Royal Flush - Princess Sidestory

By: Jin Game Studio

Version: 1.0

Update: 2019-05-24

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  • Package: com.taisoft.royalflush
  • Version: 1.0 (1)
  • Size: 5.4 MB
  • Update on: May 24, 2019
  • Installs: 100,000
  • Signature: d993271bf0f5c1056f8ed602ae6da4d6612f3345
  • APK File SHA1: 8baaa940a9f151facbe5e1ed847ea7a605730cb9


This game is a two-dimensional, side-scrolling platform game in which the player controls either Peach or Daisy. In addition to running and jumping, the player can slide down slopes, pick up and throw special blocks, and freely climb vines. The game world is subdivided into multiple levels.

The player navigates through the game via two game screens: an overworld map and a level playfield. The overworld map displays an overhead representation of the kingdom and has several paths leading from the entrance to a castle. Paths connect to action panels, fortresses, and other map icons, and allow players to take different routes to reach the kingdom's goal. Moving the on-screen character to an action panel or fortress will allow access to that level's playfield, a linear stage populated with obstacles and enemies. The majority of the game takes place in these levels, with the player traversing the stage by running, jumping, flying, swimming, and dodging or defeating enemies.

Players start with four lives and may gain additional lives by picking up green spotted 1-Up mushrooms hidden in bricks, or by collecting 100 coins, defeating several enemies in a row with a shell, or bouncing on enemies successively without touching the ground. Peach or Daisy lose a life if they take damage while small, fall in a bottomless pit, or runs out of time. The game ends when all lives are lost, although the player can continue from the last level played by selecting "Continue".

Completing stages allows the player to progress through the overworld map. Mini-games and bonus screens on the map provide the player a chance to obtain special power-ups and additional lives. Power-ups obtained in these mini-games are stored in a reserve until activated by the player from the map screen. There is a final stage with a Boss to defeat.

A level playfield features coins scattered around for Peach to collect and special bricks marked with a question mark, which when hit from below by Peach may reveal more coins or a special item. Other "secret", often invisible, bricks may contain more coins or rare items. If the player gains a mushroom, Peach grows to double her size and gains the ability to break bricks above her. If Peach gets hit in this mode, then instead of dying she turns back to regular Peach.

Peach may also acquire the Bomo from certain question mark blocks that when picked up changes the color of Peach to black and allows her to throw bombs. Holding up or down will allow you to target higher or lower enemies. There are two new powers which you can only found in the bonus level.

D-Pad: Left and Right make Peach move in that directions. Up can be used to climb vines and enter doors. Down can be used to duck and enter pipes. Holding up or down will allow you to target higher or lower when you have bombs.

Start: This pauses and un-pauses the game.

A button: It is used to jump. The longer you hold it, the higher you jump. Also, use this to swim forward when underwater.
B button: Hold this to run. When you have bombs, you can press this button to shoot a bomb.

Download not and enjoy !.

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