Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

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Nice QR code scanner for Nexus 7 Posted by

I did a head to head comparison of QR codes with this app on my Nexus 7 against the Barcode Scanner v4.2 on a Motorola Triumph phone with its front facing camera. There was a learning curve to using a front facing, low-resolution camera on the Nexus. In the end, this app worked as well as the phone on about 20 QR test codes I got off the web and displayed on my desktop monitor. I The app did not work as well on linear bar codes on the back of books. The problem is not the app, but I think is the bad combination of fixed focus and poor resolution (1.2 megapixel) in the Nexus camera. Comments about the app not working because the image is flipped are not true. The app works. Support from the author was excellent.

So far, exactly as described LG Optimus S Posted by

I searched all over Google to find a "portrait" capable scanner for my phone. There are all kinds of solutions (or attempted solutions) on programmer sites. But, since I'm not good with code, that's not a possibility. Finally, I ran across a discussion for this app. I wanted it to use with SCANPET inventory app. So far, it works perfectly and I don't have to repeatedly change from portrait to landscape and back. Worth the 3 bucks! I will recommend this app to the SCANPET developer! The only thing I would change is the "focus"position on the screen. I personally would like to see it toward the top of the screen rather than in the middle. That would make it 5 stars.

Really useful app Posted by

An excellent app overall, scans everything I need it to (+) and is pretty efficient (fast)(+). Keeps a history(+) and allows individual scans to be emailed / txted etc. Horrible overlay - its too invasive of the screen (-). Would be nice to have it save the pictures of the barcodes scanned into a folder or something so they can be transferred more easily - also that torch thing someone else mentioned about having a shortcut for the camera flash on the scanning display.. its a hassle to go into options every time and the auto flash is too sensitive sometimes.

Nice app Posted by

The app is pretty nice and seems to work faster than the free version (plus it supports a few additional codes). The only thing I wish is that they would improve the interface a little by adding a few of the tools I use all the time on the man screen. The big one for me is the flash. I am turning the light n and off quite frequently depending upon the barcode I'm scanning. I wish there was a button on the main screen for that and perhaps a few other frequently used tools/options. Maybe the dev can add this?

Great barcode scanner Posted by

I found some other barcode scanners would only scan UPC, for product searches, but this one can scan anything and copy the scanned characters to clipboard - very convenient! And I like the bulk mode where it allows multiple scans continuously. Recently I have to call Comcast to provision a new modem, so I have to read them the serial number - there are things like Z and 2 that are difficult to tell . I used this to quickly scan the product box to make sure I read off the numbers correctly.

Blazingly Fast Posted by

I'm hoping the reliability issues don't affect me, so far they haven't. I need this as my work required an app and either the free version or this one. It's not uncommon to need to scan over 25 items at one time, and this app does it quite quickly. Just needs some reliability tweaks and I'll suggest it to everyone at work. There's a small overlay of where the barcode should be scanned, it's convenient for me but an option to turn off would be nice. Samsung s4

Works well enough Posted by

I couldn't get Barcode Scanner+ Simple to work reliably at all, so I installed this one based on the other Nexus 7 reviews. It works pretty well, with most barcodes, and enough light. Given the limitations of the Nexus 7 (low-res front-facing camera), this is perfectly acceptable. So far, it's worth the $3 for what I use it for (use with an inventory management app).

Overall, better than free Posted by

Free version has Google shopper result option, this doesn't. Not an issue because somehow this version finds products that shopper and web could not on free. 5 stars when flash option becomes an on screen toggle and not a setting - great added pay feature, bad UI. I also like having the way cooler icon thanks the free version!

Some things better than free, some aren't Posted by

The image overlay is distracting vs the red line in the free ap. I don't like the license check etc permission checking. A lot of the perms can be removed keeping most functions. Why wifi state checking? Image search and portrait mode are cool, and wanted to support the work. Cheers.

good, but.. Posted by

I cannot get it to correctly read large qr code images of 1k or more text data, though it does read an image file correctly. It tries to interpret the image as a upc code. Also seems completely unable to read stacked datamatrix arrays: it can read only lone, single ones.

Works with front camera of tablets, too! Posted by

Didn't find a free app that supports recording with the front cam; my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 cannot focus near objects with the back camera, so I was stuck. This app solves it, and is well worth the money.

Great so far! Posted by

I was using the free version & wanted more features. This version has them! Highly recommended; works well.

Use this app often for comparing prices. Posted by

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 w/android 5.0.1 Accurate scanning. Better than free version.

Great dev! Posted by

Had an issue with the free version. He got back to me very quickly. Thanks!

Even better than the already great free version! Posted by

Great app, adds some really nice features to the free version!

