Skyblock Maps For MCPE

By: Incredible mods

Version: 1.7

Update: 2018-06-28

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  • Package: incrediblemodmcpe.skyblockmaps
  • Version: 1.7 (7)
  • Size: 8.4 MB
  • Update on: June 28, 2018
  • Installs: 50,000
  • Signature: 243351cef65d60edacebff74c1a6a0bdecfed828
  • APK File SHA1: b037f6d72ea92c724eb33bd12bad19130adc615c


We present to your attention the collection of maps Skyblock.

Mega Skyblock. Map is a little bit different from the ordinary skyblock survival challenge as it includes 23 different islands (instead of just one) which the player is required to go out and explore in order to complete the map. Each island is supposed to symbolize a biome or a dimension and will provide you with new materials you can use to survive. How to play? The player starts out on a skyblock island which includes only the most basic resources you’ll need to survive. Open the chest to find some items. Make sure to use them sparingly as there’s no way to get any of the items back if you lose or break them. There are fourteen different islands and on each one you will be able to find new resources which are necessary for your survival.

Breaking Shards Skyblock. Is a great survival map which you can use to challenge your own survival skills. If you make it long enough you will be able to explore 11 different islands which include everything from floating pirate ships to mushroom islands. How to play? Your main purpose in this world of skyblock islands is to survive as long as possible. But also use the resources you find to build a house (or maybe even a city) and eventually expand to the other islands. There are 11 different islands and they are each separated by a void of air so it requires that you build bridges between them.

Skyblock Planet. Start out on a small planet (based on the Overworld in Minecraft) and use the resources you find to explore the rest of the galaxy and its planets. There are tons of different planets and each one look very different from the other. For example, one planet is made out of just slime blocks and another is a miniature of The End. How to play? The main objective is to find a way to survive for as long as possible, and if you get the chance then also explore the rest of the planets in the galaxy. The spawn is on a planet most likely based on Earth of the Overworld. There you will find a chest with a few items to get you started. As much exciting it is exploring other planets it’s also dangerous since you don’t know what these planets might hide inside.

Trading Skyblock. This is a much better version of the original skyblock survival map. It uses an addon as well as some clever tricks to let you access a store which can be used for buying and selling items which are obtained on the skyblock island. And if you find a way to survive and gather enough resources you will eventually be able to go to the End and fight the Ender Dragon. How to play? Jump into the end portal (and skip the End credits) to get to the skyblock island which at start only consists of a tree and a portal. The objective is to survive for as long as possible by using the few resources you’ve got and one day (if you make it for that long) fight the Ender Dragon.

Skyblock Biome. Map is a world consisting of 9 different islands each resembling a biome in Minecraft. It’s a challenging survival map as it requires you to use only the resources found on each island to survive up in the sky. The ultimate goal is to explore all 9 islands and try to discover all secrets they hold. How to play? The objective is to try to survive and find a way to explore all 9 sky islands in the map. In each island there will be some hidden treasures which you should find and then try to use in the most effecient way to develop your world.

Also in the app are available 5 other Skyblock maps.

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