Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

How to install Motorsport Manager Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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★★★★★ Pocket Tactics - "Quite possibly the best sports sim on mobile"
★★★★½ Touch Arcade - "Makes an immediately striking impression"
★★★★½ Pocket Gamer - "You'll find a lot to like"
★★★★ 148Apps - "One of the most accessible and addictive management sims around"


• This is your racing team. Hire drivers, develop your car and invest in technology.

• Work with your drivers to achieve the perfect qualifying lap.

• Formulate the ideal pitstop strategy to win races.

• Watch the race in real-time or jump into the strategy screens to take control of the action.

• React to weather changes, crashes and safety car periods.

• Win championships across the world to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.

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Posted by

Amazing, the best formula racing game available. Great racing mechanics, in depth car development and good stratagy im race. There is plenty of content and you really feel great when you win. Its incredible. But if there could be improvements, i'd say, instead of dots, have actual cars (dosnt worry me to much but it would top it off) but maybe as well, have a practise session or a longer qualy session (maybe like Q1, Q2, Q3). One thing that would be really good is the ability to name your own driver or your young driver. One thing i really would like more than anything else is the ability to cuatomize your car from a range of chasis or front wings. But all in all, i have no regrets playing this game. A brilliant piece of engineering.

Posted by

A really well designed sim - who knew watching little dots race around a track could be so much fun? The tiers of racing, the sponsors, car manufacturing - it's all very good. A bit more detail in the design process might be nice, but it's very user friendly as it is. The racing does seem to be a bit luck based, and does have a few problems. The main one, as others have mentioned, is the wet weather not affecting the AI very much. I've seen on multiple races the AI racing on hard tires as well as my driver on wets. Not being able to see options for drivers or managers before you toss the current one is a small issue as well. Overall, very good.

Posted by

I love everything about this game, entertaining, addictive and I can lose hours playing! I have a question for the developer though - I have just changed phones, and I have been trying to transfer my profile to my new phone by playing and then uploading my progress from Google Play Games. However I can't manually save my game progress on the old device and transfer the progress to the new one. Could you tell me how I can do this, as otherwise I will need to start all over again on my new device (and I'm nearing the end of the game!) Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Great mobile management game Posted by

This one offers a nice package; all basic elements of a good manager are there with just enough complexity to be engaging as well as quick and easy enough to work on a mobile device. And yes, if you're familiar with GT's B-spec mode you won't be surprised here. All in all no real complaints; sometimes I wish there were a few more options to play around with but that's more a matter of taste than anything else. Alright, maybe the relatively high power consumption is at least worth mentioning. Still a solid 5/5 for what it is, good job!

Amazing beautiful addictive game! Posted by

A must have for motorsport fans. Great graphics and design and great gameplay. I would improve the in race timming screen to include more info: best lap, best sector and gap to the first (which already appears on quali round). This way, it would be easier to know how you loose performance with tire degradation, where will you end up after pitting, etc. and make the game more fun! Another improvement would be to know what are the options of engineers and drivers in the market without having to fire anyone

Tons of Fun Posted by

This isn't a "freemium" title where you'll grind or come back to it every two hours to make sure some mundane task happens. This is an active management game that is exciting during races (pick the tires, strategies, builds) and behind (factory upgrades, staff, media). It covers a lot of bases and worth the tiny price. Beside my old chess game on Windows CE, this is my favorite cell game. The ads are seen only if you choose to look at them to buy more in game money. You won't need it and they aren't bad.

Good but Posted by

It's a good game but overtaking seems rigged in the computers favor, the other drivers can overtake my cars at will but my driver gets stuck behind them for laps at a time even when I have a superior driver and faster car with tyres in a better condition. One other problem is when you have better tyres and you are overtaking a car that has already lapped you it becomes a dance between the cars as you switch position because it won't let you pull away from it as my driver keeps letting it back past again.


Drivers that race for the AI teams vanish into thin air, in motorsports, rivalries forms between teams and drivers, so grabbing a rival's driver can change your populaires in the popular tab where all the teams are on that list in the league, same goes for engineers. Intermediate tires are something that should be added for light rain, there could be two different types of rain, light rain where the track's wetness is not high enough for wets, a practice session would be nice. Ik that u r busy with MM pc

Suggestion Posted by

Overall is good, but, i have a sugestion, 1. Can you add an option to view "free/unemployed" engineer? If i want to change my current engineer, i must release / fire them first. It's a bit risky if other potential engineer is not have better skill. 2. Can you add 10 minutes training session before qualification? 3. Can you add an option to skip a race, this will make our team running automatically, and we just receive race result report at the end of the race.. I'll give 5 stars if you add this feature

BUY IT NOW! Posted by

I don't typically purchase games or write reviews but this game gets both. I purchased it late yesterday afternoon and was sucked in for hours after. The graphics are great and it gives multiple options on how you can build and run your team. I'm already thinking about things I want to do for long term with my team. Definitively worth every penny. And I have already got the PC version wishlisted for its release as well. Thanks for making such a great management simulator.

