Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad
Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad

Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad

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Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install Nin-Jutsu Games free for iPhone/iPad

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8.60 MB
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Great pass time but needs more Posted by

This game is a great pass time but you need to add more features than just a big blue ball and shirunkens. I think you should add that lightning in the hand thing and make them change colors. One time when something went wrong in the game the ball went all rainbow colored. Add that.

Amazing Posted by

Love it so much but just as a suggestion b4 someone else does it.....rename the app and make more jutsus! It will be amazing to do like a fireball jutsu or sharingan!

Five minutes of fun Posted by

Not a bad concept. Lacks some more innovation. More ideas and updates would bring my rating up to a five star but for now it remains four.

Posted by

I love it! I use this all the time. When I want to hurt someone I pull this out and use ninja stars. Great app!

Awsomness Posted by

Love the shapes of the shuriken cant wait to buy the full version and the nin-justu was rasangan used by naruto

Oh Posted by

Awesome but I think it sous be able to throw ninja stuff at diff target nag more weapons besides that awesome

Awesome Posted by

Thankfully even though it only has the Rasengan it still is the only free one of its kind.

Ninjustu app Posted by

This is one of the best apps I've ever downloaded for free

Really awesome Posted by

Really cool and awesome plus it's free

Ninjutsu by Ye mother 2010-10-06

Ok , I don't know what's up , but everytime I go to open up this app , it loads for about 2 seconds then takes me back to the homescreen ... Is there anyone else that has the same problem ? Because I've even tried redownloading it ...

Its OK by DroidAppReviewer 2010-08-19

The idea is brilliant but the effect was eh, I wish there was an option to KEEP it blue because whats up with the green one? Oh and the shuriken is too sensitive . Needs update and chidori app on future :)

AppAddict52 by RustDr 2010-10-05

Good idea for a game but needs more than just two jutsu at the touch of a button and the lightning jutsu is just three different shuriken. How do u make them staticky?

Update and fix it now. >:( by Utsohsos 2011-01-01

doesnt work i paid sp fix it u lazy jerk it hasnt worked for months u freakin idiot iwould give a negative infinity to this lazy developer if i could

Worst game by Joeatwal 2011-12-01

Worst game in the universe it is sooooooooo suckey. Don't evan waist your time waiting for the dang thing to download it's that crapy

Worst app ever by Nplaya2640 2010-07-27

WTF is wiff the green rasengan this is trash and bull 

WTH by Person4753790531 2011-03-05

Why the he'll did I pay for this app. I mean like a few months this stupid app was worth something! I want a refund.