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Update: 1970-01-01

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  • Update on: January 01, 1970
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Survive at the grass meadow became a real forest as a tiny man, fight for your life against giant insects, craft tools, and weapons and return yourself to the normal size! Survive at all costs with Tiny World Survival Simulator in 3d!
You have invented the shrunken ray, and become the first victim of own invention! Now you should survive in the cruel and hostile microworld! Find enough matches to make ladders – craft many ladders, climb to your table and use your shrinking ray again to return to the normal size! Do your best to become the normal man again and get unusual surviving experience with Tiny World Survival Simulator game!
Explore your own garden filled with trash, garbage and many aggressive insects, salvage tools and weapons, quarry resources to craft your own ones and to build shelter – you can hide there from the most persistent arthropods. Dive into the unusual atmosphere of microworld with Tiny World Survival Simulator in 3D!
Upgrade all your survival skill and be ready for action– this place is full of dangers! Search for water, hunt ants and bees for food, quarry resources, find or craft weapons and keep yourself alert – your life is in your hands! Provide yourself with water and food and find enough matches to build ladders and leave this place safety!
Control your survivor with a joystick - swim, walk, explore tunnels, looks for weapons or craft your own ones using resources you’ve quarried. Mind character indicators - health, energy and fullness. If one of these drops – there’s no chance to survive! Use all your hunting, battling skills and exploration trying to stay alive playing this micro world survival simulator in 3D!
Tiny World Survival Simulator features:
Explore unique micro world in your own garden
Fight for your life against aggressive insects
Craft tools and weapons from what you think were thrash in “normal world”
Mind health, energy and fullness indicators of your survivor
Tired of usual island simulators? Do your best to survive in this strange microenvironment – hunt insects, build shelters and craft tools or weapons! Test your skills with Tiny World Survival Simulator!.

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