Netflix Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Netflix Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Netflix Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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How to install Netflix Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Download Netflix for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime.

Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone.

If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix and start enjoying immediately on your phone with our one-month free trial.

How does Netflix work?
• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price.
• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TV episodes & movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.
• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes that are added regularly.
• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or on an ever expanding list of supported devices.
• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you like so Netflix can help suggest the best titles for you.
• Start watching on one device, and resume watching on another. Check out for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you can watch Netflix.

By clicking INSTALL, you consent to the installation of the Netflix application and any updates or upgrades thereto.


License Agreement
By downloading this application you agree to the Netflix Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, located at
1-month free Netflix membership offer is available to first time and certain former members and cannot be combined with any other offer. Internet access and valid payment method are required to redeem offer.  Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the Netflix membership fee at the end of the free month unless you cancel prior to the end of the first month. Your Netflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Go to "Your Account" on the Netflix website for cancellation instructions. No refund or credit for partial monthly subscription periods. A device that streams from Netflix (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband Internet connection are required to watch instantly.

For complete terms and conditions, please visit
For privacy statement, please visit


Current Version:
Varies with device
Content Rating:


Great app but has ability to be even greater Posted by

Love the app & there's a large selection (evn some great 1s i wldnt have known otherwise) but theres a few things that could make it superceed all others - ability to rate the show/movie ourselves (giving better suggestions for me & for you guys when deciding what to load, also needs to be more well-known stuff (possibly a legality thing bt plz try)& my BIGGEST annoyance- not being able to save my 'wishlist' into groupings (tv shows, kids movies, just jumbles them all). Otherwise its great :)

Prefer Previous Icon. New icon does Not add "flair", it adds boring 'N', and an ugly-dark, backgroun Posted by

Can't Read or Write Reviews, or Sort Instant Que. Search won't show DVD titles. (hello: upsell opportunity!!) Can't Reorder Instant Que, see DVD que,or scroll backward thru Que. Can't access account info (ie change address for DVDs.) Great app otherwise: Watch Movies anywhere! Perfect 4cardio @the gym :)) Q:Any possibility for future downloads option? I fly cross country movie watching. /BEWARE: Why do you collect our personal information, monitor apps and activities we perform on our phone?

I has a question. Posted by

How come America gets the good shows while canadian netflix sucks? Doctor who is gone now and fairy tale hasnt been updated to have the rest of the series. Oh, and i have on last query okay i understand ddifferent countr getting different shows. But why cant we get a button that changes the contry so we can watch other awesome shows even if it is a little more per month im sure im not the only one who feels this way. (Oh and please put doctor who back on. Unless your adding the new season then i cant wait.)

Haven't try it yet but think it will be awsome Posted by

Jxjxnvnxmj. H. Check. DJ. DJ. Thanks again for your email find all be together and I am not sure if you are not a good idea to get the following link unsubscribe if it is not sure if you are interested in this message was automatically by mail or call me at your earliest convenience so I can get a good idea to do it is not sure if you are doing well and that the two of them are not a problem with this mail your check in with me and the other day I have a great weekend and I was wondering if I can get a new

Can you buy the rights to more sci fi and Mr Robot please. Will support anything that is not affilia Posted by

Appreciate licensing roadblocks, but this cant be all there is. App interface is good though. Regarding the AU market -there needs to be some balance rather than great app and poor content vs really bad app and great content. Upd; what is up with netflix taking down movies then re-uploading movies a year later under the banner of just added? Interface is a joy and dependable to boot though. Shame AU gets the wrong end of the stick in terms of content, but I guess we have foxtel to thank for that.

Love it except.... Posted by

I love Netflix... But the profiles blend together. It wouldn't be a problem except my 7 year old niece can "continue watching" movies I've watched from my profile cause they blend into hers and vice versa. (Shes restricted to 'kids' only options but with the blending going on it doesn't matter or restrict. And then my "because you watched" turns into kid options.. I also don't like how the closed captions can be turned off from other devices. Beside those 2 things it's awesome.

