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Solved 15 Year Jee Main App or Application is best which provide you solved papers of last 15 years with features
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For those who don't know What is Jee Mains. Below is some description
-----------Jee mains is competitive exam for entry in prestigious institute and its syllabus include following chapters of subject PCM:-
1) Calorimetry and Thermal expansion
2) Center of mass
3) Circular motion
4) Elasticity and viscosity
5) Electromagnetic waves
6) Electrostatics
7) Fluid Mechanics
8) Center of mass
9) Friction
10) Geometrical optics
11) Gravitation
12) K.T.G. and Thermodynamics
13) Measurement Error and Experiments
14) Modern Physics
15) Newton's laws of motion
16) Nuclear Physics
17) Projectile motion
18) Rectilinier motion
19) Relative motion
20) Rigid body dynamics
21) Simple Harmonic motion
22) Solid and Semiconductor Devices
23) Sound Wave
24) Surface Tension
25) Unit and Dimensions
26) Wave on a string
27) Wave optics
28) Work, Power and energy


1) Mole concept
2) Quantum number and Electronic configuration
3) Periodic table and periodicity
4) Gaseous state
5) Chemical Bonding
6) Ionic Equilibrium
7) Coordination Compounds
8) Electrochemistry
9) p-Block elements(Nitrogen and oxygen family)
10) Solid state
11) p-Block elements(Halogens and Noble gases)
12) Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
13) p-Block elements(Boron and Carbon family)
14) Biomolecules and Polymers
15) d and f block elements
16) Equivalent concept and titration
17) Metallurgy
18) Qualitative analysis
19) Solution and Colligative properties
20) Surface chemistry


1) Fundamental of mathematics
2) Quadratic equation
3) Straight Line
4) Circle
5) Matrices and determinants
6) Functions and Inverse trigonometric functions
7) Limit, Continuity & Derivability
8) Application of Derivatives
9) Vectors and 3-Dimensional Geometry
10) Indefinite Integration
11) Definite Integration and Area
12) Differential Equation
13) Sets, Relations and Functions
14) Complex Numbers
15) Statistics
16) Conic Section
17) Binomial theorem
18) Permutation and Combination
19) Probability
20) Sequence and series

Jee means Joint Engineering Entrance Examination which is conducted for Prestigious NIT"s IIIT's and other government affiliated institutes and this app is perfect guide for jee aspirants
It is very easy to use and very handy
It contains complete and Detailed Question wise and Paper wise Solution.
No internet Connection Required
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