Speech Calculator Pro Apps kostenlos für iPhone / iPad
Speech Calculator Pro Apps kostenlos für iPhone / iPad

Speech Calculator Pro Apps kostenlos für iPhone / iPad

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"For math novices and veterans alike, this one is well worth it!" - TheiPhoneAppReview.com

·SCP2 is the only app of its kind on the market, the new edition brings a number of fresh changes and a completely new design.

· *Speech calculator pro 2 allows you to do hands free mathematical calculations. With our new Voice Recognition Software, we've effectively made it easier than ever before.

· Our goal is to provide a simple and accurate way for users to do what they need to, quickly and correctly.

** Here are just some of the new improvements of SCP2

· We have redesigned the app from scratch, tossing out the unnecessary bloat, and capitalizing on speed and accuracy.

· With our new design, you'll enjoy the aesthetics no matter what version of iOS you're running.

· Our app is in fact twice the speed of the former.

· We've also included 9 new beautiful themes available for purchase within the app.

· Were also happy to announce speech support for over 34 new accents and languages. These include:
• Croatian

• Czech

• Danish

• Dutch

• English

• English [UK]

• English [AUS]

• French [EU]

• French [CAN]

• Finnish

• German

• Greek

• Hungarian

• Indonesian

• Italian

• Malay

• Norwegian

• Polish

• Portuguese [BR]

• Portuguese [EU]

• Romanian

• Russian

• Slovak

• Spanish [US]

• Spanish [MX]

• Spanish [EU]

• Swedish

• Turkish
• Ukrainian

• Vietnamese

** Languages Currently In Beta

• Arabic [Egypt]

• Arabic [Saudi]

• Arabic [UAE]

• Catalan [Spain]

• Chinese Mandarin

** These are just a few of the amazing improvements we've come up with. Were confident you will enjoy using SCP2 as much as we've enjoyed working on it. **

It is our core mission to continue support and include new features, as well as general improvements, in future updates.

- Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

[email protected]

[email protected]

• speechcal2.com

Speech Calculator Pro 2 copyright 2014

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