Amazing original content Posted by

While Netflix's library of top movies has been slashed due to mounting licensing costs, their original content is great. They are smashing it with the Marvel shows and The Get Down was a great look into the emergence of hip-hop. Complaints: spotty stream quality at times. I have a 90mbps download speed but the picture quality can outright suck at times. Also, the UI has no customization options. On the plus-side, its recommendation algorithm is spot-on.

Posted by

The App is good when it works. I had the problem of error -9 where the app could not connect to the netflix Services. No matter which older versions I tried, it would not connect. My Setup is: note4 tmo phone. Android version 6.0.1. The Issue was the crypto file. Delete this file and it started working again. With Root explorer: Go to "" file under /system/vendor/lib Rename that file or delete, Reboot. I hope this helps.

Thanks for listening!... Posted by

Some time ago, for an earlier version, I wrote a message for the developers suggesting a data limiter be installed for those with limited data plans. I am sure I was not the only person to suggest it, but the point is that SOMEBODY WAS ACTUALLY LISTENING!!! I want to thank you guys for listening and for helping us to get the most from our data plans! I am MOST satisfied with the application, and also the support staff behind it. Thank you...

I love the app. Posted by

I love the app, because it runs great, and i absolutely love the notification when i close the app so i can quickly go back to the app. however i have some suggestions. A) do not pause the video when i open the notification menu. B) allow multi window feature on samsung galaxy devices. C) pause the video when i answer a phone call using the pop-up prompt on a samsung galaxy device.

Netflix Posted by

I know people complain about limited&/or older shows, but personally I love watching most of the original programming!! So don't mind some shows+ movies, etc are older. Actually enjoy binging on old seasons of some older good shows, i.e., currently started on season 1 of x files!! Brings back memories!! Granted, pay subscription so don't have to watch commercials!!

More Oldies Posted by

I love older movies. Is it possible to add some more for my addiction. Other than that you have great movies. I have also been watching the Flash and I finished season 1 but I was deviated when season 2 was NOT on there! Can you possible keep updated with your seasons and episodes with your shows. Love the app though because my kids are always using the computer.

Playback Problem Still Not Solved After 4 Months Posted by

I reported that I was having playback issues. During playback, the video would freeze for a brief second then the video would continue distorted. A white line would show up going from left to right through the video. The Back, Home, and Multi Task softkeys would show up on both sides. I am not happy and I'm very close to canceling my subscription.

Got stuck tho Posted by

Super app. I'm still in my 30 day free trial period, but it got stuck. Meaning the app opens, but wen I select a video it's showing me some errors. As per the help page, I cleared data from the settings. I then had forgotten my password, I reset it. But now can't sign in. It's showing me some error asking to check date and time.

Problem solved, here's how... Posted by

Okay, some of you may think I'm stupid for not trying this earlier but some might be having the same issue. I couldn't sign in so I deleted the app, went online and changed my account password, and then re downloaded the app and logged in, everything was fine. Wish that was posted somewhere 3 days ago...

Love it Posted by

However, downloading shows or movies onto your phone or tablet would be a fantastic idea, it is already available on VUDU, so, why not here, unlimited data is a thing of the past, if you care about your customers, why not find a way to make the experience better and more convenient?

Posted by

Its a brilliant app. But I think you should allow people to download 5 movies to there phones/tablets whatever the device is. So they can watch a film or a tv show without a wifi connection. Like an offline mode. And can ye put the saved by the bell tv series on it:-D please

It's good but... Posted by

I really enjoy Netflix and all. But one thing that gets me is there is no offline mode. Like if I want I should be able to download movies/tv shows to watch when I don't have access to the internet. I feel like if I'm paying for a subscription that should be included.

Runs smoothly and easily Posted by

Thqnk you for fixing subtitle bug. However, it would be nice to remove shows/movies from your "continue watching" rather than leaving it there for months - even when you have finished. Moreover, maybe a downloading option for you to watch when you have no Internet.

