Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad

Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Great App Posted by

With the decimal point reinstated on the account page, I now give it 5 stars. Every time I make a transaction, I can quickly document it. Love this app! I have been using another app and it was a nightmare. I could never remember how to enter transactions. This app is so easy to use. Very easy to enter transactions or edit them. A great way to monitor expenses and income, or to set up recurring transactions. A must have in this time of economic stress. The only problem is on the account page. Some of the categories show the exact balance in dollars and cents, whereas others round to the nearest dollar. You can go one step further to get the exact balance on those categories, but shouldn't have to. This is the same problem that another user talked about when commented on balance being off by nineteen cents. That is why I only gave 4 stars, and even with this little problem it is definitely worth having!

A Gem Posted by

I rarely write reviews or rate apps. However when greatness appears on my device, I must call it like I see it. It might be easier for me to explain why you might NOT like this app: 1. If you do not like streamlined workflows this app is not for you. 2. If you are against intuitive and easy to use applications don't get this app. 3. If you are bothered by applications that come out of the box with turnkey analytics and trending data please stay away from this app. 4. And finally if you are offended by Bestin class type applications then please turn away and run now because this app will not be for you. Everyone else: I assume you are reading this because you have interest. No need to hesitate any further. Download and enjoy true greatness.

Great App! Posted by

Easy Spending Expense Tracker is a great app which allows you to keep track of income and expenses on a daily basis. Its intuitive user interface makes it simple to start a budget, see your transaction history and even send your weekly, monthly or yearly transactions to your email address via an excel file. Expense Tracker also interfaces seamlessly with your gmail account allowing you to send your budgets and transactions as Google Docs. The thing I love about Expense Tracker is that I no longer have to wait for a check to clear in order to see what my new account balance will be. I type in the check amount and the account balance updates instantly! This is a great app that I will definitely be using more often. This app is a steal at just $0.99.

Love it! Posted by

I love the simplicity of this app. All I want to do is track my expenses. And this does just that. Here's my wish-list: * Be able to create subcategories. Right now I put it in the notes field. But it would be cool have subcategories so I can search how much I spent on Groceries > Trader Joe's, for example. * Be able to set a default category. * Not be so tied into income. I only care about expenses. * Location recognition. If I'm at Trader Joe's the app fills it in for me as the subcategory of Groceries/in the notes field. * Voice recognition. I can say $10.50 and it fills in the amount for me, for example. I think that's all for now. Thanks for the great app!

Simple and Perfect - umm not exactly perfect . Let's say good Posted by

I wanted a simple uncomplicated app to just track my spending by customizable categories. This app is turning out to be just what I needed. One thing that is missing though is the totals by category which would be more useful than the pie chart representation. 6/9/12. I had to take away one star until I can figure out how to get the data entered in the app on my iPhone to sync with my iPad. Will be a headache to have to manually duplicate the entries and I just read a review that stated the backup you can email to yourself only includes a total which seems useless as far as a backup is concerned. So clearly app is good but still needs some tweaking.

Good, but could be better Posted by

Have tried other apps but switched back because of this app's amazing functionality and ease of use. You can make entries quickly, customise categories, edit entries, get detailed reports/break ups, and even email backups. What's lacking is sync between devices, iCloud support, multi platform, and most important, a slick look. The new iOS 7 look is a start but very amateurish, as any good designer will tell you. Your competitors' apps are not half as good. But they get rave reviews because of their slick, trendy design. Suggest you invest in a professional designer as that is the deal breaker!

AMAZING APP!!! Posted by

This little app is life changing! Keep your expenses journaled and when its tax season you can export each category to excel or simply email everything to yourself or your accountant! Keeps you fully aware, accountable and responsible for all of your expenses. Beautiful, intuitive convenient layout. Every little detail is thought of for you! Export capabilities are great. Allows you incredible flexibility- create your our categories in both expense and income. The only this that is missing is the ability to take a photo of receipts. Otherwise it's a STELLAR app!

