Hitman Sniper Games for Android
Hitman Sniper Games for Android

Hitman Sniper Games for Android

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Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
Hitman Sniper Games for Android screenshot
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5/5 - "Now that it’s here, I can’t stop playing it, which is remarkable for a title that is much more concerned with showcasing how much you can do within certain constraints instead of reveling in any kind of excess." - Gamezebo

Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.

Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination kill shot.

Non-stop action as the zombie hunter in a true test of your skills and speed of execution.

Improve your skills for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful guns.

Boost your score and climb up the contract killer ranks to become the world's finest silent assassin.

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Mature 17++


Solid game Posted by

This is a good game for the price. The only con that it all takes place on the same map and from the same vantage point. However, multiple scenarios require thought and keep it interesting enough to enjoy for hours. There are creative ways to kill and weapon perks that add to the experience. Suggestion: randomize some elements such as which vehicles are alarmed, laptop locations, and "hidden" item locations. Also, create several different enemy path loops and randomize those as well. That would add to playability and increase score ranges.

Good for the cost Posted by

Very addictive awesome graphics. I have about 20 hours of gameplay in just 3 days. If you have a $ to spend buy this game... BAD THINGS: There is only one map, there are some glitches and some times you see a corpse hanging by the leg on the ledge and you can't shoot it out of sight. The most stupid annoying thing is that only 200 players can use the best weapon in the game. The ones who already have it use it to build even better scores making it impossible for others to break into the top 200 leaderboard.

Finally! Posted by

I have literally downloaded and played dozens of shooting/sniper type games looking for one I could really get into. This is it guys. Excellent graphics and the gameplay is challenging, yet leaves you wanting more. Note to the developers and other key players: Just wanted to say that I know you have spent countless hours working on this in Dev0a/b and fine tuning it for live gameplay and it shows. You guys have all done a fantastic job, keep up the good work! - From one software engineer to another.

Pretty fun. But here's a thought.. Posted by

I love a good challenge, yet...I'd like to see HID support or a way to auto-track/follow targets by having them in the sights for a brief period(i.e. FarCry). I/We can't always keep our hands on screen to follow targets as they move,so I think a small "time window" of non-centered x-hair auto-tracking(down and to the side)would be a nice option.Perhaps this could be one that has a small point penalty,if used,so it doesn't ruin the L-boards with unfair advantages to those who use it. Still, GG Squenix!!!

A little tweakin', and it will be perfect. Posted by

This game is great; in my opinion one of the best on Android. (Good graphics and nice narration included!) The reason for the lack of a star is twofold; the challenges become repetitive after a while (especially when you're trying to reach a certain high score), and the same map certainly becomes too familiar. Another map right off the bat would've created an option to alternate between the two. I can't wait til the new map's finally out. Let's hope it's as large, colourful, busy, and fun as the first.

Excellent game Posted by

This game is great and any fan of the hitman series would enjoy this. There are no in game purchases necessary to play this so it's really a bargain which will give you hours of fun. As usual there are various ways to take down people some which are subtle and not immediately apparent by using the environment and the game encourages you to do this. I rarely pay for android games but this is worth a punt.

Worth the money. Posted by

Love the game it's great just a few things like it's the same map Everytime would be better if there was two different maps thrown in rotation. Then with that when you do a mission that the targets and the scenarios would be different each time where they move towards and how they move. Also when is the death Bally map coming out for Android its been soon forever now it's out on the iPhone.

Posted by

Was reluctant to pay for a game I couldn't test out. This is well worth the money to download. If you're a sniper game junkie like me, you'll love it. This is problem solving at it's best. A game that makes you think. This is definitely in the top three for sniper games. I recommend for download!

The Sniper Posted by

Loving this game. Simplistic yet intriguing. Please keep the game modes coming and for the love of god please add new areas to play in. I waited forever for this game to get a new mode like Death Valley before I downloaded it again. The best sniper game for mobile devices by far.

Want More! Posted by

I'm addicted to all Hitman games! my fav's are Silent Assassin, Blood Money and Absolution! Im so glad they have this on Android platform, please give us more! Well worth the money! All I ask is that you give us Agent 47 in an free roam open world..like Silent Assasin!

Still waiting on that update Posted by

Its been forever since you put a new map out you developers are like that person in rotation that babysit come on now lets see a new map I've beat this game 100 times now wont download again until you do.. and you did see I take back what I said thank you for passing.

Great game (update) Posted by

Cool game, very well put together. Unfortunate that some ppl have issues, this game is worth while (update) New map released, and its amazing. Even the backround music is awesome, perfect appocolypse sound. Its free, which confuses me, i would have paid for it :p

Posted by

A cool game to play when relaxed, promotes devious logical thinking....... no need for blood curdling graphics..... good honest cold blooded KILLING !!! A SATISFYING, THINKING MANS TRIGGER PULLER........DELIBERATE AND BRILLIANT !!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!

