PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad
PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad

PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad

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£4.99 Free 2017-09-10 09:21:47
First Tracked £4.99 2017-02-28 02:10:54

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PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming for iPhone/iPad
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PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO - Movies & streaming Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Varies with device
95.04 MB
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IT WORKS!!!! Posted by

It may take a little while to open to play, but it DOES PLAY!!! You can download files like mkv. Then have them open in this player!!! I got to see a movie that not due in this country for atleast another 2 yrs!!! This is a high quality player, that does what the iPhone does not!!! No need for flash upgrade (which we may NEVER see), Just download this player and enjoy!!!! Here's the deal about the new update!!! IT'S THE BEST!!!! If it was great before it's OUT OF THIS WORLD NOW!!! First download the video you want, I use downloader plus (also free) then when they ask you where you want your video opened hit the PlayerX button and here's the tough part.... WAIT!!!! Like half a minute - a minute... Come on people it's not JUST transferring the movie to a player it's.... Well I'll tell you next... After the agonizing WAIT ( of a few seconds---took longer to download the movie first of the web)...Close the downloader app!!! That's right jump out of it!!! NOW OPEN UP PlayerX, you don't see your movie... You threaten to delete and leave nasty reviews to confuse people about the validity of the app.... HOLD ON SPEEDY!!! Just hit the INBOX a few times... It OPENS!!! THERE YOU SEE... YOU SEE... YOU SEE... YOUR MOVIE is IN the INBOX waiting for you!!! Your movie library is the inbox!!!! NO COMPUTER NECESSARY!!!! JUST LOAD VIDEO OFF THE WEB WITH ANOTHER DOWNLOADER APP AND HAVE IT TRANSFER IT TO PlayerX...WAIT...CLOSE DOWNLOADER...OPEN PlayerX...HIT INBOX a few... INSTANT LIBRARY!!!! Without wifi OR USB!!! Still think it's junk!!!?!?! Oh, and it PLAYS .mkv files with subtitles the upgrade won't lose you your movies... Other players in the AppStore that are paid and FREE won't do what Pentaloop's PlayerX will!!! So for those to those on the fence of getting this app and those who have but don't understand it!!! Follow the above and enjoy you FREE cinema!!! If this girl can figure it out certainly YOU can!!! And I'm computer illiterate!!! I love the iPhone and it's free apps!!! Makes the Internet more friendly and easier for this girl to understand!!! PlayerX is the best for everyone EVEN computer illiterates like me!!!

From my ipad pro app Posted by

This is the best on my ipad pro, I can browse my files, pics, videos, movies in this user friendly apps, and i can hide and lock folder for my files which i want to restrict very nice and more upgrades, keep it up....

Excellent on iPad Pro Posted by

Great for organizing educational videos. Place a course in a folder and playback all videos in the folder. Ability to easily adjust playback speed is very nice. Works flawlessly on the iPad Pro.

So Far so Good Posted by

Nothing I can complain of, it's perfect so far, thank you! it's free, and ad-free opposite to the other players that i have tried pro features seem to be nice as well

Awesome app and it's free Posted by

Looked for a free player for my I phone that would play WMV files and came across this app. I love it!! Couldn't be happier. Download it. You won't be sorry.

It works! Posted by

Works well, nice a/v. Avi, mp4, whatever. A godsend if u know the terror of trying to xfer flicks thru iTunes 'movies'. Plus it's free. Cannot hate.

Great! Posted by

After clicking on a video on the web all I had to do was tilt my iPhone sideways and then the video would play automatically! Thanks works just about everytime!

Best app Posted by

This is best video player in the world....... because I will play dual audio and see HD,720P movie and blue ray movie...... Thank you so much

It is great! Stop complaining!!! Posted by

For free you get wireless video transfer to your iDevice. Try to tell me that is bad....OH YEA I AM WATCHIN MY VIDS I CANT HEAR! Lol

Get this! Posted by

Much better than other apps I tried. Video is clear unlike flex:player app and this app is easy to organize.

Exactly what i was looking for Posted by

I was looking for something to put avi format movies onto my iphone and i downloaded this and i love it

easy to do Posted by

you just need to open iTunes in CPU and transfer avi files to your iPhone or iPod

Best video player Posted by

The best... There is no better video player app then this. Simple to use

Plays all media types Posted by

Outstanding video file manager, player. Great features and easy to use.

Excellent on IPad Air 2 Posted by

Excellent in iPad Air 2. It can play almost all media files smoothly.

iPhone 5 Posted by

Please update to support iPhone 5

Version Update NOT Working by YaoSir 2016-10-12

I bought this Pro version in August 2016, then within days the App asked me to upgrade to a new version. However the new version turned out to be the Free Version and asked me to purchase the Pro features again. This is a good video player, but when will this Pro version get its update? Without this update, I feel I was cheated into buying an old version of the software.

Not what I was looking for by Sandy1Man 2012-01-15

I was looking for something that would play movie files from Email. You have to hook up to a computer to download them? I'd just watch it on my computer.... Why not let it load from my email? Sorry, it didn't help me at all....

Frustrated fancy player by jkbabos 2012-11-16

Fancy designed, plays most types of format but often crashes when "done" button clicked, it also crashes at end of video about half times with formats other than MP4. Really need more improvement. Used the full purchased version.

New 1.2 version is bad by jem4ec 2012-02-04

This new version has lots of problems. No sound on several of my movies, that used to work find under the older version. App is always buffering, causing video to break up. Sorry I upgraded.

Update ruined everything by Dansum 2011-10-13

All mp3 audio files downloaded directly into my iPad and placed nicely in Player X folders, disappeared when I updated It. Needs an immediate fix

Remake by Killa Lady 2011-12-08

I know where u got the idea, name, etc... It's a cheap remake of a stolen idea! I have the original & this app doesn't compare

Audio costs $3 by rangersierra 2012-03-19

The free price is a trick to make you buy the ability to play the audio tracks. It wouldn't play through my iPod touch speakers

No IPad Pro support by Itch kindly 2016-07-02

Really disappointed that I spent 3.99 on an app that seems useless. I hope that the developers will support the pro in the future.

Didn't work by Anondig 2011-10-03

Tried a wmv file: Plays the first second of video and then freezes, playing only audio after that. Deleting app now

No iPad Pro Support by brenshaw833 2016-06-21

Really? No iPad Pro support? This is split view, PiP, resolution, nothing...waste of money.

No sound by Mellyame 2012-09-16

Hard to find apps that will play wmv and mpg files. This one does, but no sound... Other app is better.

Trial version worked but pro version does not work by Sunilcse 2016-12-19

The upnp player does not work the same way as trial. I was asked to pay twice for pro. I feel cheated.

No resume function by KupoMog 2012-05-06

You cannot resume a video after exiting the app. It always restarts from the beginning of the video.

PlayerX by rcarrosq 2011-10-11

Never worked and server/wireless options don't exist. Delete this POS and use VLC player instead

Bad!! by Luis Z. Muñinco 2017-01-05

No show subs on mkv files and poor performance on iPad 2

J by 7VEN 11VEN 2012-10-17

Don't use.Tracks you through web browser on computer