Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Caato Time Tracker Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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Exactly what I was looking for! Posted by

All of the other time trackers have added features that make them annoying to use if you just want to simply track the time on a given task. Caato Time Tracker is so simple and is just what I needed to track my video editing hours per job! The only thing I would add is a version that works as a widget for OSX, so I can have running in it the background and not have to have an app open on the desktop to make changes - start and stop a timer. Thanks a heap!

Awesome Product Posted by

I bought this app about a year ago and use it to track time on websites I build so the client has an accurate itemized list of what I’m charging them for. This app works exceptionally well with the tasks I throw at it and is great value for money. I have never had any problems using it at all, would give it 6 stars if I could.

A terrific app! Posted by

It’s a terrific help, once you’ve got the full version, for tracking projects and tasks within them. Also allows editing of entries, which is good when you don’t quite get it right (or went off for a coffee mid-stream a project). Definitely a keeper, and when it’s linked to a phone app, it will be even better.

Best tracking app so far Posted by

I have tried many time tracking apps and this the best. Why? because it is simple. Create a project, a task and push the play button. No gimmicks. Just what I need to track the time to bill a client. What I would love is a counter to tell me how many hours I work on the day. Just to track my own time.

Simple and easy to use Posted by

Love that this tracks by client/project (rather by work days). So simple and easy to use. The only thing I wish it could do (or I haven’t worked out how to do) is edit times (e.g. if I’ve forgotten to pause a job). But generally, very happy.

Great little app Posted by

This is a great little time tracking app with all the basic features. It’s very easy to use and adjust if you forget to stop the timer. You can track multiple tasks under a single project for free.

Simple and effective Posted by

I love that I can so easily track and export my times per client, per project and per task. The only thing missing is synching across devices.

Excellent app Posted by

Does was it says perfectly. Easy to use and they keep on top of any minor bugs that may occur. Exporting data is easy to tailor.

Great App Posted by

Is excatly what you need. Something simple, with each project have multiple jobs. Flauless. Kepp up the good work.

Handy bare bones tracker that could use more export options by Boxburg 2013-12-20

Love the simple unobtrusive way it tracks time on tasks. The two level “Project” then “task” structure is more than enough to organise most of what you do. But you can only export to CSV. To be able to export data to an XLS or Numbers spreadsheet in the same pretty way it’s organised in the app would be great. Also - to be able to put in a head hour rate against the hours would be great.