Great game; Excellent Challenges and Graphics Posted by

This is my favorite mobile game, It seems to be one of the best possible ways to bring Hitman to the mobile app stores. I definitely recommend this game, especially if you'd like to play as Agent 47 when your away from your console/computer!

Great, met my expectations. Posted by

Have been waiting for this game since it was announced nearly a year ago, and it hasn't failed to impress. Although previously it was said that it would be free, I prefer having an upfront fee rather than optional in app purchases.

Awesome I love it. Posted by

I've been playing this game on the Note 7 and the graphics are great. The best I've seen yet on a sniper game. Plus the price you can beat 99¢ forget about it. I got mines for free since I had some credit from Google Opinion.

Good game Posted by

I'm a hit man fan and loving this. The only thing I dislike about this game is that a lot of the weapons cost a lot of real money which is ridiculous the prices the cost more than the game itself but thankfully a lot are free.

Great but more levels needed. Posted by

Game is really fun and looks amazing. I just wish there were more levels. There are microtransactions but these are only for guns. Other than that it is free of ads and other annoyances you get with F2P games.

The best Sniper game on a mobile device Posted by

It's a great alternative to Hitman Sniper Challenge (PC). Request the developers to port the original game to mobile too. The current generation hardware can handle that graphics quite easily....

Simply amazing Posted by

I love to play hitman.when I was 15 . And since then never played any game after such long time...I ended up with this one bcoz unseen the discount price tag.totally worth even without discount.

More Maps! Posted by

The game is superb. Could be better with more maps, I'm not talking 'bout the upcoming zombie map. What is it with sniping and zombies? Can't we just stick with something more close to reality?

Addictive Posted by

This game is a gem. I love this game. When I installed I had very little expectations but now I must say it is very addictive. Once you start playing, you just want to go on and on..

Not working, pls help (resolved) Posted by

I got lenovo k3 note 3gb ram phone, game downloaded and it again downloaded around 300 mb, but then when it ran it kept on installing for around half hour and then just crashed. :(

Perfect Posted by

All aspects of this game are perfect GRAPHICS,MUSIC,STORYLINE this should be industry standared,there's nothing I can say other than DOWNLOAD YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED

Awesome service and game Posted by

This game is so fun and bad ass. if you love shooters and want to have hours of fun. this is your game. the new death valley is sick. download and enjoy this sucker.

At the very least a 5+ Posted by

Game play 5, graphics 5, target difficulty 4, pain in the butt computer level 5, weapons 5, especially the ones you build and upgrade. What else is there to say? 5+

I don't rate,but.......... Posted by

This mfkn game right here is decent asf!!! No lie....... Its way better than all them other sniping games I've downloaded! I can honestly say,"it's worth it"!!!

I'm enjoying Posted by

Great work guys.. I'm a big fan hitman games... I didn't know that you people have for mobile too.. i loved it. Try to make it like pc version for mobile too

Hit Man Posted by

Great game awsome graphics.downloaded game for 99cents well worth it and you don't have to spend any money. can't put it down one of the best sniper apps.

Flawless Posted by

Get this game while you still can with the 80% discount. Hands down the best sniper game I've ever played 10/10. Smooth controls and great graphics

AWSOME Posted by

Professional development makes it feel professional straight-forward and almost perfect, I just enjoy the game DOWNLOAD YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED

Great Game Posted by

Very good no lag or freezing the only problem i find is having to play the same level wouldnt mind a change in scenery other than that its perfect

Amazing Posted by

Like all hitman it's art is amazing an a fan for the pc hitman there are jus getting better absolution not so much but learned f4m mistake

Best sniper game ever Posted by

You put up a coming soon map for zombie play like 9 months ago...really...really ....please finish and install the map for crying out loud

Great game Posted by

One of the best games I have downloaded but it could really do with an update to add a new scenario. Add this and it'll get five stars!

Great game, but... by Christopher Pilot 2016-06-11

Great game, but once you finish all the levels and you're just competing on the leader board, you can never top the leader board because the game always puts like 10 fake score leaders over your score. For example, if I get a high score of 11,500,000, it'll show like 10 people with a score higher than mine with the highest being like 11,601,234. I'll then beat not only my high score, but all the others above me, too, with say 12,500,000, and then about 10 more fake high scores (with really bad fake names) are put above me again. Are we really supposed to believe that at the exact same time I was playing the game 10 people got a slightly higher score than me...EVERY TIME? So, once you finish the levels, don't bother with trying to compete for the high score on the leader board -- you'll never get it. Otherwise, it's a great game, but who wants to play a game that you can never win? Sorry, but that alone deserves a one-star rating.