Love netflix Posted by

I have 3 girls the oldest is 10 and doesnt like the same shows as her 7 and 6 year old sister. It would be cool if you could select an age groups on your kid profiles and then have a tween or teen option also (like the kids) selecting age group. But I love netflix.

Ok Posted by

Netflix is good but most of the movies on it are lame and they don't have big movies on it until like a year later . and the TV shows sometimes don't have some seasons but its good and no commercials and extra fees every thing is free just not the account

Great app, but wished the titles would stay forever on there Posted by

I joined Netflix and installed the app just to occasionally watch some movies, and also re-watch the whole series(all 8 seasons) of Psych; relive all the funny scenes. Recently, I learned that Psych will not be available to watch anymore, so that sucks.

Posted by

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Netflix because it helped me through a lot like when I tried to be a fashion model but they said i was to much over wait like 600 pounds is over wait plaeze......

Great app Posted by

I've downloaded it on two devices and so far no issues with it. I love how I can almost find all the favorite shows I like but can you please, please, PLEASE!!! tell the makers of Netflix to maybe add Tale's From The Crypt on there it'd be nice

Netflix Posted by

I love Netflix because they have all the TV programs that I've missed seeing + all the movies from classical - updated all types of movies from G - MA rated movies . Have a popcorn, snacks & soda fun & enjoy watching Netflix :)

Wish they updated Posted by

I love having Netflix but the only thing that upsets me is my seasons don't update for long periods of time while others say they already watched it years before I downloaded Netflix....... Explain why I can't see them all then?????

Loved Posted by

I can watch movies but if your on your profile don't touch kids area if your an adult it will make your whole profile with kids movie. Also its very helpful for kids. So they don't get on your nerves and don't bug you for your phone

Chromecast not working Posted by

Besides the bad reviewes down here, this update is now not working with chromecast. I cleaned cache, reinstalled the app, I did it everything but still not working. Please solve the bugs and release a new update soon. Thanks.

Where is chromecast button Posted by

Seriously the chromecast button disappeared recently. I've signed out - signed in and deleted and re-downloaded the app and it just isn't there. Its there on all other devices, just not my note 5. What the hell Netflix?

Please read Posted by

I love netflix but netflis shoud make an offline part where you can temporarily 48hr download up to 4 movies/episodes at a time so you can watch offline and not kill all your data when you are out and about

Still great. Posted by

The new update is amazing, better browsing than using a PC. And yay for profile support! But I wonder when we'll get a feature like Amazon Prime's offline downloading to be able to watch offline...

Ehhh? Posted by

I liked it but I can't login, I have the correct password and username but it says I can not login and I have to try later. So now I'm re-downloading it to see if that fixes the problem.

Will not cast after latest update. Edit. Posted by

Please fix. Life was good up until now. *Edit.* The grand old trick of unistalling and reinstalling sorted it.

Yay Dustin Posted by

Everyone please change your password and check the box for all devices. This worked. I'm able to watch again. You have to change the password using your laptop or PC.

Works great Posted by

Works great on my slow BSNL broadband connection and download feature is the best ! So much better than censored Amazon prime and has way better content than hotstar

Errors Posted by

I love Netflix but recently it keeps say connect to a network. It wont even open the app. I have deleted it and reinstalled about 3x now. Any way to fix this issue?

Updates Broken by John Safin 2016-09-21

The Netflix android app worked perfectly until last month's (June 2016) update. Now, the system can't connect to the Netflix server. The most recent update didn't correct the issue. When the app is fixed, the rating improves. ***UPDATE*** 09/16 - As promised, I said I would raise the rating when Netflix corrected their error. The latest Netflix updare fixed the problem. You receive an extra star for the fix, but no more. Your support people kept saying the problem was my network/device instead of listening to me, the customer. ***UPDATE *** 09/16 Another update and Netflix stopped working again.

