Learn Arabic Speaking in Urdu - Arabi Seekhain

By: Modern School

Version: 1.0

Update: 2018-04-19

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Arabi Seekhain is one of the best App to learn Arabic from Urdu for Non-Arabic speakers. Arbi (Arabic) is also an important language because it is very useful for Middle East which had developed economies in the world. The Fundamental elements of Arabic Language can be learnt by using this app. This Arbi Seekhain App from is also very good for the people who are beginners to learn Arabic. There are many Arabic language app in the google play store but this app focuses on the daily conversations by use of which it is very easy to learn Arabic Speaking. So, this Arbi Seekhain App is very beneficial for you daily life. This app has urdu keyboard and you can search any urdu word in this app and this app gives you its Arabic translation so you don’t need any keyboard to install.
This Arbi Seekhain app focuses on phrases and conversations. So, by using phrases and conversations the process leads to learn Arabic Language in a very short time. This Arbi Seekhain (Learning Arabic) app many lessons which are required to learn Arabic language or Arabic Speaking. Our Holy Quraan is also in Arabic Language, so, this App also helps you to better understand what is written in the Holy Quraan. This Arbi Seekhain (learn Arabic) App consists of different lessons on daily basis through which it is very easy to learn or Speak Arabic in few days. This Learning Arabic App consists of thousands of words and phrases and by using phrases it is very easy to Learn Arabic. This app is a complete Arabic Speaking course for all of you.
The Interface of this app is very easy and user-friendly. It has different types of exercises and by using this app 5 to 10 minutes daily you are able to learn Arabic in few days. This Arbi Seekhain App has a beautiful design. This Arbi Seekhain App is very smart and effective to Learn Arabic language.
Key Features of Arbi Seekhain App
• Learn Arabic from Urdu
• Arabic to English Dictionary
• English to Arabic Dictionary
• Learn Arabi Grammar
• Learn Arabic Tenses and Vocabulary
• Urdu Keyboard and Searching in Urdu
• Contains thousands of words and phrases in Arabic
• Arabic Grammar
• Native Arabic Pronunciation
• Customizable Font Size
• Contains 5-10 minutes Exercises on daily basis
• Provides free Vocabulary
• Includes different types of conversations
If you are a student, work person or tourist in Middle East then this app is one of the best apps for you. Download this app and increases your skills about Arabic language. If this app is helping you in learning Arabic language then give your feedback about this app and kindly rate this app..

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