Foscam Monitor Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Foscam Monitor Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Foscam Monitor Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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How to install Foscam Monitor Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Download Foscam Monitor for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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Make your Foscam IP camera accessible from any Android device. Use Foscam Monitor to manage every aspect of your camera: position, video properties, motion detection, etc. Works with both wifi and mobile internet connection.

Turn your camera into a baby monitor!
Enable the "baby-monitor mode" in order to keep on playing audio while app is in the background or the screen is turned off. Perfect as baby monitor!

You have more than one camera? Use the grid view to see 2 or more cameras at a glance. Foscam Monitor supports up to 16 cameras!

You don't know the IP of a camera you just connected to your router? Foscam Monitor will find it for you. Please note the IP of a camera in a local network is not the same as the IP needed to see it over the internet. Have a look to the following guide to know how setup your router to make your camera accessible over the internet:

App features include:

- Fast video streaming, up to 30 fps depending on camera model and network conditions
- Receive audio from the camera
- Talk through camera speaker
- Baby-monitor mode
- Get notifications upon alarm detection
- Automatically capture images and save them to gallery upon alarm detection

- Motion control: up/down/left/right, zoom in/out, scan horizontally/vertically, move to preset position
- Motion control adjustments: reverse left/right up/down controls, set preset positions
- Video adjustments: contrast, brightness, flip/mirror image, infrared lights on/off
- PTZ settings: determine camera's motion speed
- Motion detection alarm settings: manage motion detection alarm activation and settings from your android device
- Mail service management: manage camera's mail service from your android device
- Flexible grid view
- Up to 16 cameras

- Automatically detects cameras in your local area network
- Automatically check connection to camera as you enter camera settings
- Fullscreen view

Foscam Monitor is fully compatible with Dericam and other clone brands.

Try out the DEMO version:

-------- IMPORTANT --------

Due to incompatibility between Foscam SDK library and Android 6.0.x, Foscam Monitor app is currently unable to start direct-connection mode on some devices running Android 6.0.x. Furthermore, recent Google Play policy prevents us from fixing this issue by downgrading target OS version from Android 6.0.1 to Android 5.1.

If you are already using Foscam Monitor and have experience this problem, please install


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Great App - One Problem Posted by

This is actually a very nice app, all features and functions seem to work fine, but I do have one issue. I and several Foscams and probably use it most to keep an eye on my dog throughout the day, BUT I don't use the app all the time all day long and I wish I could stop the app from showing up on the notification bar. I've gone through every setting with a fine tooth comb to make sure that all cameras were disabled but yet the icon still shows up on the notification bar which indicates that it's running in the background, thus using resources, when I don't need it to. If anyone knows the trick to get rid of the icon on the notification bar when the cameras are not in use please let me know. Aside from that it really is a great app

!!!! An Absolutely Top Quality APP !!!! Posted by

I've been a self employed IT Tech for the past 29 years (I recently retired). After dealing with Foscam's horrible "blue cloud app" for 6 long weeks & spending more than 4 hours on the phone with their Support I finally gave up after they said they were unable fix my multiple issues. I then purchased "Foscam Monitor" v.2.13 by Amstapps (for only $3). All my issues disappeared & the best part is I can symataneously enable or disable "Motion Detect" on both my "F19821P" security cameras with a single tap.

Easy to use Posted by

Easy to use, but do you have to buy it for each device? Would like to have on our iPad and available for my wife and various babysitters as we are using as our baby monitor...any help appreciated! Also, I am having trouble with the settings. I turned on motion detected setting and I am not being notified upon movement of my son. Lastly, as soon as my screen locks the audio turns off. How do I prevent this from happening so I can hear the baby when he awakens?

Great app. Posted by

Does want in an ip monitor. Turns off and on all alarms from main screen. Other functions can also be controlled by app. Touch screen moves camera. Has multiple monitoring screens. One small problem was occasionally the cameras couldn't connect.was a problem with this app because other apps would work.would be trafficked by restarting app. You do this by simply stopping app from running then restarting.

Worked until phone and tablet were replaced Posted by

UPDATE: APP WORKING AGAIN GREAT. PROBLEM WAS THE PLAY STORE, NOT THE APP! This app worked great on my Samsung galaxy skyrocketed and my Motorola zoom tablet, UNTIL my phone and my tablet needed to be replaced and I tried to download the app again from the Google play store. Although I paid for the regular version it does not allow me to download it again even though it shows me that I did purchase it.

Works. Much more than can be said for others. Posted by

App works great, i.e., stable. Has all the features you expect - video tweaks, ipcam lights on/off (including infrared), etc. My one complaint is it takes a lot of buttons/clicks to do anything while watching the video, and for that, -1 star. Other than that, if you have a foscam camera, this is the best app for you.

Great app, worth the money Posted by

I tried a few free apps for monitoring my foscam camera, but this is definitely the best. You can edit all of the options and view in full resolution. I like button pan/tilt over swipe pan/tilt, and this app allows it.