Paying for service I can't use, not anymore! by Melanie G 2016-09-10

I have 2 tablets, A Chromecast, and my Samsung phone Netflix worked great on all of it. Since this latest update I can't watch it all!! Does work with my older Roku and ps4. I have a family of 8, 3 TODDLERS, 3 TEENAGERS AND US... Netflix is ("WAS") in constant use. Especially when we're out and ABOUT, BUT NOT ANYMORE! We've turned to HULU INSTEAD NO PROBLEMS THERE! IT'S REALLY SAD. WE LOVED YOUR SERVICE FOR YEARS!!! Customer service was not helpful at all. SHAMEFUL!! PLEASE FIX!! OR AT LEAST GIVE US FEEDBACK SINCE YOU WANT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK, WE DESERVE IT IF WE'RE PAYING FOR IT!

I got this app on 4-9-16 as a free 1 mth trial & decided to keep it!!! IT'S AMAZING!!! BUT... I' by Susana L 2016-09-28

I've had this app on my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 for almost 6 mos & so far I LOVE it!! The picture is crystal clear, NO BUFFERING AT ALL, well lit so I can see every detail & the sound is so mega clear I don't miss a beat!! BUT... I WISH it had the above mentioned shows & ALL Grimm, Ink Master, Awkward., Shadowhunters, & Chrisley Knows Best shows!! ALL Step Up, Avengers, & X-men movies and more John Travolta & Denzel Washington movies!! Pls fix ASAP then I'll give you more stars!!! Thanks in advance!! ☺

by Brandon Raineri 2016-09-10

Today Netflix has stopped working completely for chromecast. Everytime I try to connect I keep getting the brain freeze error. I own 2 chromecasts and it happens on both. This started happening today. Other apps cast fine. Also for the past 3 months or so, everytime a different user/phone is used to connect the Netflix app to the chromecast, we have to clear our data in order for it to connect to a new phone. Extremely annoying and unacceptable for such a simple task. Netflix and Chromecast need to fix the issues ASAP!

Add More Payment Offers by John Gerald Gagatiga 2016-09-22

Hey, I'm from the Philippines. Your service here is good. But some of us, who would like to enjoy your offers, can't pay because of the modes of payment. Here in Ph our cellular networks have this "Billing Service" wherein we can use our cellular (load) balance to pay other services. I really hope you can include this type of "payment." Im really looking forward to it. I'm a student and I dont have a job, that's why I'm rooting on the "free trial." But still I still have to input some bank/credit card thing

Error 116 by 2016-09-26

I really like Netflix, but it doesn't work anymore (since a month ago). After Google smart authentication I read an error message and then remain the load icon with black screen and the red logo. Forever. The message is: "Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website (-116)". I have tried to reinstall the app, reset the phone, but nothing. With my laptop everything works fine. Please fix it! I want to write a positive review!

would be 5 star if they fixed Miracast DRM black screen by 2016-10-16

What's the point of watching Netflix on my quad-HD Note 5 when I should be able to Miracast without Netflix black screen to my 55" 4K LG UHDTV? I'm sure I could use the TV's wi-fi and built in Netflix app, but my phone's 4G LTE is faster than my shared wi-fi. Why can I Miracast from Windows 10 just fine all Netflix video to both the UHDTV's built-in Miracast and my external Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter but neither work with Android Netflix app. Why? Support for inferior Chromecast due to Google's $.

Android app doesn't work by Archie Fritz 2016-10-10

The app simply stops working when I try to run it. I can't get into Netflix as it quits before anything starts and takes me out of the app and back to my main smartphone screen. It works fine on my apple TV however? I'll probably cancel before my free month expires. I was not impressed with the movie And TV selections and thought the layout was lame and cumbersome when trying to find something I was looking for. If I'm paying for something, I also feel I should have the same selection users in the USA get.

