Knock Detector for Torque Pro

By: BigDinch Labs

Version: 1.0.1

Update: 2012-09-09

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  • Package: com.nosoftskills.kd
  • Version: 1.0.1 (2)
  • Size: 604.7 KB
  • Update on: September 09, 2012
  • Installs: 100,000
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Check your gas engine for detonations ! Ensure that your everyday car or tuned machine is working fine and gas is good. You should have Torque Pro installed and OBD2 device connected. Knock Detector will:
- report detonations
- show throttle position
- monitor engine coolant and intake air temperatures
Knock Detector is Torque Pro plugin - install Torque Pro first and start Knock Detector from Torque's main menu and make sure OBD2 adapter is connected. While driving at low rpm on 3rd gear on safe road just press throttle harder and wait for a short period of time. Test will start automatically and finish as you depress the pedal. Notification sounds will be played. Test will cover the passed rev range. If testing on automatic gear box ensure that gears are not switched during the test.
Warning - please ensure safe driving conditions. The test is automatic and needs no driver's assistance.

In order to work on all car models Knock Detector uses heuristic algorithm to find detonations. It is based on analysis of timing advance, throttle, revs and speed. On some ECUs it may report knocks but the reason could be timing retard because of specific factory tune.

Knock Detector will not report minor car specific knock events so it can also miss some detonations. However it will report ECU learned detonations. Such knock events will likely disappear at some moment. Detonations can be real or fake, they can appear and disappear, so there is no reason to worry if such are reported. Detonation may be caused just by depressing the throttle at high revs. Some stock ECUs pull timing 0.5 - 1.00 even on WOT so fake knock will be detected.

Engine coolant and intake air temperaturesare also monitored as major knock factors. Avoid spirited driving or testing when both values are not green - too cold or too hot temperatures can cause detonations.

Русские друзья, вы должны установить Torque Pro с OBD2(ELM327) устройство. Спасибо !

Amis français, vous devez installer Torque Pro avec OBD2(ELM327) engin aussi..

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