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By: Shvuta Apps

Version: 2.1.0

Update: 2017-01-01

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  • Package: shvutha.pack.speed
  • Version: 2.1.0 (12)
  • Size: 4.0 MB
  • Update on: January 01, 2017
  • Installs: 50,000
  • Signature: aad478088f5be50b6842f1238a05863bf084e4d7
  • APK File SHA1: 82aa1012c108c7d214d0d19d2eaaae342e808d15


Get Speed, Spit for free now!
you can choose the level of Difficulty.
Spit, also referred to as Slam or Speed, is a game of the shedding family of card games for two players. The game is played until all of someone's cards are gone; at which time, the game has finished.
Spit is played by two players. The entire deck is split between each player. Each player then makes five stacks in front of them in a row with the cards as

The remainder of the cards are placed face down in a pile and in between each players stacks with room to turn over the cards in the center.
The player can only use the cards that are face up. Once that card is used, the next card under the stack can be turned over and then played. If a spot of the stack is empty a player can transfer any face up card into that slot and turn over the following card.
Once the cards are setup accordingly, the players can begin. There are no turns, each player plays their cards at the same time as fast as they can. The object is to lose all of your cards.
To begin, Each players flips over the top card from their remaining pile in the center to start the two active piles. Each player plays their face up cards in front of them placing them on either center pile in ascending or descending order. Once either player has played all cards in front of them, each center pile is open to 'slap' for both players. Even if player 1 has his stacks in front of him, he is still open to slap the pile of his choice. If each player slaps the same center pile, it is won by whose hand was their first or whose hand covers most of the pile. The objective is to slap the smallest pile.
Once the round is over, the player takes the pile they slapped first and the other pile goes to the opponent. These cards are added to the remainder of the player's cards and then dealt into the columns as they did in the beginning. There are no number of rounds and the first to lose all of their cards is the winner.
Speed card game is known also as Spit or Slam.
So do not wait and download now the free Speed or Spit or Slam for free.
Enjoy the free Speed (or Spit or Slam).

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