Third Eye Cleansing 144Hz

By: Rehegoo

Version: 1.00

Update: 2016-05-12

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  • Package: com.rehegoo.thirdeyechakra
  • Version: 1.00 (13)
  • Size: 18.3 MB
  • Update on: May 12, 2016
  • Installs: 50,000
  • Signature: 6b0ab619ce43f71cebfc5e2f304807e27256b03d
  • APK File SHA1: fd746370632df2447e95a8c683b2614235f7ebf0


Ajna, the Third Eye, is located in a sacred spot: Hindus usually paint it with red to show respect. Its activation site, in fact, is right between the eyebrows in a position known as the third eye. Even if you do not have a lot of familiarity with chakras, you may have heard of this term already. The ones who meditate on the indigo chakra are said to be granted occult powers; they will be able to enter another body at will and to become omniscient.

To balance this chakra, we created Third Eye Cleansing, an App that will allow you to play a 144Hz tone that will help you clear this energy center while meditating on it. This binaural isochronic tone can be made even more pleasant thanks to the 7 relaxing songs you can play in the background. The first one is free, while the others can be downloaded in the premium version. The titles of the tracks in our playlist are as follows, and can be used to heal your soul:

1. Visualization
2. Perception
3. Eye of the Soul
4. Heaven and Earth
5. Healing Balancing
6. Divine Bliss
7. Lucid Dreams

To improve your experience, we added a timer to control exactly how long you will meditate. You can unlock it in the premium version, and set precisely how long to listen to our music to relax.

Why is it important to meditate on Ajna while using music to relax? The third chakra's name can be translated as command; it can be considered the center of intellect and intuition. When something is seen in a dream, it is seen by Ajna. When you understand something or you have an epiphany, it is thanks to Anja. The sixth chakra is a bridge that connects minds, allowing communication to take place between us not only on a physical level but on a transcendental one as well.

We hope you can improve your moments of harmony and serenity through this app. May it help you find peace and wellbeing through your seven chakras. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at [email protected]

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