Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

How to install Angry Birds Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Download Angry Birds for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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IF... Posted by

Possibly the most awesome game ever. Very clever, addictive, and entertaining. EXCEPT... Those stupid #@$ banner ads pop up right when you are going to or right after launch so birds can't be seen or manipulated. Multiple 15 & 30 second ads after EVERY play. Pathetic. Place those #@$ banner ads after game play where they don't interfere & cut down on the big ads. Banners are enough. Excellent game and love it but right now it's an irritating make you want to just Bowl instead game. Totally sucks. FIX IT.

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Janatha garage door and the other side of butter and the other side of butter and the other side of the other side of butter and sugar together in the UK and Ireland is expected that this 2nd day super league season and sugar together until the other day and I don't think it would be good if you can make it easier and more enjoyable to watch it with you in a bit late to 29th the other side of butter and the other side of butter and sugar together in the other side of butter and the other side of butter and

Thanks to you Posted by

Thanks to you as a whole bunch more about this but it will not work on this is an issue that needs attention that there was an issue with my family and the vali tumhi Kay I have a nice time in the future of the time to get a new one is the best way for me and the other hand I am not sure how long it will not work for you have any questions or concerns about it and I am a bit more than one of my resume and I am a little more than one of the time to get the same as the time to get the same as the time to get

Von wegen rassistisch! Posted by

Was soll jetzt an Bombe(so heißt der schwarz gefiederte Vogel)falsch sein? Er hat schwarze federn und keine schwarze haut! Und eine Explosion heißt nicht sofort Selbstmordattentäter! Wenn ein Gas tank explodiert haben da wohl ganz sicher Selbstmordattentäter was zu tun stimmts? NEIN! Alle die behaupten das Spiel und Bombe seien Rassistisch können sich mal einen Spaten nehmen, den 20 mal in die fresse donnern und sich vergraben gehen! Einfach solche Theorien ohne Grund aufzustellen ist echt behindert!

Angry Birds Posted by

I really enjoy playing this game and admire the creativity that has gone into creating it. However I don't like the fact that recently I've starting frequently receiving messages that the program has to close and it gives me the option of reporting it. However it never explains what the problem is. Just a few minutes ago the program closed three times in about 5 minutes - very frustrating and sure hope the issue is resolved soon.

My thought hmmm... Posted by

Good hustle lol. Loved every moment of 3 ⭐⭐⭐Dang the sun does shine for me and if you Zzz... on angry birds u r crazy vote 4 this year and forever more years angry birds the best game on Pc and Android/iOS and the last word i have to say is vote me as Vice president for

Amazing Posted by

I love this game and nothing will change that but it says "The Number 1 Game of all time", If Pokemon Go passes Angry birds downloads, will you change Number 1 game of all time to Number 2 game of all time?!?!?!

Top Notch app of all time!! Posted by

With its AMAZING graphics and its ease of use this STELLAR App is in a class of its own. Its FUN its FREE and it will entertain people of ALL ages . You cant go wrong with thos one! A must .

Cheat Posted by

If you lose and don't kill all the piggies it gives you a free video for shockwave. It's bomb with electricity. It's so OP. P.S. might not work every time though.

Wish... Posted by

I would play longer but it made my phone freeze so I'ma have to reported as a device damage sorry just say my opinion it just do what I gotta do

It freezes Posted by

I've been playing for years, but now the game freezes every 5 minutes for a while and then keeps working... it's frustrating...

One the very first android game to go viral!!! Posted by

This is one the best games to kill time.It tests your ability to target.A very nice concept and it's worth to download.

Amazing this is . Posted by

I love it becoz this better than others. I feel like a kid and spending my free time to play it . love u angry birds.

This should be editor's choice Posted by

Come on a hundred million downloaded this game and it's not editors choice they should add that is very cool game

Posted by

Reinstalled after 6years... deleted Angry Birds2 (sucks) and went back to the original...same fun all over again!

Great to poop Posted by

This is the best game to play on the toilet you need to download this app and delete stuff if not enough storage

DAMN GOOD! ^>^ Posted by

I love this game..but plz give some eagle packets for free! It will be really nice! #worth it #love it

Probably one of the best games ever... Posted by

The game I've played for a very long time before i played on PC now i do on mobile n i love it

I know already Posted by

Its installing just finish my mom had the app and I loved it till she got rid of it :o

Time pass Posted by

In free time ,then you Played for passing a time.This game graphics is so attractive

Good game nice graphics Posted by

It is my favourite game that I play too plese download this game for extra fun

Good Posted by

I like it very much and I want that you have and need to download this app

Turning boring Posted by

A sticker book would go only this far in saving your dropping downloads.

Best app ever!!! Posted by

Its fun active makes time go faster. If you didn't download you should

Posted by

Only games I download no other interesting games will do....