Problems. by Karma Miller 2016-10-16

I have a Samsung S5, as well as a kindle fire HD (this has happened on both devices) - I keep getting this pop up during the loading screen that says "sorry we could not reach Netflix services. Please try again later (-9)". Yes, I have deleted the app and reinstalled. Yes, I have tried restarting the decive. Yes, I have tried restarting the app. I've done everything, and it always happens. This is an issue. How can I enjoy your awesome TV shows and movies if I can't even watch them? Please fix soon.

Irritating by David Mudd 2016-09-10

I've been a long time Netflix customer and it's extremely irritating how there always seems to be something wrong with this app. Half of the time, it won't connect to Chromecast or it drops connection and I can no longer control it. Now, trying to watch on my Nexus 5X, I get audio but no video. Just a black screen. I tried clearing cache and reinstalling... still no video. As Netflix is a paid service, I'm disappointed that there always seems to be some major issue with the app.

GET IT TOGETHER! by Mary Deagon 2016-09-10

I'm waaaaaay over the Chromecast glitches. How are we STILL having these problems?? Does anyone with a technical sense even work there? Hello? Probably not because your app rarely ever works. Everything connects fine for a second( not an exaggeration). Then connectivity disappears from my device while it continues to run on my TV giving me no control over what I'm watching. It often freezes or refuses to cast. I'm certainly growing weary of these issues. I won't take much more.

App just stopped working a week ago by Sarah Smith 2016-09-24

Every time I try to use the app, I get an error message that says something to the effect of "Netflix cannot be reached right now. Try again later (-80)." This has been ongoing for 5-7 days, and I KNOW the issue is not my internet or device. Currently, I am about midway through my 1-month free trial (and have had plans to start an actual, paid subscription at the end of the month), but I don't want to pay for something that doesn't even work. Hope the issue gets resolved soon.

Doesn't work at all by Suzanne Folk 2016-10-12

Doesn't work at all on any of my devices they have unlimited data and Wi-Fi don't know what's going on with the Netflix company but this sucks I paid for it I can't even use it it's been 3 weeks now since I paid for it I'm going to ask for my money back or an extra free month because this is just ridiculous I'm stuck on using Amazon Instant Video with my Prime Membership I'd rather use Netflix and I am unable you keep saying error codes Netflix please fix as soon as possible

Netflix by Christina Jackson 2016-10-12

The day after they took my 18.00 membership fee the service started having connection issues...when it was FREE trying to keep me interested everything was fine. As soon as they took my money, the service went out the window. I couldn't even contact them, because the app would not connect. And ftr; no connection issues with any other apps...ONLY NETFLIX. It's been 1 month and 1 update...still I can't access my Netflix account. Is anyone even going to try to fix this?

If your getting error -4 then uninstall and then reinstall and you will be OK by MrHoleemolee 2016-09-29

Loved this App at one time but there is no new Movies or any new content. When there is something new it gets released in stages and you have to wait months to get the whole episode. Put some more Movies up an I will change to 5* the way I as getting the error message - 4 and done a delete and reinstall, now it's gone and it back to watching stuff I've already watched haha.....I'm canceling soon if they don't get anything new uploaded to watch.

Für 10€ im Monat sehr schlecht by Rj Rj 2016-10-08

Wenn man im Vergleich anschaut, was manche kostenlose Apps bieten sehr sehr schlecht. Es fehlen viele Funktionen: 1 Man sollte sich irgendwie in Verbindung mit den Entwicklern setzten könnnen 2 Filme die fertig angesehen wurden tauchen immer wieder bei den Filmen auf die man sich weiter ansehen kann 3 Die sprache bleibt nicht bei der ausgewählten sprache und man kann dies auch nicht in den Einstellungen verändern 4 Es gibt viel zu wenig Einstellungen

Does Not Work by HMan 20021 2016-10-16

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Netflix does not work on it. I click om the app and it says "Unfortunately, Netflix had stopped" and it gives you the to report this or click OK. I have reported this about ten times. I have tried everything, from restarting my phone, to deleting and re-downloading Netflix. It still does not work with the new update on October 14, 2016. Please fix this. I love Netflix and I want to be able to watch on my phone.

