Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Games for Android
Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Games for Android

Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Games for Android

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Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Games for Android screenshot
Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Games for Android screenshot
Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Games for Android screenshot
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Posted by

Very impressive space-based 4X strategy game. Like all of Trese Brothers games, this one is continually upgraded based on user feedback and gameplay feedback. Take control of a splinter group of explorers as they survive a catastrophe/migration event and find them selves needing to explore/expand a new home of star systems. Aliens are less keen to accomodate their new neighbors, and prepare to attack while you settle, explore, research tech/weapons, and hopefully keep them at bay until you are strong enough to eliminate the alien threat(s). Multiple maps, multiple difficulty settings, a heart research tree are at the heart of this game. In addition to this dilemma, add in intra-colony political unrest (they really don't like each other), and you have quite the challenge that can be played on PC (Steam), tablet/phone wherever you are. Pickup and play whenever you have a few moments to set directives, research, battle, build resources, move fleets, invade planets, etc... An amazing value! A demo version (limited maps, etc...) is available, why don't you try it!? Upgrade to the full version for only a couple bucks. Full support through their forums, friendly advice too!

Excellent strategy game Posted by

What I love about this game and the developers in general is that they are original in the literal sense of the word. They return to gaming origins and make essential tweaks to established formats. This game is complex where it needs to be, and simplifies less important areas. For instance, research leads to a complex set of choices that have varied effects on your empire, while trade agreements and political treatises are handled by a touch of a button. Also, your 4X competitor, the xenos, is a non-negotiable enemy, so that you know you have to build a fleet at some point in the game. You can design your own ships using the many reactors, weapons and training options that are all made available by your research tactics. This game is very addictive and fun to play. An essential purchase for any gamer.

I'm doomed Posted by

Had taken a break from the Trese Bros games to up my productivity and have more family time. Got this when first released but kept putting off playing it. Got excited talking about the TBs and their games a couple days ago and decided to play ST4X. Running on 6 hours sleep in last 3 days and can't stop...the Xeno are massing and I'm building the fleet to repel them and seize their worlds. It's another smash hit from the brothers and now I'm doomed to spend all my available free time back in their world. Who needs a real life and family anyways we've got the Trese brothers and their sock puppets. :)

Posted by

I'm aware of only a few 4X games on the Android. Civilization Revolution 2 is far too short. Birth of the Empires I haven't tried yet, and much of the documentation I would have to translate from the original German to be comfortable with. Star Traders 4X is the best I've seen so far. I would like for the mechanics to be a little more complex but I still couldn't put it down. When you reach the point of having mighty Battlecruisers blowing away the Xeno, you will understand why this is such an addictive game.

Deep Posted by

So far I think this game is well put together. It has a good atmosphere plus very strategic gameplay elements. You have to take some time and go through the help list to fully grasp and understand how it functions but once you do it traps you in but in a good way. Take the tutorial first and go through the help menu because if you don't you could easily become lost in this game. If you like hardcore strategic games give it a shot and if your wondering if it will be to overbearing, try it out free free first

So good I am so happy I bought this Posted by

I'm was not sure when I got the free version because I normally suck at these types of game but it looked promising so I played. After four hours of building up I was unfortunate enough to park a colony next to a alien planet I don't see this until the last possible second after they attacked. It became a 30 minute survive and get colony ships in the air and restart from scratch that failed the aliens had a lot of friends so I was destroyed but I enjoyed every second so I bought the game and round 2 began.

Whilst still in its early stages this game shows real potential Posted by

For anyone that's already played the original star traders, well you probably know this game already. For everyone else its a great game, with both the free and paid versions allowing a huge range of galactic empire expansion options and ship board alien hunting. Upgrade worlds and balance both economic and political systems whilst designing a diverse range of ships. Check out the proboard forums and join in the community with both fans and the dev team who are always happy to listen to suggestions

Another Amazing Game! Posted by

This is about my 2nd fav game right now, but only because Templar Assault is my #1 fav. They take place in the same universe so it's fun to play them both and keep things fresh. I may have to replay the original Star Traders to get my mojo back, but that just means more great gaming. I know there's a free version of this but I went ahead & bought the elite instead as soon as I found it (before even reading the description) & I'm NOT disappointed! Thanks for another spectacular hit guys!