Worth every penny and then some! Posted by

I was very impressed after downloading the app. It is quick and easy to use while I'm on the go! It takes just seconds to input a new expense. After writing a check, or using my debit card, I can easily log it in and see my new balance in seconds. This will greatly help me in budgeting! It is an extensive app. including detailed reports that upload quickly to Google Docs, or can be emailed. I look forward to the end of the year, saving my detailed report, and having peace of mine when tax season comes! Well worth the .99 cents. I will have it open daily!

Fast & Easy Way to Budget! Posted by

Easy Spending Expense Tracker is a great app that will help anyone who is looking to keep track of their everyday spending and expenses. It is simple and very easy to use. Keep track of all those little purchases you make every day and you will realize how much money you spend on certain things! It takes only a few seconds to log your purchases or expenses and in the long run it may help you save some of your hard earned money by being more aware of your spending habits! It seems to be helping me, I would recommend this app. Very worth your $.99 .

Great App! Posted by

Looking for expense tracker app like this for a long time! Have some suggestion: - It'd be better if have a simple calculator when input amount (a+b+c..) for adding a few amount in 1 record - Currencies exchage rate function, ex. when traveling in aboard can put in local currency and can automatic covert (by current exchange rate) in main currency in balance field Anyway, this is a app I'm looking for ========================= a little bit disappointed for a new version doesn't support IOS 7 any more!

Good! Needs a few things, though. Posted by

This app works great as a way to keep track of your purchases, even from multiple accounts. However, it would be better if it would sync thru iCloud to other devices, just for ease of use between my iPad and iPhone. Also, I would love if it had a budgeting function so that you could see not only how much has been spent in your categories but how that compares to a user defined budget. All together, as an account tracking device it's great, but there is a lot of potential here for more!

I love it! Posted by

I absolutely, positively love this app. In my 5+ years of Apple iPod Touch ownership, I have downloaded my fair share of personal finance apps and this one is by far my favorite. It's clean, simple to use, and beautiful. I love the charts. This is a fun way to keep track of your income and expenditures. I definitely recommend this app!

An easy way to track what you spend Posted by

I find this easy to use and edit. You can create your own categories just as easily. The thing I don't like is that it doesn't show future expenses. So even if you want to add in an upcoming expense and have it calculated into your monthly budget, you can't. I see this as a big drawback. Otherwise I like it

Best Expense Tracker So Far Posted by

I have many apps of this nature installed and this is the best one so far. Multiple accounts in any currency, simple UI, and reports which are easily read or downloadable. The only flaw that comes with this level of simplicity is the lack of sub & main groupings of expenditure types for better reporting.

Exactly what I was looking for! Posted by

This app is precisely the budget/money app I was searching for. Easy to use and has great features! I have 2 suggestions, please make an iPad version and implement the ability to sync content between devices. By far the best app!

Love it - Give us IPad Fully Support Posted by

During traveling & this app help me to manage all my expense in one Touch. Thanks & Highly Recommended 5Star if this app Fully Support New IPad Retina Display

Best expense tracker but... Posted by

I will give this app for 5 five stars all the time, if this app fully support ipad device with full screen..^^

Easy app Posted by

It's one of the best app I ever download. It's very helpful and made me to get organize to my spending

Easy Spending Posted by

I like what I see so far but until it becomes a true IPAD app then I have to put it as a four.

GREAT APP! Posted by

Very handy, & it's free. You don't get good things for free. Thank you

Not quite ready for use!! by The Pap-Man 2016-03-01

I had great hopes for this app and it would be useful if you only use it on 1 device. It does allow sync with Dropbox but the process costs .99 which is not much but it does not work. You can't define the default account once you I set them up and it designates the Home account as the default and then you can't delete it. With some work on the part of the developer this could be a very simple useful app but I have far too low a frustration tolerance to deal with this. I have spent hours trying to make it record transactions in several accounts and them sync them to my wife's iPhone and both our iPads. It just will not work. If there was a person you could speak to to get help or even an online help site it would be a good idea. I will delete this app and look for a better thought out one.