One problem by Mariah Colon 2016-09-28

I really didn't want to give this amazing service anything less than a 5 star rating. Sadly,I've been experiencing some annoying,but hopefully fixable bugs. The video freezes,but audio keeps playing. Obviously this is terrible for a movie/show streaming app. I never expect anything to be perfect,but this flaw just couldn't be looked over. Fix it,please,and this rating will change to a 5 star. Thank you and good day.

Great, except for 2 problems by Alex Madjarov 2016-10-10

Cannot view bonus content on Android app, e.g. extras on the documentary I Am Not Your Guru (which are accessible via PC browser). The second, and bigger, problem is this: I live in Namibia and we have a very limited selection of movies and shows available (or only some of their seasons), many are using VPN to get the full package. Please work on giving us access to everything that the rest of the world is enjoying.

Too many error messages by Erika Redfield 2016-10-14

Usually can't get through even one episode without multiple error messages. On a free app I wouldn't complain, but considering I've been paying netflix for a couple years now, this really needs to be fixed asap or I will be canceling my subscription. Using an LG Flex on Sprint, I've tried all of the suggested fixes. If this issue can be fixed I'll gladly give 5 stars, if not I will be cancelling my subscription.

I have access to everything I do on the computer, but... by Josh Gordon 2016-10-10

The app is great from the viewpoint of being an almost direct port from the PC version you use online. You get the same high quality videos, and the same movie/show selection. My main problem is that the app crashes out a lot while I'm streaming in my phone. I can watch half of a show and then BOOM! I get an error thatbsays Netflix can't access that title or something similar. It's very aggravating.

Close caption disappear. by lisa peters 2016-09-28

Fix the damn issues...its been a week now since i haven't watch my telenovelas because the close captions stop working. I have tried everything, from manually enabling it to Un-installing and re-installing the app on my android device, yet nothing. Lot of users complaining about one issue to the other especially the CC issue yet nothing is being done. I didn't pay my money for this to be happening.

If you see all of us saying fix it fix it!!!! by nitsbritney 2016-09-20

Omfg this app has been buffering for like two months now. And I'm sick of it. The only reason why people download netflix is because its cheaper than Hulu. Otherwise I would be on Hulu way more. Its not my WiFi . I went to the store where I got my phone and he said my WiFi is fine. So obviously its your app , so fix the app..and if you don't your going to lose a lot of watcher's . So fix NOW!!!!!

Works terribly lately by Ashley Livingston 2016-09-27

For the past two weeks or so it has been incredibly slow to respond. I just got a notification that my price is going up, but your app works so slowly that it times out in Chromecast before it can connect? I don't think so. I have tried force stopping the app, deleting and reinstalling it, updating the app, and restarting my phone. Please fix this. It is completely unacceptable.

Update issues by Kaleb Abercrombie 2016-10-09

After one of the most recent updates I seem to have a problem with the player wanting to skip episodes as soon as they start. If I don't tap the screen to make the "Play Next" button go away as soon as I start an episode it will just cycle through all the episodes in 10 second intervals. I tried re-installing the app and all that but nothing worked. Please fix this issue.

Garbage app by a bunch of crooks by Damian Neubauer 2016-09-27

Complete trash. It freezes and crashes with every single selection, so I can't watch a single goddamn title despite the fact I'm paying for this crap. Also, the app no longer allows the use of VPNs, so Im stuck with the crappy Canadian selection. Back to pirate bay I go. Thanks Netflix, you used to be great but now you're worse then the plague. I hope you go bankrupt.

