مجانية لفون / آي باد / آي بود Hello Mamas تطبيقات
مجانية لفون / آي باد / آي بود Hello Mamas تطبيقات

مجانية لفون / آي باد / آي بود Hello Mamas تطبيقات

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أهلاً بكم إلى AppNaz.com حيث نعطيك المعلومات عن تخفيضات الأسعار علي التطبيقات و يتضمن الألعاب التي تحبها علي الأندرويد و iOS. مع AppNaz.com يمكنك بسهولة إيجاد التطبيقات /الألعاب التي تريد تحميلها أو متابعة التغير في السعر، و هذا ما لا تجده في في أي تطبيق اخر مثل ( iTunes store) نتيجة لغلق المواقع الإقليمي أو لأي أسباب اخرى. أيضاً مع التحكم الدولي يمكنك متابعة تاريخ مسار الأسعار لتطبيقاتك المفضلة و ذلك بعُملة بلادك المحلية.
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Hello Mamas is the most widely used app for mamas and expecting mamas who want to stay social. As seen on Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, Katie Couric, and more, Hello Mamas lets you meet local mom friends, get to know your community, receive community-wide alerts, join groups, score the latest dish on all things parenting, enter exclusive giveaways and much more. In the app you’ll find: *Custom mama matches you’re guaranteed to love *A geo-based feed that lets you connect with local moms and groups *Community-wide alerts to keep your kids safe during emergencies *Photo sharing *Groups where you can dish about everything from maternity pants to moms’ night out *Articles about what it really means to be a mama *Custom groups YOU create based on your lifestyle and interests *The hottest product recommendations *Amazing giveaways Created by three fun mamas who have SO been there, we provide an established tool for mamas and expecting mamas looking for friendship, support, playdates and resources for kids since 2014. With 100,000+ active users, the app is the very best and easiest way to find and connect with local mothers and create online mommy groups. What moms are saying: “There are so many moms who live near me that I’ve never met. It’s ridiculous. This is seriously the coolest way to connect without feeling awkward at all!” ~ Alaia “I adore the idea of this app and am truly glad to have something like this. It is hard making mommy friends and this makes it so much easier.” ~Maddy “Hello Mamas is THE perfect place to meet other moms with common interests. I already met so many awesome moms through Hello Mamas and I am looking forward to meeting more moms and making more long-lasting friendships!” ~Zeina “The alert feature is awesome. My son is only two and I have already seen a few strange things happen while I’m out and about that I definitely would have wanted to alert local moms about. It’s like they brought back community watch but for moms which makes it that much better!” ~ Kristin “It’s so easy to use and I love that I can share photos of my kids and TMI mom stories without feeling guilty about it.” ~Meghan “I LOVE the idea of being able to establish common interests and a connection prior to meeting other moms. I've joined numerous mom groups online but Hello Mamas means I don’t have to cross my fingers and hope for the best before meeting in person.” ~Deborah As seen on The TODAY Show, GMA, Katie Couric, TechCrunch, StrollerTraffic, Women’s Health, Parents, and more! “Smart,” Robin Roberts, Good Morning America “Very smart,” George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning America “Until you have school age kids, it’s really hard to meet that group, and it does take a village. You need those people to help support you and kind of compare phases of your children's’ lives as you're going through it,” Savannah Guthrie, The TODAY Show “This is a great idea for an app. I’m gonna get it right now-get me the app store!” K5 NBC News “They’re making it easier for all of us moms to connect.Thank you for developing this,” Shiri Spear, Fox 25 News “Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, making friends with other moms is tough. Just because our kids go to the same school, play in the same park, or participate in the same extracurricular activities doesn't mean we actually have much in common.” Ellen Sturm Niz, Parents “It’s such a good idea. I know that when I walked into my first ever mums group. It was just awful because I felt so alone even though I was surrounded by - supposedly - these like-minded women. We weren’t so like-minded.” Jessica Rowe, Studio 10 Australia “It’s a great idea and anything that can make life just a little easier for the mums out there is terrific,” Sarah Harris, Studio 10 Australia Best Mom Apps | Local Moms | Pregnancy Apps | Mom Friends | Local Apps | Mum Apps | Best Parenting Apps | Best Photo Apps For Moms | Mom Meetups | Local Events | Best Pregnancy Apps

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