Update is good, but Permanent upgrades arent working... by TT C 2016-09-11

Cant exit the app which stinks & I am forced to end the game through my task manager. Death Valley is ok, gameplay is a bit aggrevating at times. The token system is hard to get used to as you must upgrade items while playing instead of up front. Starting token amount never increases. We need an option to buy upgrades with the tokens we earn. No idea what are they for as I can see we cant use them for purchasing anything in the game With only 1 map again it will get a bit boring quickly like the first part did. But for now its something to play.

Just deleted my progress by Pawel Misiurski 2016-05-02

Nooo! After it became unresponsive I relaunched the game and it was reset back to the first mission. What is missing to get 5 stars rating: real scenarios with different maps, binoculars for less zoom. I was always missing sniping in Hitman and this game fills that gap so that's very good. Unfortunately there are some problems. Some less serious (long loading times) but loosing progress is a deal breaker. Ratings like "Silent assasin" would be nice. Give Basia Romanowski a break I shot her 50 times already

Annoying Rate Me Question... by AJ Klean 2016-06-20

Great game, while only sitting at mission 10 or so at lvl 2. The down side that I can see so far is its the same map/movement of characters, no replay of missions, and the guns are only unlocked after each lvl. Oh, and asking me to rate the game after every mission. I like to play and beat the games before rating them. It still keeps my attention from a few other games since the missions change who your killing and how your doing it. In all honesty I will probably get bored of the game before beating it...

Fair rating i think by Doug Smith 2016-12-27

Brilliant and terrible at the same time, graphics are pin point beautiful. Load times are terrible and appears i can only access game if i have data on. I give half half for this, make it offline and fix load time. Great game if fixed up a bit. It takes so long to load your break will be over. I payed and played a couple of levels and want refund, I keep playing regardless how long it takes to load no refund so i might as well play on and use up my data. Near spent more money until i remembered money spent

I want a refund by 2016-09-10

I purchased the game and while it downloaded, it gave me the option to refund. I decided to give it a chance and started playing and I've been playing for a couple minutes and I've done every objective and it keeps displaying a fail message and it's been playing the same level over and over again. I've decided that it's not the game for me and when I deleted it, the refund option was gone. So now I'm stuck with the game and I'm $0.99 shorter than what I was. Please assist me in any way you can!

WARNING!!! ABANDONED GAME!!! ADVERTS ARE ALL LIES!!! by Herman Munster 2016-07-20

One level. Over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. (7/7/16 review update) Over six months. NO content update. Nearly a year and they have not to this day released even the promoted second level. This game is a rip off and a scam. The only reason its on sale is causd theyve abandoned it. Oh and by the way the discounted or free rifles are never actualy given for free or discounted.

Little variety and restrictive play by Michael Chen 2016-09-01

I was unpleasantly surprised when I realized that Sniper only offered a single level. It's repetitive, limiting in that the player has little freedom to deviate from the mission objectives, and looks like it was designed around IAPs and a F2P model, but someone thought they could get away with charging for the whole thing instead. I would not have bought this game, if I knew how little it provided. More than a little disappointing.

Lacking a Lot by Kevin Markish 2017-01-01

The entire campaign is a bunch of different scenarios on the same map, you'd think the people you're assigned to kill would see the pattern of a million people getting easily sniped in the same location buy yet they still schedule to go there and get sniped themselves haha. Anyway, Zombie mode is extremely difficult after like the first wave and almost everything in the game is too hard to unlock. Download the app HitmanGo instead.

It's OK...nothing special, no manual by Lee Hentschel 2017-01-03

It's an "ok" game...there is only 1 main location and it just becomes repetitive. Just seems like it's a demo to get you to buy the console/pc series. Definitely wouldn't have paid more than the 50p I did for it. Plus there's no manual, the devs just seem to assume everyone knows how to get kill chains or some of the other special requirements to complete missions

Why is there a triangle shape by Abdul Bashir 2017-01-03

This is all Freemasons. Triangle everywhere the egyptian triangle this is the sign of devil. I would have given five star but why the is a Egyptian triangle with the Queen's crown Ruby's. They have been paid money to display the (sign) couldn't even play the game the triangle keeps loading I mean please guys why would you want to add a triangle in the game

Cloud sync requires FB by Muhammad D 2017-01-04

It's a good sniper game. I have to reduce 4 stars because when I reinstalled the game my cloud save is gone and I have to start all over again. Tried contacting support but no response. Tried contacting again and now they say I have to connect Facebook to save my game, but it doesn't say that anywhere inside the game itself.