Great Motorsport Strategy Game Posted by

The first review I've written for something on the Play store, if you've ever wanted to be an F1 team boss, this is the game for you. Start your way off in regional single seater series and work up to F1. Deal with driver issues,sponsors, weather changes, Safety Car periods and so on. One of the very few mobile games I've enjoyed. Recommended to any motorsport fan, especially F1. And it's coming to PC and Mac in September with new features! Can't wait.

Posted by

I have this game on both my iOS Device (iPhone 5S) & my Android Device (nVidia Tegra Note 7). This game was perfect for me in every way possible. I have both of my devices setup so that it's like i own 2 different racing companies in different levels of the event. FANTASTIC! The ONLY problem with this game is that i CANNOT get it on my Windows 8.1 Tablet. PLEASE Release for Windows 8.1 or even Windows 10.

Great game Posted by

A fun game that kept me occupied for quite a few hours completing it but could be improved further - being overtaken by a car on hard slicks when I was on wets with a wet track isn't realistic, there needs to be a much bigger time differential for being on the wrong tyre type and it'd be good to have more depth with things like car setup. Well worth the money though and have pre-ordered the PC version

Fun, challenging and addictive. Posted by

Best motorsport sim on market. Been playing intensely for two weeks and completed every thing there is to do. Can't see me playing it for much longer, but I've enjoyed every minute and the purchase price was excellent value. Never had to spend on IAP, and neither do you! The game is supposed to be challenging, with plenty of strategy required. Purchase, download, play, have fun.

Best Racing Game EVER!!!!!! Posted by

You must download this game it's the best you won't regret it your the manager you can sack staff and drivers then buy new ones and better ones also you can buy young drivers and name what your car will be called MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE this game! Posted by

As an avid F1 fan I've been waiting for something like this since Grand Prix Manager on the PC... and it's on a tablet! Unbelievably addictive... So easy to grasp yet frustrating if you're leading 1-2 then the heavens open and you pit late, timing is crucial! An official F1 management game would be nirvana from these developers

Best game ever. Posted by

While you are waiting for the PC version play this!! I never do reviews, but this game right here is a must have. I wanna congratulate the creator, i hope he brings a version with a more in depth system for hardcore players/fans of racing (f1) sims. Read the game's "what's new" section, i love the "more to come" part :)

Great game with a few bugs Posted by

Love the game and haven't spent any real many since downloading. I'm 8 seasons in and am slowly working my way up the racing tiers. Just don't rush into upgrading etc. Smooth nice graphics and addictive gameplay. One of the only games I've ever purchased for money, and it's certainly worth it. Hard and rewarding.

Posted by

Dear the maker of this game, I really love this game and I love the concept of it. Do you think it would be possible if you could make a cycling management game almost like pcm but for andriod as that is a game I'm looking for however i have failed to find it. Best wishes a lover of this game

A Duffy Posted by

think this has to be the best F1 manager game available right now, i've liked F1 manager games for a long time and i'd play this one above whats available for the pc as no one seems to developing one and havn't for a long time, love the game, looking forward to any improvements that enhance the game further

Amazing Posted by

One of the best games I have found, very well balanced, great game play, does not cost loads, not pressurised into to paying for extras. Couple of tweaks would make it even better like training for current drivers. Buy this game it is so much cheaper than 'free' games you have to buy bits for while playing.

An amazing manager game only for $1 Posted by

I really loved the feature, the pit stop timing really influenced the whole game. I found some bugs such as when you offer free money for fb like, i already got the money even before i like the fb page. Maybe you want to fix it. And, is there any chance for multiplayer? That would be great!

Love the game. Posted by

I really am enjoying the game and I will be getting the pc version in the near future. The only thing missing is online play. Players feeling the same will be happy to hear that IGP Manager will be out in March on Android :) if you can't wait, play it now on pc before app release:)

best manager game ever Posted by

installed bluestacks for this. what a game, totally spellbinding and addicting. the atmosphere that the game delivers and the emotional connection you make with the characters is magical. if you like motorsports, you have to get this. unbelievably good, hoping for a new version!

Great Management Posted by

I've always loved management games, and racing management particularly. This is a great one, and for such a great price price, how can you not say yes? Edit - Can't wait for the upcoming PC release. Bringing Sega in as the publisher can only be a good move!