Time Posted by

It took a while to download but its a great time killer

Awesome Posted by

It's addictive, fun, tough and free... simply awesome

Kamut kamut Posted by

Untuk anak2. Sngup muat turun game ini. Terima kasih

Uauuuuu addictive Posted by

100 million downloads ......uauuuuuyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Perfect Posted by

I love it. Not boring at all. Please download.

Loved it Posted by

This game is so fun y'all should download it

Wow wow wow wow Posted by

Thass tha bess gem I aver plaed ...... :) :D

Cool Posted by

Really good it dosent freeze at all no ads

Its okay. Posted by

You should add a level creator free.

Posted by

It want let me download any games .

Great Posted by

But make mighty eagle free of cost



It's pretty good. Posted by

Hey, it's free so why not buy it?

Fun Free-To-Play Posted by

Very enjoyable Free-To-Play game.

Great time killer Posted by

Cool and awesome must download it

Posted by

Good it

Taking time Posted by

It's take time to download

Lost items = lost money by A Google User 2016-10-16

Loved this game in it's original form; now all we can do is play the same levels over in a stupid tornament no one asked for. Played in the tornament just for the silly sticker achievements. Found that every day I returned it would mix me up with someone else's profile - I'd end up as random FB guys or other random guests. Yesterday I left the game with ~40 shockwaves that I purchased. Today, my "guest" ID changed yet again from ~700 to 1496. Lo and behold, ALL of my shockwaves are gone. Give me my money back. Seriously crud. Can't you just keep working at new levels and keep with what made thr original AB so very awesome? That's what we're all waiting for.

Lost all progress. WTF! by Gary Finch 2016-08-23

I moved this along with the other Angry Birds games to my external SD card to free up some space on my phone & I lost all my game progress & purchases that I have made. I never cleared the game data by mistake & have moved these games from internal to external without problems like this in the past. Well done Rovio, firstly way too many adds, then way too many purchases within the game and now this. I know you have to make money but this is starting to take the piss out of people who have supported you.

So annoying by Steve McDonald 2016-08-29

This was among my favorite mobile games. That's not saying much, but it was a decent time waster, once you pay to remove the ads. However, with the most recent update, in the ad free version, I am asked via pop-up if I want to watch a video ad to get a free power every time I start or restart a level. Watching the ad only removes the pop-up for the duration of the power up, which is 10 minutes. This is incredibly annoying, and has made me regret spending the measly amount of money I did to remove the ads.

Unduly aggressive ads by Errol McPherson 2016-08-25

I accept that thy price of playing a game for free is advertising. But there is a line beyond which the balance is wrong and that line has recently been crossed. This recent insistence that users "watch a video" at the start of almost all new turns has ruined the game for me. There's no flow anymore. It's a bit like watching American TV, where there's so much advertising it's easier just to switch off, and that's what I'm doing here.

Annoying by John Dixon 2016-09-01

I was really getting into the game but what gets on my nerves is when ads come up, and when you select "Don't show and why" it stays up saying "thanks for your feedback....UNDO!" THEN ANOTHER AD COMES UP. Only issue is the "X" button to get rid of that video ad is tucked under the "THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK..." You can't get rid of it unless you watch the short pointless ad. it pisses you off after a while

by Jeff Rockwell 2016-08-17

Was a huge fan of this game a few years ago, thought I would re-download it to see if the magic was still there...the game is still great but sadly obtrusive, obnoxious ads ruin the experience entirely. The worst part is that they play at a ridiculous volume even when I have the volume on my device is turned off. I would happily pay to lose the ads, as it stands now the game is unplayable.

by wayne barlow 2016-08-29

The game is excellent but every time you do anything ADVERT,ADVERT, ADVERT, even with the new update ADVERT, ADVERT, ADVERT, ADVERT anointing isn't it when I write advert but that's what's happening in the game I was more than surprised that the Movie didn't have advert every 2 minutes, advice to people who want this game DON'T DOWNLOAD it's a waste of time find something else to play.

Adverts and rubbish by 2016-08-24

All I keep getting is adverts and videos popping up between levels which is the most annoying thing ever. It never used to be like this. Adverts are a terrible annoyance at the best of times but they now seem to be with everything you ever try to watch, look at, click on or play. Have now taken this rubbish off my phone for good and won't be installing it again.

Automatically opens web pages by Mike Tittle 2016-09-01

Used to be ok with small popups but now sucks, redirecting to web pages and play store. PLAY IN AIRPLANE MODE and save the aggravation. UPDATE: Better since paying to remove ads Update: Just downloaded latest version to my new phone and it suuucks. Ads and Mighty scope pop up before every single game

Great game but still has some bugs by shawna stevens 2016-08-19

Our whole family loves playing this game and has for years. No matter how many times it gets deleted, there's always some version of it on the game phone. I personally enjoyed "Rio" and "Seasons" was a bit more challenging. Bugs or not, we'll keep downloading it

ADS by Joseph McNulty 2016-09-07

Watched the Angry Birds movie, remembered loving the game and redownloaded, and oh my God, the ads. Pop up for pay-to-power-up comes between every single play. Just not fun to play anymore AT ALL. Guess I can't say I'm too surprised this happened to the game.