Excellent Posted by

Worth paying for over a "free" app. (Galaxy S4 mini)

Ui suggestions by A Google User 2012-10-12

Hi, I purchased the paid version to support the good work you are doing with the zxing libraries. There is one thing the free version did better in my opinion : the visual guide. The one in the paid version is way too obtrusive. Could you please add a setting to switch back to the unobtrusive red line? Or even just a clean viewport if you think that the red line is misleading.. Also, wasn't able to find a "feedback" option, maybe it's a choice ; but it'd be better than writing stuff here

Pretty good by Josh Leiderman 2015-04-22

Want to support, but really offers so little over original app. Would pay for history to incorporate renaming of entries - no use for an entry called "89189368" containing (surprise!) 89189368; it's only useful if I can call it "Gizmo lic#". Similarly really want option of storing captured image in app for future reference/export. Thanks for considering for update

Seems to be hit & miss by A Google User 2012-06-24

Takes long time to focus and scan on tablet but eventualy worked but should be easier for paid ap would have opted for refund but refund button is gone in less than 5 min dont believe that 15 min bs it was less than 5 min so being i paid for it im stuck with it i guess. Thanks google wallet for another bum ap' :-(

by matejcik neasi 2016-07-16

With this app, the camera can't adapt to low light. Means that you basically get a black screen if you're indoors and not under a light bulb. Modifying compatibility options does not help. NO OTHER app has this problem, including the original ZXing scanner, which works perfectly in same conditions. (LG G3)

PDF-417 support lacking by A Google User 2012-01-24

Like several of the other reviewers, I bought this for its PDF-417 support. When you look in preferences, you'll see that PDF-417 is marked as "(alpha)". Even with this option enabled, I haven't been able to parse a single PDF-417 image on my T-Mobile USA G2. It's fast at the other formats.

Great upgrade... shame bout linkin by mark dempster 2013-07-15

This upgrade to the free is amazing one prob a lot of apps only recognise free scanner version this shud b a upgrade linked to free software so that can use in others thanks for ya reply i will message that app cus both together working would be brilliant both for shoppers and wholesalers

Caused camera error, needed restart by Mike Kennedy 2015-05-07

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon) OS is Android 4.4 After scanning UPC code for products, error camera has error may need to restart . tried 3 bar codes, same error with all of them. It did find one product out of the bar codes. I need to keep trying, but error is troubling.

The free version works better by Roger Judd 2014-01-29

I Installed this person to get the 2d barcode scanning. Everytime I go to use application on regular 1d barcode it doesn't work well and have to revert back to the free version. It also doesn't do a good job of focusing and maintaining proper exposure. I am using Samsung Note 3.

Not working well on Note3 by Ajeeth Cheppudira 2014-01-28

The plus version is not working well with my Samsung Note 3. It takes more time to read and to focus on some of the bar codes. It does not read some of the bar codes. The FREE version works faster and reads all the bar codes.

Worked well until update by Radu Luchian 2013-07-25

I was using the free version and switched to this one, problem is that after the last update it no longer scans anything. The free version however works very well, so what's the deal with that?

Free version sometimes works better by Marco Simone Zuppone 2014-08-12

I noticed that expecially with some complex QR code (as the Japanese visa for example) the free version is able to decode them but instead the paid version is not.. Weird!

Fast, but doesn't seem to handle larger Aztec barcodes by Kailash Nathan 2014-02-08

I like the decode from file feature, but I'm unable to use it on the larger Aztec barcodes. I hope the devs take a look at this, otherwise, it's a great app.

Problemwith settings. by Walter Conti 2013-03-16

Works okwith default settings. Any change in settings, even if just one, makes it crash. Rebooting wan't fix it. Returning to the free version for a while.

Slower than regular Zxing Project by A Google User 2012-11-14

The app advertises that it's faster than Barcode Scanner - which is free, by the way - but, I have had no greater success with this new app.

Didn't work by Malachi de Ælfweald 2013-03-08

Tried it on a couple qr codes. wouldn't autofocus. didn't scan. switched back to the free app, and it worked.

Back side camera doesn't work by Péter Szőke 2012-12-03

The lastest upgrade is rather a downgrade :-( The free version works fine with the back side camera.

Very buggy on Nexus 7 by Vince Tilroe 2014-07-18

Needs high light levels; camera image is backwards; scans UPC codes incorrectly and inconsistently.

Scanner by Janet Wright 2015-08-16

Keeps crashing cannot see all features worse than free version

Doesn't Scan Well by A Google User 2012-05-03

The free version from ZXING is simply better.

Wont download by Christopher Begnoche 2012-12-11

I cant get the program to download