iVI Apps for iPhone/iPad
iVI Apps for iPhone/iPad

iVI Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Great features, functionality and price. Posted by

For those of us that live in the Apple eco-system and in itunes this app is a great "one stop shop" for video file conversion, collection of metadata and importing into itunes - with automation capabilities to boot. Being a user of numerous Apple TV's and IOS devices and (for better or worse) using itunes to manage all my media (music and video) as everything "just works" when it comes to viewing at home on an Apple TV, streaming to an IOS devices or having it ready to sync to an IOS when I am going to be on the road, iVI is a welcome app to streamline my video management process. Being a previous user of Plex I had collected a number of video files of many years in many formats. iVI did an admirable job of everything I threw at it - AVI/MKV/M4V, XVID/H.264, 5.1/DTS audio - picking up Metadata along the way, creating an additional stereo audio track if it didn't exist for the IOS devices and cnoverting/importing into itunes. The ability to utilise pass-through for existing H.264 video files that are suitable/compatible for itunes/IOS devices is also great, meaning the video file doesn't need to be converted un-necessarily, saving time. I have also developed an workflow where iVI watches a directory where new video files arrive and will automatically gather metadata, convert and import into itunes. Taking advantage of the Growl notifications and Boxcar, I am even told that a new video file has been added and is ready for me in itunes. If you need further convincing, take a look at the ScreenCastsOnline demonstration done by Don McAllister. There is a link on the iVI website.

Good app, just needs tweeks on quality loss Posted by

The app works pretty well as far as the automation goes. The naming and placing into iTunes. I was also please that when i put a 2gb mp4 in there. It created all the correct metadata but didn’t do any unnessacery file processing. The only gripe and its a big one after paying for the app is that converting AVI to m4v - There is a reasonable amount of quality loss. I would like to get this sorted before I convert my entire library to m4v. I have converted the same file through “smartconverter” and the AVI and MP4 quality is equal so its something with the application rather than conversion of formats. *update the gripe has been fixed by turning “deinterlace” video off (surely this should be off by default?) I have also noticed possible audio sync issues but I will contact support if I have further problems

Its a great App - works and is easy to use and configure Posted by

Fantastic App - the App does what it does very well - with the bonus of it being easy to use and I found easy to configure and alter to speed up the conversion times when I not worried about having HD etc. Also tried the "passthrough" option, another great time saver for Apple input media files. Also love the option to be able to pre determine destination for conversion files, makes everything that much easier. I have done SD movies - HD movies - home movies for editing into iMovie, worked great every time. The conversion queue allowing you to stack items for conversion to do bulk conversions - have been a very timesaving options I have now used a number of times.

Ivi is fantastic Posted by

I recently found an extention that automatically downloads new episodes of TV shows right after they air, so I was super stoked to find Ivi – which monitors your download folder for new video files to convert, populates their filenames from the innerweb and then plonks em into your iTunes ready and waiting. Minor gripe (and it’s not a fault with this app) but the videos play automatically in iTunes even when I’m not home and watching so I don’t know when new episodes come through sometimes but it’s super minor – a great app, the very first one I’ve felt worthy of purchase after trying out uh this copy I found like… yarrr. Worth it.

A great time saver Posted by

A great that overall works very well. If you use Apple TV as your media centre, this is a must have app. Sometime it gets hung up on a new media file - it look like it's unable to get the metadata for it and I have to convert & tag the old way (Handbrake and Identify), but this doesn't block subsequent files in the queue. My wish list would be support for any .NFO file that accompanies the media file. Currently it looks like the app tries to determine the movie or TV show title from the file name alone, which doesn't alway work. Woul be great if it could pickup the metadata / IMDB / TVDB codes from the NFO file.

Fantastic must have app Posted by

I had been using a combination of other apps to get the job done of converting and tagging my videos, and after hearing about this app decided to give it a go. All I can say is WOW! I won't be going back to my old ways. Not only does the app look up the tag data for your videos but it gives you a variety of options for converting them for various uses most notably for importing into iTunes and play back on Apple tv. The app also has an automation feature in which it can monitor a desired folder for new videos and automatically tage convert and send to iTunes.

