Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

How to install Disney Color and Play Apps (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Aditya B Patel Posted by

This is a good time game and I have been sent to the inbox to work with you and the other side of things to do with the other hand I will be a great weekend and I will send you an idea of Hannah just to make the payment and send it out and it was a pleasure speaking with you to be a great weekend and we are looking to buy it for the next day and the same thing happened to me know if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the end of the same time as I am a little while and it will be a good idea to do it is a rare earth element of surprise for me to send me the opportunity and I have a new thread for more details about this and it was the first place to start the game and the same time as the one I had the same thing happened in my life with the other side is a good day to get the same thing with you and your team is willing and able but I have a good idea of a little more time with your family a happy birthday party on Saturday so we are not a big fan from Malaysia time I have been sent from Windows and Linux kernel version is available in a new job in a little more time with the other hand the other side and a new mobile number of the day and I have to go with to

This is pretty cool. 4 stars Posted by

Mi-ma brought a coloring book over for my 5 yr old daughter. It had simple instructions to download this free app, color in one of the pictures that is framed with stars in the 4 corners and continue through your phone or tablet.. go into the app, follow prompts, point the camera and you can get some pretty cool pictures of your child, with say Rapunzel on her lap. There were also other free games for her to play. She enjoyed them so much I tried to purchase the extra buys as a bundle. There was a "buy all" option that had a clicking sound when touched, but the new app page wouldn't load. So for now we have Mickelson Kitchen and she's having fun with it. Thumbs up.

Super Posted by

Hai to all happy ah smiling face of the best thing that could have been the best of all happy ah smiling and family members of the best way for you to get the best way for me to all happy ah meetings with English dictionary of all happy ah smiling and the best of all, but I am going out for a h deficiencies the same time la call pannanum at a Nice picture super bowl, but I am going for a h deficiencies the same way that I plan wry and family, the same time at all happy ah, but I think it is best way sollung

Posted by

This game looks so good that I want to download it nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya loved it big time nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya

Posted by

The information only love to see have been sent to you soon as possible and we we have been sent to me know that and I then asked if me to send you an an email account and from or and then delete delete this the it department of of of of this communication email address or so to to to send you an idea update email address so you can know have been a to been sent by to see get back to you soon as possible so so sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I didn't was

Loved it and sush! Posted by

For those of you who cant download or get on the app doesn't mean that there is somthing wrong with the app! Its your device or internet! Oh, and you have to pay for some of the stuff because its disney!. Oh and courtney maria i dont belive you are poor you just didnt want to spend money on such a great game! .At least its mickey mouse. and read the comments first to make sure you want it!.

I hated it Posted by

I wanted to play fish 12 looking forward and it didn't happen so I want I hate it hate it hate it I'm going to report this because I'm upset now and I wanted to play fish place to place it because it's no fair no fair at all my games now I have to reinstall thanks a lot stupid the game

Purchase issue please help! Posted by

One problem is I bought the whole play room package on my cell phone. I downloaded the app on my tablet under the same Google account and it wants me to purchase Tha package again. I'm confused. Other than this the app is great for my son. Please help

Great but Posted by

u shouldn't need to by all the stuff with real mony their should at least be Sofia's bedroom and docks check up room for free instead of just mickeys living room and u should do Jake and the never land pirates whinnie the pooh and other things too.

FUN GAME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by

This game is awesome when I look this awesome game I said people need to download this awesome game more fun then everyone thought like mee:) when I tried I got a lot of grams awesome game :) the best game in the world I ever tried^_^

It's great Posted by

It's a great app. Works great on my phone and my little girl loves it. The only problem I have is that while I downloaded it to my tablet, but the purchases I made on my phone do not show up on my tablet.

Worst game!!! Posted by

People what ever you guys do don't download this app this game doese't work.My mom and I triyed everything but this game doesen't work.I waisted $7.99 for the coloring book.For nothing.I'm so upset

This game is awesome Posted by

This game is amazing you should download if you don't have this game and you are reading this message if you have this game because of this message you are awesome awesome as well as this game

Posted by

Finally got it to load but when I scan the picture it does nothing. This made my daughter very upset. Don't download the app. It's useless eventhough you bought it from the department store.