Love the game, hate the ad intrusion by A Google User 2016-08-06

An advert (with completely unnecessary 6 second minimum timer and unreasonably small dismiss button) played every three levels for games already installed. In-game banner ads for apps already installed. Breaks enjoyment of the game almost entirely. Bad form.

Too many ads, Uninstalled immediately by sanchit bhatnagar 2016-08-31

This was one of my favorite games at one time so i downloaded it again today to refresh some old memories. Unfortunately this game has become a steaming pile of mess that has game play constantly interrupted by video ads. It is just unplayable right now.

by Tom Potter 2016-08-23

In October of 2012 I purchased this game to remove in-game ads. Now it's loaded with ads. I was just forced to watch a video commercal for candy. Seems to me Rovio broke their contract with me and all of you. Un-installing. Typical corporate greed.

So much clickbait! by Nathan Jones 2016-09-13

I installed this for nostalgia sake, but found the Angry birds I loved has been replaced by a clickbait and advert riddled unplayable version... Devastated. No need to try the other Angry birds now as no doubt they're the same too.....

Logo Removed Because of the update by Atvrelease Ltd. 2016-09-16

If you install this app to play cake duel you will make a sound glitch. Never use this app. But fails the level when im playing it. Western Entertainment Pub: Western Entertainment is published. And Don't Forget The Gold Bird!

Used to love it. by Tyler Roberson 2016-09-06

Thanks game developers for placing ads in your games. A game that used to be 100% free when it was a top app is now a game where every level there is some kind of ad. Well done to all you developers for ruining games.

New player. by Elaine Kruithof 2016-08-28

I just downloaded this game for the first time. Was excited to play and I am just learning it. I am having the worst time trying to get into it. Every time I win I get pop up and click bait. I will be deleting

Don't bother by Craig Saunders 2016-08-12

The game itself is ok but it is completely ridiculous the amount of ads they have put in the game. You spend more time waiting to dismiss ads than you do playing making this game a waste of time to download.

Adds ruined it. by Cody Farnes 2016-08-28

Great game, I first got it years ago. Tried going back again for some nostalgia and the adds and constant pop-ups ruined it for me. I would rather pay $3 or something for add free but there isn't an option.

Ad Nausea by Don Burlison 2016-08-17

I understand that the ads pay for my free use of the game, but when they interfere with other apps to play a stupid video, that is where I draw the line. Make an addition that I can buy that is ad free.

Logo Removed Because of the update by Atvrelease Ltd. 2016-09-09

If you install this app to play cake duel you will make a sound glitch. Never use this app. But fails the level when im playing it. Western Entertainment Pub: Western Entertainment is published.

Used to be the best game by Tara Lilly 2016-09-05

Re downloaded to play again. So many pop ups ads videos interruptions it's horrible can't even play for more than 3 seconds without ads click here click there videos you can't skip. Horrible

Used to be great by Sean Crowley 2016-08-28

Downloaded this after a long time of not playing. Literally unplayable. Is nothing but advertisements. Flow of the game has been destroyed. Shame to see what was once so great go to hell

Crap by Luke DAY 2016-08-21

Just because you can make it free doesnt meen you should. The first time thos was released it was 2.99. I want that version back. ADS every 30 sec and no aiming guide. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Greedy rip off. by J. J. 2016-09-14

Lose the ads and you'd have a great game. Seriously, if I knew there would be ads in the paid version I'd have stuck with the free version. Virtually unplayable with all the pop ups.

by A Google User 2016-08-31

In 2010 i wrote: "The best game I have truly in a class of its own I cannot believe it is free Awesome" NOW THE ADS, ARE RIDICULOUS MAKING YOU WATCH CRAPPY VIDEOS 5 STAR TO 2 STARS

Great game,but... by Piotr Trojanowski 2016-09-12

I can't do anything without mighty eagle or free adwert... is anyone know how to remove adwert from the game ? Or maybe rovio don't care that people don't enjoy the game anymore...

by Michael Cappuccilli 2016-08-24

I love the game but I hate being force fed advertisement after advertisement after advertisement...... I'd pay some $$$ to go ad free and I'd even give the game a few more stars

Can't install by 2016-08-16

Can't install on Android phone or tablet. Both Samsung. Is there a known issue? Bummed. :( (It hangs on the download bar, and never gets to asking for permissions)

Please fix Rovio by Luigi Gaming 2016-08-14

ADS!! Should I say more?? Yes. Ads are ruining this game. Rovio, you need to get rid of those ads, or I have just wasted my time installing this ad-filled game!!

Ads, features removed. by Warren Spain 2016-08-31

Too many ads now. Features that used to be free (the aiming line for starters) now require to watch a video before use. Used to be fun, but now can't stand it.

Stupid movie required by J Todd 2016-09-11

I can understand some ads popping up, it us a free game. But a requirement to watch a 10 minute movie before each level is ridiculous. You lost me Roving.