Easy to use, helpful app. Posted by

Well priced, effective and I really enjoy the way it matches up artwork, reviews, ratings and artists lists make for a very tidy iTunes library. You just gotta love Mac and Mac based products. I do seem to have created double up files which is chewing into storage space but must admit that is operator error not product fault. Can tend to become unstable if too many other things on the go at the same time, I tend to kick it off before heading off to work or bed so work is done while away from the desk.

jason Posted by

i have used this product for some time now after seaching and using quite a lot of other converters i am very happy with this converter it dose exactly what it should do i have never had any problems at all ,converted movies play on all devices no problems i would reccomend this to anyone , sometimes i do have to edit the movie name if it is not quite accurate or has extra words in the title before converting so that it recongises the tittle ,and places all the correct data and cover art in the file

Great little product for such a small price. Posted by

Great for converting video files for your ipod, ipad etc, to use. For the price it even handles .TOD files which my JVC camera uses. IMPORTANT: I won't deny there is some quality loss from the original TOD format and no doubt, from other higher formats as well but the HD option gives excellent results. As long as you remember it's purpose is to convert media for use on your devices and not for preserving lossless conversion. I'm very happy with this product and it's HD output.

Great Video Application. Does it all Posted by

This is a great app. It not only converts the video, it imports it into iTunes and adds all the relevant information for you. THe only improvement I can think of would be to be able to edit video within the app so that when you record something off the television you can edit the adds out, convert the file and add it to iTunes all in the one app. Brilliant app though. Really useful and worth the money!! There are a lot of video apps that just do the basics. This one does much more!

A must-have Posted by

I have quite a few shows on my computer that are in the wrong format to work in itunes. I purchased this today, and amazed byt how quickly and simply it converted these files for me. I know a bit about computers, but not much about all this sort of stuff - it couldn't have been more simple to use, and thats without fiddling with settings etc. Can't imagine why anyone with a mac and an internet connection wouldn't find this extremely useful and worth every penny.

An Excellent Application Posted by

This is a wonderfully application that carries out all the tasks that I required to produce an excellent result that makes the finished product look professional. It is easy to use at any level, and if I can use it, then anyone can! This is one application that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an outstanding video convertor that does a lot more then just converts videos. Plus, the level after sale service I found to be excellent.

Terrific Posted by

I used a borrowed Sony video recorder not realising that Sony don't support Mac. When I discovered the issue I searched the web and found either expensive or suboptimal options. This is terrific, intuitive to use, no problems with speed…and what a great price. Thanks Southpole PS Apple could reference this App in their Support. I have to think that there are a lot of people who make the same mistake of using a Sony!!

Loved it until it worked Posted by

Its a brilliant app. I always wanted all my movies in iTunes but was too lazy yo add info for each file. This app converts then movies, adds the info and adds the movies to the iTunes library. But after my first restart ot stopped working. I run the app, it show in the dock for 2 seconds and disappears. I reinstalled it twice but not working. Am running it on Lion. Other than that. Its awesome.

Effectively converts video files Posted by

iVI does what it claims to do. It converts movie files into an iTunes readable format and imports them directly into your iTunes. It is a fairly slow process though and, once you have files in your queue, it doesn't seem possible to edit the queue and remove files you no longer want converted. Good app overall, needs a couple of added features to become a great one.

Great for Apple TV Posted by

I use ivl everyday to convert TV Shows & Movies straight into iTunes for my Apple TV. Once the file has downloaded on my comp, it automatically gets added to ivl and it usually can detect what show it is ands ads the show info. When it can't detect the show/movie, it can be annoying and sometimes it can freeze for up to 5 minutes. Otherwise, it's great!

