Speedometer GPS Pro Apps for Android
Speedometer GPS Pro Apps for Android

Speedometer GPS Pro Apps for Android

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How to install Speedometer GPS Pro Apps for Android

Download Speedometer GPS Pro for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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This is Speedometer GPS Pro version.

You can try this free version:

This app can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitude...

Features included
- Save your track info.
- Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer.
- mph,knot and km/h mode.
- Display satellites status.
- Speed chart.
- Map integration,get your location.


If you have a translation suggestions, please contact me!
[email protected]


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Varies with device
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Was traveling at 590mph Posted by

Would be cool if the developer would add an Aircraft speedometer. The bike and car feature are cool... But a 3rd option that goes up to 700mph (aircraft) would be even better. This app is the #1 Best GPS speed app I've used. It's awesome.

Great! But... Posted by

When flying in an airplane I use this app to track our speed and altitude (no it doesn't require data connection, just GPS) but one thing is I wish it would have the analog speedometer go faster than 130mph, uo to like 700 for flying

Works Great, Very Accurate Posted by

I am a big fan of this app and how well it works, especially of one that only uses the device's GPS, not cellular data. Would highly recommend.

Excellent Posted by

This app works very well for me on my tablet. Finds satellites quickly and is perfectly accurate. Very nice UI! Thanks for your great work!

Posted by

Very useful nice display. One of the nice features is that you can see where you were on a map minute by minute when you review your trip.

It's okay by Michael John 2016-03-02

Works but no customisation which can be handy sometimes. Cannot delete saved journey, this includes accidental save. Would be good to be able to customise the gauge for easier reading. Like better fonts or gauge plate. Adding marks for speed limit on the gauge, like red on 50, 100, and 120. Or more functions like lap time or stopwatch.

Issue with compass brings it down. by Greg Holmes 2016-06-25

I love the amount of information it gives on one screen, but the lag and compass are an issue. On 2 separate devices, as I travel due EAST, it's telling me I'm heading NW??? (Edit) Apparently, regardless of which direction I'm traveling, the heading always reads W, NW or N. Never E or S. Why is that???

Searching Satellite. by Anwar Hasim 2014-04-23

I had tried it's free version, it works well. But, when I upgraded to Pro version.. it fails to search for Satellite. Need this bug to be fixed please. Thx.

Too slow to display speed by Ian Mitchell 2016-11-07

Tried both speed apps. They seemed to have stopped working and not showing my speed anymore. Plus I paid for the pro versions

by Peri McGee 2016-01-23

mite be ok for slower vehicles, NEEDS large digital read-out to be useful