Stellar game Posted by

As always, another amazing game from trese bros. The game, while simple in appearance, has more depth and replayabilty than a lot of triple A games on console or pc for a fraction of the price. Between the constant updates and improvements for all of their games, their attention and responsiveness on their game forums, and releasing even more amazing games, I can't figure out when these guys find time to sleep. Seriously, it's ridiculous, get some sleep! Great job once again.

Games worth playing Posted by

These fellas never disappoint. They are generous without rival with their free versions and the low priced paid versions offer depth and creative extension far surpassing most titles across any platform. I feel no obvious reskinning of the game model between the titles of their portfolio: each game feels like they sat down to do something deliberately different. I love that! Everything they release is gold and worth trying and buying. Excellence.


I had one issue. I had bought several of their games. I download the free version of this one an loved it. I messaged the makers asking if I could please have the elite version for free for now with the promise to pay later explaining how I have bought a lot of their games but at the time was broke an couldn't afford it. I never got a reply nor the game for free. An to show how much I enjoy the game I just bought the elite version.

Epic Space Opera Posted by

I didn't get my first smart phone until three years ago after returning from an overseas military assignment. The first app/game I bought was Star Traders. If the Trese brothers put half the thought and care into this game they did into the RPG all I can do is refer you to the title. I still play it and have purchased this app without even trying the free version. Everything they have created to date is awesome!

It's Cory Trese Posted by

Another excellent game from a well known and well respected author. I fully expect this to continue to get the same love and care that the other games Cory has published do. We still get frequent updates to the original Star Traders. Knowing this, I instantly bought this without even bothering to play the free version. Even if I end up hating it, I am glad to help support a good author.

Great game found a few bugs Posted by

First bug i had was apon loading up a saved game the whole map was revealed, second one is that you can still buy diplomatic things even when you have no money for free. Ive also noticed if you expand to fast you have to quit the game as you will only end up with a bigger and bigger debt even if you manage to have all sides in a trade alliance you will still not make money.

〰〰〰 Posted by

The Trese Brothers continue to amaze with their brand of deep strategy games unique on mobile, offering full PC-style complex strategy in the palm of your hand. You've got everything a 4x game should be, with a wealth of gameplay options for map size, difficulty etc. Colonising the galaxy couldn't be more fun, addictive or rewarding. It truly is a great game - unputdownable.

Fantastic Posted by

I started playing ST RPG Elite. I was hooked, until I found ST 4X Empires. It's not 'perfect' but damn near. My EU4 fix has finally been met after digging for a similar game for android. Jump in with both feet THEN dig into the details. It has an EVE - esk learning curve where the more you know the more you need to learn.

Thanks for 1.5.21! Posted by

I thought the bug was an intentional change from free to elite. Thanks for fixing it. Excellent game! Still just figuring it out, but it's lots of fun all the same. Question: can you port saved games from the free version to elite? I have both installed and want to continue my old game.

Excellent game... Posted by

The only games I actually get excited about updating are by the Trese Brothers... Your not just getting fixes but what seems to be a never ending stream of universe enhancing, highly detailed, free expansions... Highly recommend all their work, they've got something for everyone...

Been hooked for months and still find new stuff to enjoy Posted by

Heavy on the detail and strategy, this game is perfect for someone looking to manage a complicated enterprise. Bonus, the developers are constantly updating and improving the game for free. In app purchases are few far between and not necessary. Love it, can't wait for more. 10/10

In App Purchases Done Right Posted by

You can tell from the quality of the game, mechanics and UI that the devs really care. The non-consumable, not pay to win IAP policy makes it an easy buy. Devs listen to players, and updates are regular. Tons of new content added for free since I started playing. Great Game!

A developer that actually cares about quality Posted by

They actually produce a quality product, and work to ensure that quality. Like most of their games it's a challenge but, it's worth it. Highly detailed and in depth. Stable and free of paywalls, ads, and unnecessary permissions. Just quality product.

Interesting Concept Posted by

I love the whole controlling three separate factions that have some freedom on how they interact with each other. However the game mechanics for ships being completely different from the rpg has really thrown my sense of whether or not a ship is good.

Best 4x space sim on the droid Posted by

Perfectly devolped 4x space sim on the handhrld acene. While similar games on the pc are grander in scope and mechanics this game is perfect is size and scope for such a limited platform. Everything I love about this genre is found here in this game.

Great game Posted by

Lots of fun but I wish there was an option to not login to google or at least not want to know everyone on my friends list. I hate being asked for marketing data. I paid for ad free and now you're asking for advertising data.