Good Product for a Good Price! Posted by

Solid conversion app with only a small loss in HD video quality. Would also be nice if you could manually choose the file format i.e. .mp4, .mov etc but the automatic choice (based on intended use e.g. imovie, iphone etc) is fine. For a reasonable price this app gets the job done perfectly! Definately a good buy considering the cost of other apps on the market!

Great App Posted by

It is easy to use app but the best thing about it is that it gets information of your movies or tv shows and when its dones they are all in order, love it, saves me a lot of time to find artwork and then sort them in ITunes. The only negative is that it is SLOW but it doesnt bother me, Thanks guys for a reasonable price on this app

Wow what an App Posted by

Just purchased this App and put it straight to work, and that is just what it did WORKED!!!!!. iVI is without a doubt the simplest fastest and most effecient app for this type of work, I reworked all my visual files with it and because I run Apple TV2 and an iPhone 4, one file does both. A must have.

iV1 Posted by

Terrific way to get anything converted and into iTunes for streaming to an Apple TV. Can be used for lots of other conversion too but just for the main use it's a time and hassle saver. I use it all the time to convert foir the Apple TV and iPads….

Endless lock-ups by rendquist 2014-08-02

I have automation enabled, checking for new sources etc. every so often. Not sure if it’s because of that, but the developer needs to do something about the app suddenly locking up the main (UI) thread whilst you’re working with it. All of a sudden it’ll go to pinwheel and block the user from changing anything until it’s ready. I’m assuming it’s because of automation and the check for new files function is being performed on the main queue instead of on a worker queue. PLEASE fix this! It’s driving me insane and breaks Apple UI guidelines. Otherwise, it’s not a bad app. Not perfect, but what is. Not a lot of updates of late which may indicate it’s been somewhat abandoned so what you see may be almost all you ever get.

Slow by leegreen 2011-05-05

This is extremely slow to do conversions. I generally use Handbrake, but thought the added features of this application were worth the low price. But it is just too slow (on a quad core 2.7ghz imac with 16gb of ram) and the timer doesn't work to make matters worse. I will be looking for the refund button after pressing the submit button on this review. *edit* turns out there is no refund button. To be fair, it does have potential.

Would be a good App IF by Liveinpiece 2012-04-16

This is a Great App EXCEPT, it turns all your imported video from my cameras etc to a IVI and dispays them as a little TV like the app, i would like this app not to take over my computer like a virus, this is unexceptable and needs to be fixed, i had to remove the program just to get control back. This needs to be addressed before i will be putting it back on my computer. WATCH OUT !!!

Crashes by windy road 2012-11-21

I use this to automatically convert shows when they are added to a directory. It does a great job, but crashes at least once a week. For me, this makes the directory scanning feature practically useless, because I have to manually restart it whenever it crashes.

Doesn't work by Kiwiangela 2011-10-24

Cannot get this app to work. Took forever to convert a movie then said it failed. Can't get it to convert anything else. Waste of money. If I have any success will update, but not hopeful

Sound Sync by Andrew in Sydney 2011-08-31

Had to uninstall - wouldn't sync the sound right no matter what configuration/ output I tried. And, worst of all, I had no response from the email I sent to the iVI support team.

Used to work really well by Macrat1 2011-04-09

Then suddenly TV shows were no longer showing up. The search function is really bad now, almost no shows are found. Might as well go back to Visual Hub or something like that.

Good app by Dazonic 2012-02-10

This is really good. I'd love to see a nicer UI though, the settings are a bit confusing. But great app, I've been looking for something like this for ages.

PLEASE let me revert back to the old version! by Cammy9182 2015-03-24

I HATE this new update. It does not support Elgato! It is virtually ruined now and worthless to me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Fix it!

Don't buy. by dajopas 2012-01-10

Bad converting. Waste of money. Handbrake is so much better and is also free.

Slow by Barmaxx 2011-04-18

It does what it says, but it seems very slow 4hours + for one movie

Hmmm by GeipTJ 2012-11-10

Its hasn't worked so far. keeps freezing…