System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad
System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad

System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad

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System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
System Activity Monitor - Battery, Free Memory Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Nice design Posted by

On the design, as I said design is good. The confusing thing is, doing charging to understand the record it gives, how long is the charging cycle. I did to charge starting at 15%, the time should've been at least 2 to 3 hours but the charger game was only for an hour and a half. Doing the charging you get a sound is kind of annoying. I was looking for alerts in which that it will get one when the charges complete. I didn't see any menu, I wanted to see regarding, tips, in helping regarding battery usage. Overall I like the app, but I don't understand regarding the short charge of the battery will just be considered better or not. This is an addition since reinstall the app the app has been updated. Question on the address to send in any questions regarding the app. I had tried to send review but no indication of receive by you.

Extremely useful device monitor Posted by

This App is a gem and provides extremely useful information about my device all in one place, though I can get it from Apple’s phone settings or other places on the website. The information is so wonderfully organised that I can see all of it one place about by iPad and iPhone, starting from hardware specs to motion processor and camera details. As stated in the description, the App also helps me to free memory by dismissing unused apps and leaving the System monitor open in the home screen for a few seconds ! Useful battery tips helps me in profiling my battery for increased battery life.

Extremely useful device monitor Posted by

This App is a gem and provides extremely useful information about my device all in one place, though I can get it from Apple’s phone settings or other places on the website. The information is so wonderfully organised that I can see all of it one place about by iPad and iPhone, starting from hardware specs to motion processor and camera details. As stated in the description, the App also helps me to free memory by dismissing unused apps and leaving the System monitor open in the home screen for a few seconds ! Useful battery tips as well.

Great feature Posted by

It has one great feature, the estimated time to recharge. Plug it in and set a timer. I find charging just enough leads to better battery life. A neat feature to consider is an audible notification when charging is complete ... Or to stop charging. Apple may not allow developers access to that function. Another great function is the list of running processes. Unfortunately i don't know of a way to kill processes on an iPhone, but that is not fault of the developer. It's worth having the app just for the recharge time estimate.

Very good app, excellent graphical representations Posted by

This app does just what it says it will do: Gives you insight into what's under the hood. Using it helped me understand what apps were working memory hogs, for example.The user interface is attractive and intuitive. It could use a small improvement here or there. For example, it would be handy if the process viewer could sort by CPU usage or storage allocation. I turned sound off immediately after launching the app (really annoying). But overall, I think it's a keeper.

Looks Good! Posted by

This apps does what is says. I was able to clearly see and check various operational elements of my phone, which inspired me to clean out all that memory munching apps I hardly ever use. I can also open an app, go to the memory in use page, write down the memory Calculation given, close the app, go back and compare the numbers for an accurate assessment of how much RAM that app uses. Some small file size apps use a LOT of RAM!

Good but could b fixed Posted by

The app is great I like how you can get a visualization of things that if you were to look at before this would just be a bunch of numbers n decimal but it would be better if the info button gave actual info like if you have a slow running I pod of an ipod that dies quickly it could tell you the problem or give you insight on what's goin on still this app is great better than any other one I've used

Exceptional Posted by

I did not realize at how much info about my iPod would be displayed on this app. I think it's cool that the app knows my iPod's hardware. I like the RAM, battery and device memory section, as I am always worrying about these three things. Could it be possible, instead of having to open the app all the time, or keep it open, to make a widget feature?

Great iPhone/iPad System Utility Posted by

I love this app because it's a bundle of well-designed and organized system utilities that provide a "peek under the hood" of the iPhone/iPad similar to what the 'Task Manager' utility does for Windows users, but in a more refined manner. If you're a technically-inclined person, you'll love this app! Highly recommended.

If you're on the original iPad ... Posted by

If you're on the original iPad, memory management is critical. Knowing which apps are memory pigs ("news" apps seem to be the worst) lets me do some "hygiene" by deleting their saved memory and then restarting them, saving me from their annoying habit of dying in the middle of displaying a news story.

System max perfect. Posted by

Amazing! Awesome. Worth every penny. You can check everything thats going on with your iphone, ipod. Everything. Just awesome. Helps you know how much battarry your using and how fast your machine is. How it is using the memory, how much memory you have left, everything. The best app to check on your things. By far.

One of the best of its kind; should be universal Posted by

I've tried several similar apps, and this is one of the most appealing. It is informative, attractive and even a bit of fun if the sound amuses you. I deducted a star only because it not a universal app, so it doesn't look it's best on an iPad, although it does look better than many upsized iPhone apps.

Very nice Posted by

It's not a must-have app, but it's very nicely done and has some useful info, some of which might be hard (or impossible?) to find otherwise. There are a few places where the UX fails, such as when the storage FREE percentage is next to the word "USED".