Posted by

Great fun sized racing manager game for android. Simple enough for very casual play without alot of focus. But I do miss the option for some more depth in the setups and car development. Perhaps also some different engine and tire suppliers?

Quaility Posted by

If your an F1 fan (or not) this game is fantastic... great detail and playabilty is awesome, get to be a real manager and make split decisions on set up and when to pit for fresh tyres... love it, probably the best game I have downloaded

Best racing manager on android Posted by

Quite simply this is the best racing manager game on android, reminds me of hours spent playing grand Prix manager back in the 90s. Recently learned of the PC release which is much much more indepth, will definitely be buying that too!

Brilliant Posted by

Absolutely brilliant. Best manager game to date. If only it was a feature packaged as the PC version coming out in September... It's understandable that it is not possible on mobile. Hope we get cheaper price for the PC version hehe

Posted by

Only way to really improve, would be better save games. Currently, if I close after a race, I often lose the race. Why can't we pick up halfway through a race? Number of times I've rage quit a whole profile due to this...

Breathtaking Posted by

I love F1 but was on the cautious side about downloading this, fair to say I'm glad I did. Absolute outstanding. Easy to use and so addictive. Amazing... and after Sega announced a PC version of this, i really can't wait.

Grate however, Posted by

The game always freezes when I come first also every so often the game doesn't load so I need to delete it and then install it again. But overall it's a brilliant game:-):-) make more games like this(fix the faults)

Superb!! Posted by

I bought in january, atm july 20th. Im still playing. Its cool, easy to play, friendy, good graphics. The only cons the app close everytime you get out to read some msj in other app like snapchat or whatsapp, etc.

Love this game Posted by

Amazing game, really addictive and gets you hooked the moment you start. I hope this game keeps getting developed and gets new features like engine deals, tire war maybe, and different chassis to choose from.

Brilliant Posted by

This is by far the best f1 game out there. I had this for about a year & still love it. Can't wait for the PC version. Thank you Christian for a brilliant game! Will there be any updates soon?

Exciting Challenge! Worth every penny! Posted by

If you are a fan of Formula One, then you are doing yourself a disservice to not pick up this game. Also, if you have a powerful PC check out this game on Steam, very indepth, and good graphics.

Top notch simulator. Posted by

I've logged many hours with this game. After playing dozens of simulators on mobile, this one is easily the most polished and more fun even than many PC based games. A full 5 stars.

Posted by

Got this free in iOS and I liked it so I bought this in android. Some bugs: - First youth programme trainee quits after being scouted. - Staff rejects 'recommended' contract terms.

Nice simple Motorsport Manager with some issues by Dai Pham 2015-06-04

I actually like this manager. Easy to learn and kina addictive. Here is what needs to be improved: 1. It would make sense to see potential replacements for your engineers. So far, the hired ones always tell me that they want to start negotiations and I can't see if there is better replacement out there and weigh up my options. Same goes for drivers. 2. I upgraded my car and my HQ, and when I went up a tier, the stats got lower which is fine since the competition is tougher and better. But when I decided to go a tier down again since I got burned so bad, the stats of my car were as low as when I started the game. How is that possible when I had the best car in that tier 1 seasons before? I still invested in the car in the season I was absence so I should be better than the ones who stayed in that tier. 3. How come a contract can end during season. I was in the middle of the seaon when a contract of my driver expired. I am quite sure that's not how contracts work in Motorsport. So you should adjust contract length to the length of a season. Otherwise really nice game! Give it a try!

Shallow, repetitive and heavily scripted by Mihai Lucian Naiba 2016-08-13

Compared to games like GPM2, there are very few meaningful things that you can do, and the AI in particular is a total mess, having completely different overtaking percentages and following scripted delta times that make them go either faster than they should (dry tyres on a fully wet track) or slower (some tracks are considerably easier than others for no discernable reason). Besides lap times,the setups are also meaningless, making no difference in the way each driver tackles a track, even while fighting.

A perfect game marred by gameplay issues by Neil Robinson 2015-05-20

1)Can't see what sponsors expect results-wise, this means later in the game it is pot luck whether you can keep positive cashflow and not go bankrupt 2)Get car to full specs on sliders, go up a series, improve car, then go down a series for fun, then back up, car stats are lower and if HQ fully built you can't get the car back up to full upgrade potential 3) can't see if better staff/drivers are available to hire before irrevocably firing and losing what you've already got - great game, massively annoy

Addictive racing manager game but with ability to go overdrawn a major flaw! by Naeem Pathan 2016-02-24

I like the way you change the car setup depending on various factors (I.e. Driver's driving, weather conditions). However, there are issues. 1. Able to go overdrawn and so spend as much as you like, so essentially you can have the best car throughout the season and no one can compete, which takes out the fun and the whole point! 2. Car symbols should be represented by car images. 3. Cannot save game without google sign in (some of us don't want to sign in). Will update review once these changes are done.