Good game but... Posted by

I bought the Alta Mesa skin pack on the free game. Last night I bought the full Elite version but the previous purchase did didn't carry over. Not happy if I have to buy it again.

5 stars all around Posted by

Haven't played yet but 5 stars for how great your games always are. Also, no special permissions required? Don't think I've ever seen that when installing an app. Ha!

Very nice one Posted by

After playng Star Traders I went immediately Elite on this 4x without even trying the free. Really nice game for turn based lovers! Keep it up with the fix/updates!

Still Awesome Posted by

The best turn based game on Andriod pls download and support the developers they update often fix problems quickly and the most replayable games on any platform

Best 4x game on android Posted by

A worthy worthy successor to moo and moo2 with ton new and challenging mechanics. Don't just take my word for it, try it out the free version first, then buy it

amazing game Posted by

only gets 4 stars due to lack of data sync between devices. my only complaint is that I cant keep playing my same game across tablet/phone/computer.

Posted by

Just as good as all their games. AWESOME. I don't even try the free versions anymore and just buy them when I can. Never disappointed.

Posted by

Epic 4x for android. The extensive ship design is my favourite aspect. Like all TB games, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Epic! Posted by

Been waiting for a decent 4x game for Android! This one has exceeded my expectations. Another great game from the Trese Brothers, GJ!

Excellent Posted by

If you have played the free version and u liked it, then the Elite version is a must have.

Keep up the good work Posted by

I've downloaded every game from this company so far an I'm sure this will impress me too.

Free content Posted by

Maybe you should add more free content for people who already paid for the elite version.

Simply Love It Posted by

This game is just what you need if you have an excessive amount of free time to spend

Tedious micromanagement by Ben Dorsch 2014-10-04

I bought this game nearly immediately when it came out, to support an ambitious 4x on Android. Unfortunately after having some more planets, it got rather tedious due to all the micromanaging involved to manage your planets (and the buildings on it). Other games give you governors/ai that can be configured and finetuned to do this job automatically for you. I really hope they will add something like this too. If it weren't for this point the game would be definitely great. I stopped playing very soon though..

Clunky, Slow, Unfinished Space 4X game by Justin Waters 2014-11-21

Research menu is clunky. The tutorial was too drawn out and failed to walk through important game mechanics. There isn't a definitive end to a mission. The story isn't integrated into the gameplay very well. Ship designs are very limited and close to worthless. Experience points aren't implemented with the ship captain but rather only give a crit bonus. Overall after beating the tutorial on the easiest and quickest settings I won't play it again. Too clunky and progresses like molasses without AI Management

Utter Fail by Jon Wood 2014-12-04

This is only a time waster. As a 4x it fails on just about every level, all the way to the utter fail of a victory screen after the insane amount of time to get there. What happened to making a quality product before charging a premium price? Corey, why are we paying the premium for your learning curve? Little tip. When you have a game without multilayer you NEED a quality AI instead of cheesy tricks to handicap the player. This is a $1.99 game wrapped up in a $5 package.

An average title. by Hyu Jazz 2014-07-02

I find creating games to be a long an arduous task. That rarely pays off in the end. I think sometimes some of that initial passion is lost in the frustration it took to write 1 function while 30 languish on paper waiting to be finished. This game is average even being un-polished. While not a bad game. I feel even with much polish it shall retain a average feel. If you do not mind the previous games designs. Then this title maybe for you.

Bit too slow for my taste by ILikesZombies 2016-09-02

For what the game is, it's really good but personal preference for me, it's too slow. Constant micro management. An abundance of info to swallow for you to know what's going on. Played for over an hour and not ran into a single enemy yet. It's just.. Slow. For people that like that kinda game I imagine it's perfect, there's a ton of detail and things to manage it's just too much for my little mind to take on

Where are the Options? by Anon Phil 2015-05-30

The biggest problem is the lack of an Options screen. Also, I purchased all the unlocks in the free version, but the full version still has them locked. I payed $14 when I expected to pay $9, and I don't want to pay an extra $4. At least add a data transfer option like your other games.

by Arius Elvikis 2017-01-11

Too granular and detailed oriented for me, and I fear there won't be enough narrative meat like something Endless Space on PC has... want my tech upgrades to mean something instead of tiny incremental bonuses. I could see why many would love it, but not for me.

No refund fraud by Emmanuel Tremblay Fazioli 2015-04-22

I buy elite and only have acess to free content