I wasted money on this application by Rudy_Chasal 2016-06-27

I was hopeful when I started using this app, but after using for some time and buying the premium features, the app on my iPhone 6S remained blank. I wrote to express my concerns. I got a response saying as follows: "There is no way it can be blank [on the iPhone]." I was asked to send a screen shot of the iPhone App, which I did. But I then decided it wasn't worth bothering and told the person who replied to my email accordingly. I proceeded to delete the app from both my iPad and my iPhone and plan to never use it again. So, don't waste your money on this app.

eh.. by rollo999 2015-02-22

yes, I like the count down aspect of budget tracking, except that, like many iPad users, I use an external keyboard. I have to turn my head sideways to look at info. As is all to common, ios app developers thing that peoples heads swivel to look at the most un natural position for a head, sideways. BRAVO, app developers for making me turn my head unnaturally to fit some forced, illogical insistence to build apps with one orientation. So incredibly stupid. Im deleting this app for a (not so common) normal one.

Can't use it, deleting it because... by NIghtStar44 2012-05-23

1. No way to set up recurring transactions by day of week, I.e. every 4th Wednesday And more important 2. No way to EDIT recurring transactions, I.e. if your payment to a credit card changes, or due date was input wrong. I put in my expenses, but was not sure of due dates until I checked my laptop. Now that I know which dates are correct, I want to edit... But no way to do this that I can find. Good idea, but needs improvements to make it work for me.

Does the Job. Ok design. Some bugs. by fournwoof 2012-04-20

I am still on the hunt for the perfect, simple money tracking app. I thought I found it when I downloaded Expenditure except that it doesn't allow multiple accounts. So I downloaded Easy Spend and it works really good except for one small but very annoying bug...it doesn't show the cents after your balance exceeds $1000. Please fix this and it will be the most useful money tracker on the app store. A good balance of function and aesthetic. Thanks.

Good app, a bit too simple by Princesscarrie78 2011-11-20

I like that it's a quick at a glance app that lets me keep track of my spending. I wish there was something to input monthly budgets. I also wish that you could enter a category and a vendor. this would make it easy when reconciling with my bank statement. I really don't like that I never know at what point my recurring transaction will 'hit'. it seems random. Overall it's an okay app, could use some improvement.

Not quite prime time by Bhloscaidh 2014-01-02

As advertised, this app is very simple to use and provides all of the basic information that one would need to keep track of their finances. However in this day of cloud storage and cloud syncing surprisingly this app cannot be synced across devices. Very disappointing. If I could sync this app across my devices I would have given this app five stars.

Mediocre by CLH-USA 2014-12-29

The biggest drawback is the lack of multiple categories for an expense. It makes it unusable for department store retailers like Walmart or Target. Second problem is that it insists on making reports and carrying balances. What if I only want to record expenses while out so I can later add them to my real finance program?

One critical flaw by tommyp7 2012-01-02

Interface and general use is five stars. What kills this app for me is the limited ability to customize some of the reports. Once a year expires there is no way to see any detailed reports. Yes you can generate summaries but all the data I was tracking for December 2011 is gone. Fix this and earn 5 stars.

Ok if ur not inna rush... by barnettart 2012-08-11

Like the idea , but I WAS inna hurry, at the store… .... Need a -scanner-type calculator to do what I have to accomplish. Does a good job if you don't have a hectic life , I'd guess. E

Don't bother by ju53 2014-05-08

Originally worked great, purchased Dropbox sync, stopped working. Does not sync, crashes constantly on all iphones. Don't spend the money. Support not able to solve problem.

Too Small by Jrkx2 2011-08-17

There needs to be a disclaimer in the app store that this is a iPhone app without a iPad option. This is way too little to use. It was a waste of .99!

Acceptable app by Hansuri 2012-08-26

Its cool if I can export my data to pdf for view in PC or tablet.

No iphone5 update by Axitshah 2013-06-18

No support, neither update for iphone 5.. What a waste of money!

Disappointed! by bigDaddykhan 2011-10-25

Crashes on iPhone 4S. Please fix.. Thanks