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Update: 1970-01-01

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Known by different names such as hanjie, griddler, paint by numbers, Japanese crossword, pix-a-pix and pixel picture puzzle, nonogram originated in Tokyo, Japan and have immediately become a hit.

Let nonogram puzzles challenge you with math, logic and symmetry, so that you sharpen your mind as you play!
Picross Mania is a game that’ll make you smarter.



1. The numbers across the top and along the left side of the grid tell you how many colored cells there must be in each row or column.
2. There should be at least one empty cell in between of two continuous groups.
3. Use arithmetic, logic, elimination, or your own technique to figure out which cells should be painted, and which should not.


⚀ Artful puzzles that range in size from fun 5x5 to challenging 15x15
⚁ Over 200 nonograms organized by theme: get nostalgic with Kids pack, dream of a vacation with Fun by the Water pack, or tour the world's most notorious man-made wonders with Architecture pack.
⚂ Clean and simple user interface
⚃ Unique controls designed for enhanced precision on a touch screen of your mobile device
⚄ Multi-cell selection
⚅ Any errors are immediately highlighted
⚂⚃ Undo your last move
⚁⚅ Auto-save of your progress
⚃⚄ Auto-mark completed lines
⚄⚄ All puzzles are checked by a computer to make sure they can be solved, and in only one way (with one unambiguous solution)
⚄⚅ If you don’t know how to play, there’s an easy-to-follow tutorial to guide you through the basics.

Picross Mania is a kind of madness that’ll give your brain a circuit training.
In more ways than you could ever have imagined, Picross Mania will REALLY test you, make you think hard, while trying to reveal hidden pictures. While you’re trying to infer, align and match, this game will tease, hint, yet have you sorely tested, leaving you completely satisfied at the end of it. Thank you, Japan, for giving the world nonograms.

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