Great but....... Posted by

Nice app but not working properly on my iPhone. Appears all is working except memory function. It's showing my used memory as not unused and unused memory as used. I'm sure it can be corrected. Other wise a good app. I'll give it five stars when corrected.

Does Everything it Claims To Posted by

This amazing little app tells me everything I need to know about the system. The iPhone is powerful enough that I don't need to monitor this info quite so closely, but I'm in the habit of doing so from having had a Palm Pre.

Exceptional App ! Posted by

Exceptional dashboard view of my entire iPhone and iPad with lots of information about my iPhone, which is usually hard to fine, but now all in one place. Helpful battery tips to keep the phone running smoothly

Cool, especially the widget. Posted by

Cool instruments and info about your iOS device, especially the widget. One suggestion: make the device info screen items copy-and-pasteable, like the IP address, so I can paste it into another app or Notes.

Quite unique and handy Posted by

I really enjoy having all this information at hand and reliably. My iPad is the only Apple product I own, and for a Windows sort of person this makes the somewhat inscrutable accessible. Highest rating.

Exactly what I was looking for Posted by

clean and simple interface. totally free. has memory usage feature. id rate 5 if i was able to close programs from the app. but im not sure if i can since this might ability might be blocked by apple.

Great! Posted by

I got it free, some of the stuff i dont understand but it shows battery life, amount of space being used, how much memory is left on your device, and how long it would take to fully charge your device

No la recomiendo by @FullCriollito 2015-04-20

Buenos días, Espero se encuentren bien. Quisiera comentar de dos aspectos que me motivaron a comprar la aplicación y en los cuales la misma no cumple bajo ningún concepto. Ambos detalles negativos están en la sección de batería. 1-. La aplicación debería indicar el tiempo de carga necesario en función del dispositivo. Dos ejemplos: en mi iPad Air 2 con un 20% de batería me dice que en un 1 hora y 30 minutos estará repuesta la carga. Falso, el tiempo mínimo será de al menos 2 horas. En mi iPhone 6 Plus ocurre lo mismo, un 20% de batería me señala un tiempo de carga de 1 hora y 30 minutos con la realidad es que se requiere entre 2 horas 30 minutos o 3 horas para reponer la carga. 2-. La sección de batería cuenta con un estimado del tiempo que puede durar el dispositivo hablando en 3G, con uso de internet en 3G, con uso de wifi, con uso de redes LTE, video, música, stand by etc pero los valores son fijos es decir refleja cuanto dura con una carga del 100% en la batería. Lo útil estamos seria que se muestre el tiempo de duración de cada función en base a la carga actual de batería. De verdad muy mal. Yo voy a pedir reembolso porque realmente no cumple con su función. Saludos.

GARBAGE! by Jacjac171 2014-02-21

REALLY????? What a big ole mess of NOTHING. This app is really worthless as you can't really do anything with it. When I looked in the area of processes running, it showed a whole lot of items running. I did as the instructions state as far as hitting your home button twice. This shows what apps are open and or running. I was showing in the red on the meter and nothing much changed for me when I closed the few programs that were open or running. When you do check the processes running you're going to see a whole bunch of things running. When I double tapped the home key like I said before I closed two apps. When I went back to the processes running page it was still piles of processes running, makes no sense at all! Goodbye stupid app and even dumber developers who put this GARBAGE out!!!!!

Not quite into it. by Snoflake_21 2015-07-01

So I can see other folks really appreciating this app but I just can't seem to find the same kind of appreciation as the other reviews. Yes it is a good location to give you battery life and it does provide some useful battery tips however I can see my battery life without going into this app because I got the monitor already set up on my homepage as a percentage of battery already used. What I'd really like to see is to tell which apps are consuming huge amounts of battery life. To me this would be the most useful feature of all of this app. I will give it a high marks for a nice design and sleek usage.

Does nothing helpful by No Nick Names are left 9 2015-10-20

I downloaded this app and fired it up. "Wow, I’m running in the red! My memory is nearly at the max!” So I wondered what was taking up my system’s processing abilities. I think clicked on the processes option and there nothing. Nothing. Something must be wrong because nothing is listed. After reading some reviews, I started to click around and double click the home button. Close and open the app. Nothing worked. If you really don’t thing the battery icon with the percentage icon is good enough, then the battery monitor could be useful (but who needs that, really?).