Great app but Posted by

My foscam has a speaker built in and on my computer I can talk threw the camera. This app has audio from the camera but not back to it. It would be a perfect app if the developers could add that feature.

Latest Update Posted by

Updated today and it attempts to connect to camera before ultimately closing the app. Prior to update it worked fine on Nexus 77. Just installed update and app working fine, thanks for rectifying. Mark

Set up guide would be nice Posted by

It took a little time to figure out how to get this app configured. Some sort of guide would be helpful for the less than computer savvy individuals!

Not as good as ios Posted by

My wife has this app on her iphone. She has more options. 2 way radio is a must for Android. Please include the microphone option.

Doesnt work Posted by

Upgraded to version 2.14 and I cant connect to the camera. Tried other free apps which connect fine.

Need more features Posted by

Needs to be able to perform all features that can be performed in the pc software.

New feature: get notifications on motion-detect by A Google User 2012-10-10

Dear Foscam Monitor Developers! Could you please do something with that new feature "get notifications on motion-detect" which you've added recently ? I'm constantly having some bloody annoying icon with "Alarm notifications" popping up into my phone's main bar, even though I don't want that! - and I made sure it is disabled in the app's preferences. What the hell ?! Your "disable" option does not work! .. or works for a little while, because if I enable-and-disable it the annoying icon would disappear, but just for a little while. Then it would re-appear again! Uf... really liked the app, but after that last update you did I'm seriously considering dumping it.. W.

Don't be bamboozled... by John Baker 2014-12-13

MY POINT IS THIS: How difficult would it be to put YOUR message "Foscam Monitor has recently been expanded so that it supports HD camera models, however only basic functionality is available at the moment. Please note extra functionality will be added on coming updates" that appears when you use the PAY version below the list of "App features" to be seen BEFORE buying rather than me having to download a DEMO version to find out they didn't work. And putting an approximate DATE when the functions should be working would also be helpful. Bamboozle: to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely

Full of bugs by Dani Hughes 2015-08-10

I don't give out one star reviews lightly but this app has been nothing short of a joke. I can't believe I actually paid for it. I could never pull my cameras up the first time. It always took two and sometimes three attempts and that was when I could open them at all. But I was willing to overlook that and continue using the app until the most recent update. I was so hopeful that it would finally fix all of the issues I had been having, or at least some of them. Instead, I can't open my cameras. At all.

Title? by ian smith 2015-08-05

When the app works, it's 5-star. But often times when I poke at a camera to blow the view up, it'll tell me I have the wrong camera type, or just say it can't connect. But then after multiple attempts it connects! I know the cameras, I know this app, and all of the settings involved, and I'm sure I have everything set up correctly. But it just doesn't always connect. I'd say I experience about a 25% failure rate, which is unacceptable for a device that is being used for my security.

DONT BUY!!! by Albert Ahn 2013-03-21

Dont buy this app.its a waste of money. The images lag like crazy. I can pick up my baby and the app wont even show it.spend an extra dollar and buy another app. I tried asking for a refund but wouldnt give me one saying it was probably due to connection issues. My connection is full 4g's in my house and even when Im on wifi it still lags and sometime the app freezes. DON'T BUY!!! ITS CRAP!!!!

Big let down on the S3 by Mark Morrison 2013-11-17

When I purchased this app I assumed the rest of the app features would be unlocked. All the cool features that you couldnt get on the free version, are still unavailible in the full version. Not sure if all the camera options worked on any other phones, but all i could do was view and pan/tilt.

POS You NEED an update !!!! by Becci Adams 2015-08-03

It won't work more than 2/3 of the time ! Different IP address and or port DAILY ! Crashes nearly every time I try to open it or just freezes up and won't do ANYTHING !!! I PAID FOR THIS APP ! I WANT MY MONEY BACK !

Love the app, BUT... by R Ski 2013-11-19

Great app, but I still can't access my 2 cameras OUTSIDE of my home network. Yes, port forwarding is enabled because I can access them from a computer. Looking for other options, now. -Razr Maxx

Can't even connect by Travis Miller 2013-08-31

I just installed the app and I cannot even connect to the camera... It sees that there is one but won't connect to it... Unfortunately I paid for it so I have no choice to keep it

Easy by William Hathaway 2015-08-10

Easy to use and set up takes time and when in use, loses connection and freezes a lot this app needs big time improvement. Update now stops working.

Dont buy by Nitin Kulkarni 2013-06-16

Dont buy this app. With all correct parameters the app keeps refusing connection which a number of free ip camera apps easily connect.

DO NOT UPDATED by Paul Onisko 2014-07-29

The update erased all my settings. Please fix so more people don't have to go back and spend time reinstalling your settings.

Limited Functionality by Sean Michael 2014-01-14

Be sure to read the description thoroughly before buying. VERY limited functionality. Should be a FREE app.