Facebook by Cancer. j 2016-08-14

Its a good game but everytime I connect to facebook to load my saved game it would crash and give me this message "Unfortunately, Sniper has stopped working". (Edit: I fixed the problem by installing facebook, but when I still login it just brings me back to the start screen (where it downloads the intel packages))

Willem by Willem Meyer 2016-05-19

Please don't download this game. After I downloaded it, it didn't install. Please give me a refund. Oh yes, it doesn't look like I'm the only one complaining about this problem . still no refund??? Really but then surely Google is suppose to refund me. But no, money is no object for Google!!!!!!

I loved the Game but.. by Badr Alshoufani 2016-09-05

I've purchased the game couple of days ago, and I've played only the first level, but now whenever I'm trying to play the second level the game just shuts down without even showing that window telling that there was an Error. Please help. P.s I'm using Sony Xperia M5

Unable to get the game by rathish durai 2016-08-15

I bought the game and trying to download & install the game from Google play store. Everytime I download the Google play store crashes at 90+% and I have to start from scratch. This is annoying and makes me wonder is the game gonna work or is this a fraud company.

No discounts, average gameplay by Anindya Mondal 2016-12-25

When I made the purchase , the receipt confirmed a payment of ₹10 as a season's discount. However I was charged ₹60+10 as a payment for the game. Also I have played many sniper shooters and this one is more of the hitman brand name than gameplay.disappointed.

Need HELP by Varun Kumar 2016-06-11

The game is great and i have played it for a year now, but i got a new phone and whe i downloaded it again, there is no button to scroll through the weapons. I would love to have some help with the problem and then i could give this game 5 stars. PLEASE HELP

Problem in Play by Mohammad Ali 2016-07-02

Hi, 2 days back ive downloaded this Game however im not getting instant Play tap after upgrading Armory..i have to shuffle screens a bit for 2 minutes and then afterwards its get visible...Pls help me as im using android version on Galaxy S6 device.

by Erik E 2017-01-21

Am i the only one that bought this game from a square enix promotion email. This email was promoting the dragun well in a sense it was free. Only to buy the game to find out it wasn't? The games ok but seriously disappointed in the misleading email.

No feedback from customer support by Arn Aligsao 2016-09-08

The app can't be installed on my phone. Already emailed the details, but still no response. Please let me know if we can still do something about this since I would understand if you can explain, rather than not replying on my concern.

Lost all mission progress! by Justin Fosco 2016-08-19

Saw the new death valley update was released so I downloaded it again. I login into Facebook and all it syncs is my leaderboard score and previous money...mission is back to chapter one and can't play death valley until chapter 6...wtf

Not working by Dylan Downs 2016-12-27

Iv tryed downloading the game and nothing so I want a refund and all my data that I used to download it twice wast of time and will not recommended it to any one until I have received a refund and then I will change review thanks

1 map? Come on. Get a free game instead by Chad Carter 2016-04-18

Game play is fun. For a pay app, I'm shocked they can't develop new maps. Even free games have new maps and a few choices right from the start. Developers said there'd be a new one in March and still nothing.

Lost save by Jamey Nelson 2016-07-16

After loading on a different device and signing into Facebook, my money appeared but my progress was lost. The game now locks up and won't continue or load. This is a very poor experience for a non free game.

Ugh HELP NEEDED by Goldcoin Doge 2016-07-21

I thought this game would be amazing but when I try to play it I only beet the tutorial and then I get to the mission with the prostitute in the 1st actual mission and it freezes and I still hear voulume

Wtf by Talin Pham 2016-09-04

Ok I had lik 30 games right and then it was like need more space so I deleted like 5 game and I was like ok and it still did not download and now I am a 4 game like this game is a pies of crap

Dude. Sweet by David Bleigh 2016-07-07

One star because supposedly death valley and this zombie thing are there and all I can play is the opening level still... no updates available and I've removed it and downloaded again. No luck.

Was five stars by Riley Galvin 2016-06-25

Now every time I close the app and reopen it it says installing and once it's done doing that it resets all my progress each time please fix this it was a awesome game! Using galaxy s5 active

Cannot download by Da_Boxed_Monkey 72 2016-07-02

I've tried the Google help site to download this but it's not making any differences. This game looks amazing though. FYI I am using a Sony M2 experia. Someone plz do something about this

Game freezes regularly by Mohamad Irsyad 2016-07-09

The game itself is good, no complaints. But dude, it regularly freezes to the point that I can't play it past 3 minutes on the mission. Please help me solve this. Phone is Zenfone 2.

Not Working by Zaki Qomarudin 2016-07-28

I already paid it, download it, and play. But the hell?! When I first time open it, It just stuck and it's said the game has been stopped! My phone is Lenovo P-70 A. Fix It ASAP!!

Please fix by Jimmy Huang 2016-06-02

Google play crashes ONLY on your installation. Have been waiting for months. Spoken to Google, nothing worked either. Hoping that one of you will fix this, it's been so long.