different between Posted by

The payed and free app but I bought it to support the developer. Great app guys. Just a couple of tips for a great update if possible please redo the bass and virtualizer. The bass muddies up the rest of the frequencies so you lose some tonality no matter how you set the app. Also the virtualizer right now now is about useless sorry to say. The sound is a little fuller but sounds doubled and like a delay effect. Thanks guys

Overall the best u have found... Posted by

Loudness enhancer grayed out and unusable on Note 3. Also, why is it that any EQ settings above 0db significantly lower the volume output of the device? Is this a Samsung Goggle Kitkat 4.4.2 thing? In terms of UI and overall functionality this app is the best of the bunch. A backup of profiles would be nice.

Works perfectly for Samsung Galaxys6 Posted by

This app is worth the 99 cents. Unfortunately the free ones did not work at all.

It actually works Posted by

Stays on!!!! Boost loudness as well as cleaning up sound profile.

It's buggy but it works by Daniel Cespedes 2016-03-14

Don't get me wrong, the app is very good, have a lot of profiles and customization options, plus it works as a default equalizer on Deezer and the play music app by Google. Unfortunately, sometimes just stops working, sometimes when changing from track to track, sometimes entirely for no reason. If the developer can fix this, it's an 5 stars app. Can get very frustrating and annoying at times. That's why the 3 stars rating.

Needs some improvement by Neo Gaming 2016-08-08

This is great with some music. It makes most of my songs sound amazing, but sometimes YouTube or other media sound really low. It gets annoying since I have to go in to turn off the equalizer. It's great, but needs help to improve the apps performance with more media.

Good sound but... by Mark Jennings 2016-09-29

On my Alcatel Pixi 4g when you turn the equaliser on then the volume control stops working. It just stays loud at an ear damaging level until you turn it off again. Please fix because other than this it's great.

Was great.. by Chris Libby 2015-02-05

Last update makes eq stay on all the time even for external speaker thus making ringtones and whatnot sound like a staticy radio... Even if you disable it, it keeps turning itself back on. Very annoying..

Works but skips on Samsung by Robert Kellum 2013-08-05

This is the third equalizer I've tried. If Bass Boost is on music skips on my Samsung Infuse.horribly. Same if Virtualizer is on. So far all the equalizers do this on my Samsung in. Infuse.

This thing does not work! by Max E. 2014-02-07

I tried installing it and it wont install on my HTC Evo 3d! It just keeps giving my an error saying that it won't start for some reason! I wan't a refund!

Ok by Daniel Garcia 2014-07-16

Alright overall, latest update lost all my saved profiles, have to start over!