Keeps Crashing by Boeingflight 77 2012-04-16

Looks like a really great app. It worked once right after install on my iPad 3 then crashed every time I tried to start it after that. I tried shutting the app down and restarting as well as restarting the iPad. I also reinstalled the app and it still crashes. It brings up the selection screen for a few seconds and then crashes before generating any data. I would love using this app if it would not crash and I'm sure it's worth the $.99. I guess sometimes you just loose your money on things. At least it wasn't much money.

Very Disappointed by joefo2527 2015-02-19

This app was advertised in an article in FlipBoard as a free app for the day. Guess what - I was charged. This app is only a visual display of what is running on your device. You can't do anything to stop items that are running to free up memory, etc. It will tell you how long it will take to recharge your Ipad - WOW. Just look at the battery indicator and plug in your device because it doesn't allow for different chargers that charge fast. Worthless and would like to get my money back.

Blue battery by Meccamoo 2014-11-26

Useless. Does nothing but provide info that is already available in OS settings like how much hard drive space is on device, memory allocation, process listings, and battery status. I was hoping for a program that could help me understand where my hard drive gigs have gone. Seems like I keep deleting things and still no room on drive... Anyways this program was disappointing. Don't bother unless you want to see your battery status in different colors.

Waist of money by DAT2000 2015-02-18

I was fooled into getting this app. I just read a review that said how this is one of the best free memory apps in the AppStore. This app does not clear memory and even if it did, I still wouldn't have been satisfied with my purchase. The app looks like it was only made for the iPhone 5 screen size and the photo previews only show you the good looking parts of the interface. The rest is pretty ugly.

Inaccurate by N5sir 2012-04-21

I have this app for iPad. I'm not exactly sure how useful it is. The battery usage stats claim that I have 11 hours usage on 2G talk time, 5 hours on 3G talk time, 5 hours of 3G internet and 8 hours of Wi-Fi internet usage on the networks. Now, I don't quite understand since I have a Wi-Fi ONLY iPad. Kind of busts any confidence that this app really works.

App does not free memory by oldsurfdog 2012-09-21

This app does not free memory at all. There are apps that do free memory. This is not one of them. Doing a hard reset frees way more memory. Most of the info in this app can be found in other places. If you want to actually extend the life of your battery, try Battery Magic. This app is a waist of money.

CPU Utilization Useless by Abner055 2015-11-29

Nice app but the in-purchase Real Time graph always shows 23.4% CPU utilization on my iPad Mini 4. Not sure how reliable the other figures are. But it's a pretty looking application so I gave it two stars for that. Will raise my rating when the app is fixed to give accurate figures!

Nice but needs work by Nick-Holden 2012-02-12

I got this free today and it shows the basic data as other apps like this, but with great graphics. As someone else noted 50% of the CPU % is missing (I'm on iPad 2) and for some reason the app thinks the last time I rebooted was in the future about 2 months away.

What does it do? by Allnicknamedtaken 2015-03-12

I just downloaded app on iPhone 6, but the "device" states it is an iPhone 4! It also shows all of my memory being used but doesn't tell me what to do about it. So what is the point? I could have made better use of the .99 cents at the Dollar Store.

Horrible by MattyGmax 2015-04-24

I have an iPhone 6. But this app thinks I have a 4 inch screen and 1510 mah battery. So right there it's crap. And the memory running isn't possible either. For example. iCloud services are not running on my phone. Why? Because I have it deactivated.

Swampdogie by Bears butt 2014-02-18

We'll, like everyone else, you guys have just totally ruined this app with this stupid ios7 update! Apple ruined the iPhone, and all of you guys that have converted your apps over to this stupid ios7 have ruined your apps as well. Thanks for nothing!

Not remarkable by drSpockwa 2015-09-18

Looks nice, but not useful. Provides memory usage and battery life, both are provided by the OS. I pulled it down because listed it as a free paid app usually 0.99. Turns out it has an in app purchase for 0.99. Nice bait and switch!

Ok for a free app by T. Jinkinz 2012-02-11

Just gives info that you can already find out by going to settings, though it does give a nice UI for monitoring them in one easy location. There are better utilities out there that provide more functionality though. Not bad for a free app.

Best of the breed....but by GARY HOLDEN 2012-01-31

Has good info on most of the operations in iOS, but like all the other apps in this category it doesn't provide any details on memory or CPU consumption by process. I'll give it 5 stars when that shows up in an update.

Looks Nice, But Utterly Useless by CcLcGiRl 2016-02-11

Wow! My iPhone is a complete memory hog - that much couldn't be clearer. And this app will tell you there's nothing you can do about it, and then rub your face in it! It's eyewash - utter garbage.

Still buggie to show number by MB memory by twoboots 2016-02-14

When I check memory in use via iPad Pro the memory show up very very tiny number like infinity number. Not like via iPad Air 2 it show very clearly FREE or USED memory