Newborn Baby Triplets: Mommy Care Nursery

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Update: 2018-04-04

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It is tough and difficult to for mommy after her triplet baby new born childbirth. Mommy just gave birth to triplet baby after her pregnancy surgery at the hospital. It will be really hard for mommy to handle the baby care alone so you have to help her out in taking care of her triplet baby and babysit them with her.

Triplet baby means three babies, all new born, that too after a recent childbirth. This means it is really hard on mommy to give proper baby care now alone. Daddy is not here right now so he can’t help mommy with triplet baby new born childbirth baby care. Now it is up to you to relieve mommy from childbirth stress.

Give mommy a break from her new born childbirth baby care routine and see how it works to take care of babies through baby games. This way you can turn the content of the game from baby to also mom care because in a way when you do baby care you also do mom care since you’re shouldering her troubles.

Now that you have taken over as the babysitter at baby care day care there are things you need to do for mommy and baby hospital nursery care game. The most important step is to provide the baby with food on time because food is the essential of every human being and a baby will cry if he doesn’t get food on time.

Since the baby is little there’s not much he can eat. There are a lot of options to choose from. The food items in the game include;
- baby food
- cereal
- juice
- fruits
- vegetables
- donuts

All food items are made to fit the triplet baby diet and tendency to eat their baby food.

Baby food is essential because baby food contains all the compressed nutrients that we can’t give to babies in its raw form since it is solid and the triplet can’t chew on it. So make sure to give triplet baby their baby food. Baby food is essential.

In your triplet baby nursery day care baby care babysitting course, the next step is cleaning which means bathing the triplet baby. IT is bath time!! First of all the baby diaper needs to be changed so that the triplet baby can be ready for their shower time. Give them a shower in a row. The bath tub scene includes;
- shampoo
- soap
- then towelling
- whilst the triplet baby play with toys.

After the cleaning bathing it’s time for pampering in which the triplet baby need to be dressed up for a good night. This includes;
- putting on new diaper
- baby powder
- give them either a pacifier or a feeder
- then put on dressing

You can get toys for the triplet baby by using game coins you will earn through different activities in the game.

And lastly, is the sleeping time. Set the triplet baby is their bed, give them their pacifier, cover them in a blanket and turn the lights off. That concludes your baby care of the day.
Thank you for helping mommy in her process of every day baby care. She is really happy to have a helping hand in her triplet baby, baby care routine.

You can join in again any time for more baby care to help the mommy as much as you want!!


Multiple mommy and triplet baby, baby care characters
Different and fun baby care activities
Feeding, cleaning, caring, playing and sleeping day care baby care activities
Fun and exciting features and game play
Cute sound effects to please the triplet baby and the babysitter.

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