Good but limited by James Glover 2016-03-13

Good to start, but each season the same, first season you struggle, build up money then can normally win title in second season, seems limited in this sense. Would be better if you had a few more options, praise or critise drivers, also seems hard to get both drivers to be as good as each other, even with two top drivers one always seems so much better than other in qualifying and races. It is a good pick up and play game but maybe a more detailed option would help for players wanting to play longer.

Constant freezes on Lenovo S8 tablet by Le Tian 2016-04-22

After the second race, I started experiencing never ending freezes and hang ups whenever I attempt to change to next screen or just change the video quality, click "continue", increase "staff" etc. I have to kill the app and restart it every time (2-3 times per minute) which makes this game literally unplayable.

Great game! But saving progress doesn't work as expected by Sergio Lopez de Bustos 2015-04-30

I had this game reinstalled, but when I tried to reload the saved game the car performance went back to the beginning even though I have 20/20 staff in every department, if I fire them the performance is the same, then I tried to hire all of them back, performance didn't improve at all. PLEASE FIX!

Awful bug by Connor Hobbs 2016-06-20

Every time I click continue or confirm it freezes and I have to close the app. When I re enter the changes aren't saved so I cannot change anything in my whole team, Oh and I got frozen on every loading screen, Reinstalling doesn't work.... Please fix. Device Asus ZenPad

App wont start up by David Lopez 2016-07-20

Class game when it works. But now won't start when I try. Have emailed them twice about this problem but haven't got any kind of response. Would normally unistall then re - install but not to pay again. Shame wad enjoying this game.

Get stuck and freeze by prima kurniawan 2016-04-01

When I played on 2nd season, I've got too many stuck and freeze after race qualifying, change setting and every loading screen. Please fix it and I'll give 5 stars. Device: Asus Zenfone 2

Freezing after strategy screens by Dave Anderson 2016-02-21

Loved this game but then all of a sudden it started freezing after certain screens. Performed complete reset of tablet and the problem still persists. A real shame.

love it but... by Hannah Dunn 2016-04-18

it keeps crashing and freezed when i play...its really annoying...can you fix this? i like to play this game :( -using Asus zenfone 2

by Stephen Martin 2016-03-30

Was enjoying the game until I reached the top tear of competition. Now it just freezes whenever I press continue. Please assist

Didn't work by Steven Malhi 2015-05-13

I downloaded the game but it kept closing after the title screen. Shame as I was looking forward to playing this game

by Basya Andira 2016-01-24

Great game overall. I would give 5 stars if its not freeze everytime i went to the 2nd season. zenfone 2.

Motorsport manager by Brett laughing at u 2016-07-20

Would not download after trying 4 times. Kept saying cannot b trusted. Now will not give a refund either.

Forced Google Play integration :-( by Julian Cox 2016-06-19

Unless you are signed in to Google Play the game will keep locking up. Feel coerced...acceptable if free?

Having issues by Al Aqsa 2016-08-27

Hey, im having problem on my online savegame, can't download it. Can you guys sort it out ? Thanks :)

by Chris Ransome 2016-03-29

A great game but keeps freezing which is why I gave 3 stars. Please try to fix this

Mad by Willie hunter Hanekom 2015-05-31

I bought the game and does not want to download stops everytime before it is done

Freeze all the time .. by Armistead KNIGHT 2016-07-31

I cant doing anything , just freeze everytime i touch screen .... FIX THIS !!!

Refund please by yong cm 2015-11-07

Brought the game this morning, cant install the game. I need a refund for this

It's freezing by zananda fahesa 2015-05-07

Why I got freezing in Asus Zenfone 2 please fix it and than I give you 5 stars

Stole my money by Tom Maher 2015-11-28

I bought this came and it wouldn't install waste of money please fix

Freeze by Muhammad Caesario 2016-04-14

Its often freezing now. I am using zenfone 5. I hope you fix it.

CANT DOWLNOAD by Ryan Hammond 2015-07-05

I just started my new phone and it won't download terrible game

Problems by Tom O'brien 2015-05-09

Cannot download load due to error (905) please resolve

by Tomás Pica 2016-02-15

Pay-to-install and pay-to-win at the same time.

Does not start by Wouter T 2015-05-10

Crashes after installation... Never worked.

by Ben keeley 2016-08-04

Keeps freezing half way through s1