Sea of Squares Παιχνίδια για το iPhone / iPad
Sea of Squares Παιχνίδια για το iPhone / iPad

Sea of Squares Παιχνίδια για το iPhone / iPad

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Sea of Squares is a simple relaxing 3D puzzle game. Match two or more adjacent blocks of the same color to remove them up until you clear entire level. What could be easier? Huh! Try it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod and see how far you can get.


- Easy and fun to play.
- 3 difficulty modes from relaxing to challenging.
- 100 colorful levels.
- Leaderboards to compete with other players.


Please note that you DON'T need to replay again the entire level when you can't find any matching blocks! Simply use the reshuffle button (the third button in the top left corner) to re-colorize the blocks.


- Try to only reshuffle colors if you can't find a match.
- Always keep enough reshuffles to complete the level.
- The high score is the sum of all cleared level scores.
- Replay the level until you get the score you want.
- Leaderboard requires signing in to Game Center but you can cancel if you don't want to.

Happy playing!

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