One Day Journal Εφαρμογές για το iPhone / iPad
One Day Journal Εφαρμογές για το iPhone / iPad

One Day Journal Εφαρμογές για το iPhone / iPad

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Πρώτα Ερπυστριοφόρος €2.99 2017-03-28


◆ PREMIUM VERSION - FULL ACCESS - NO ADS ◆ 24hr SALE OFF 40%! ONLY A DAY! ◆ Loved by millions of users all over the World One Day Journal is a new way to record your day. This version is a professional of the exact One Day Journal app. One Day Journal's design support many different ways to allow users comfortably browse through their history. ◆ One Day Journal highly encourage you to upload a picture to represent the theme of your day. In turn when you want to go back in time with pictures, instead of your journal titles, you could comfortably view your history of pictures, and go back to the details related to that picture. ◆ Each journal records your location and weather automatically, however, you could remove those options as you wish. ◆ You can track all the journals you have entered on a map, and locate all journals that entered in that area. ◆ You can also choose the tags you have pre set up in the tags view, and tag that journal related to those themes. This will allow you to quickly locate the journals you want to find in the future. ◆ Our unique voice record option allow you to record your void happy, sad or anything you want to save related to that journal.

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