Netflix by Christina Jackson 2016-09-27

The day after they took my 18.00 membership fee the service started having connection issues...when it was FREE trying to keep me interested everything was fine. As soon as they took my money, the service went out the window. I couldn't even contact them, because the app would not connect. And ftr; no connection issues with any other apps...ONLY NETFLIX

Auto charge by Andrew Foster 2016-10-10

They want your credit card information in order to use the free month trial so they can automatically charge you after the trial ends.if I enjoy the trial I will pay for an account by my own accord.this tactic preys on people that forget they have it or delete the app without cancelling the should be a monthly bill not an automatic withdrawal.

So Slow by Damon Sonnenberg 2016-09-20

Since a recent app update it has been painfully slow to do everything. Called support and they blamed my Wifi even though it's great on my xbox and my wifes iPhone or a pc on the same network. My son with the exact same tablet has the same issue as does my android phone when on wifi. Seems to me like the WiFi connectivity over this app has issues.

Not able to sign in mobile devices by Lashawn Livingston 2016-10-16

Only can sign in on laptop or computer. Not having the ability to enjoy netflix anytime is becoming frustrating. Waiting on the fix, has been almost a week. Only reason I haven't cancelled yet is because children do not have cable, so they like to watch netflix in their dorms. Netflix please fix this problem or you will loose customers

Would be great, if it would play by Shawn Flecken 2016-09-27

Here's an error message that I've seen on Netflix forums for YEARS. Get used to seeing it if you get this app (...and the crap solution of clearing cache/data and reinstalling DOES NOT WORK): "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please check Network Settings to connect to an available network and use Netflix (15001)"

by Keith Mendoza 2016-10-16

When you switch between profiles it looses it's connection to Chromecast. The icon good away and the only way to get it back is by force stopping the app. If the icon ever stays it is not able to reconnect. The connecting logo just keeps going even though on the TV it shows ready to cast. Playing the show doesn't work either.

Needs modernization by Mr Interested 2016-10-15

Netflix is the only media app that i use which does not allow me to multitask. Other apps such as VLC, Twitch, and Youtube, all let me run the app in a window while allowing me to run other apps at the same time. Netflix will only run in full screen. Netflix should consider adding windowed/popout ability to a future update.

Crashes with S6 Wifi by Abdulmalik Alshaikh 2016-10-08

Dear Netflix, my phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 ,you have just updated the app and still it has the same issue which is when I use the app with Wifi connection, the app crashes. I deleted the app then I download it again and it opend but once I put my user name and password and sign in the app crashes. please fix it. Thank you.

Loved it now frustrated by it by Bridgette B 2016-09-29

Yesterday it wouldn't work with a -4 error, updated it, it still wouldn't work with a -4 error, deleted it, reinstalled it, worked for a few minutes and now it won't work at all with a 1204 or something error. Won't accept my sign in and is now useless. Not happy considering I'm paying for a service I can't use.

No Longer able to chromecast by James Prideaux 2016-10-12

All of a sudden a few days ago I was unable to chromecast. Still able to connect to it, but when I try to play the tv show or movie it seems to not be connecting properly... all other chromecast apps are working. May have to unsubscribe if not fixed soon as I dont have a computer to watch Netflix on.

by Usama Bin Iqbal 2016-09-23

After Netflix hit PAKISTAN, i installed and start using it by my friend's account, it's a good app for streaming, but in country like Pakistan where continuous availability of Internet is a problem such apps are not so successful, otherwise Netflix is best, just needs to add more recent shows.

Useless by Isaac Mandus 2016-10-06

Freezes, crashes, just doesn't respond to inputs. Netflix appears unable to fix it. I wish I could go back 4 or 5 versions to when it worked. Edit: Newest version can't detect my Chromecast at all. Other apps work fine. Jumbled up my profiles somehow. Getting worse with each new update.

Updates ruined the app by Jessica Okeefe 2016-10-10

The app was great, I used it all the time and it worked perfectly. After the last update it refuses to open and I've sent several reports with no improvement. In its place I've discovered Amazon Prime video is just as good and actually works while also allowing downloading.