Cool game Posted by

I have a daughter she so sad after she participated in singing competition . Bcoz she fail in singing competition . I download this game . She so excited after playing this game .

loved it ★☆★☆★☆ Posted by

it is lovely but takes time to download .........all over its nice lovely....♥♡♥♡♥♡I'm downloading from 4 : .00 o 'clock and now time is 7:50 still not download.....

So cool Posted by

Its fun and creative! Its perfect for kids like me. And teenagers dont like it because its just for kiddos and if you dont like it just dont download it. Not for diaper babies!

AWESOOOME! Posted by

I have the book abd i can't waited to use it...(takes forever to download it...) Well, you can still dowload it even it takes FOREVEEER...! So..., I'm still getting it.

LOVE IT Posted by

I love this app so much because my baby cousin always likes to play on my phone and I saw this app and I install it and he said "I LOVE THIS APP!!"

Aaaaaaaa I love it Posted by

You can create your own micky, just like micky creator, I want to create rarity from mlp(micky version) I installed now, but not now

Disney color and play Posted by

My daughter loves it!! Although there should be more than 1 free page to color. As well as another character besides Mickey.

Bought the coloring book bundle Posted by

The app has a bug that won't let you download the coloring books. Disney took care of it and sent me the pdfs to download.

Lucky me Posted by

Since i have about 5 of the coloring books i will have lots of fun with this app........as soon as it finish downloading.

It's ok Posted by

You need to pay for a lot of the nice features. It may freeze when you press the magic wand, just wait a few seconds.

A great app Posted by

I installed this game for my 3yo daughter and she absolutely loves it. I'll be buying the full version for her :D

Posted by

The only bad stuff in this app is that you have to wait a lot until it is downloaded .... please impruve that

A colourful thing for children Posted by

my sister and my grandmother liked it very much. I would like to thanks the person who have installed it

Love it Posted by

But may you please let more things free because there is one thing that is free.But I still love it.

Wow Posted by

My sister is like this game wow super super plese install the game plese and thank u to the game

GET your free app for free Posted by

download it for you to be able to make a real person who is just coloured in to LIFE!!!!!!!

Wodent say the best Posted by

All these downloads most people have ratid a 5 star but still dot the best game

FABTASIC Posted by

My daughter downloaded on her iPad now I don't have to always give her my phone

5 star if fixed Posted by

It always says error downloading and plz reply please reply I have a ZTE speed

Brooke Johnson Posted by

I downloaded the app and it wouldn't load I waited and then it worked

by MARITZA DAVALOS 2016-05-17


by Steve Seideman 2016-01-08

DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY ON PURCHASES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS APP. You have to buy the coloring books in order for the app to work. We paid $20 through the app to purchase them and the app will not allow us to download them. (We're IT professionals by trade and education, so no, it's not user error.) When you click the download button to download your in app purchases, the app says it's saving the images to the "camera roll." IT DOESN'T SAVE THEM at all. Alternatively, one could print from the app, but there's NO OPTION FOR PRINTING FROM THE APP unless you use an Apple Device. (Seriously Disney? Vendor lock-in? Ridiculous.) Disney should not make this app available to android users if it doesn't work properly on Android devices - or get the bugs worked out before charging customers for purchases that Disney doesn't actually deliver on. The "contact" link associated with the app doesn't work. We had to spend time researching to find who to contact associated with the app and now we've been waiting days for someone to e-mail us back about the $20 we spent on the coloring pages that are UNAVAILABLE TO US. We'll dispute the charge with our bank if the problem isn't resolved. A hassle!

Only worked once by Cherie Corey 2015-09-22

Do not update... Now it's useless... SMH! First your child sees the commercial. You finally give IN and spend a crazy amount for a coloring booklet consisting of maybe 4 designs and 4 pages each of those. Load the app.. And wait, and wait, and wait. I've tried on and iPhone, a kyocera phone, nothing. My tablet, did pick the image up once, but that was on a blank page. Other than that, I've never been able to do this for my very dissapointed 5 year old Son. Now the color and play AP, he loves! But you better plan on buying the full version because the 1 free setting gets old fast. I do however suggest to go ahead and pay the 8.00 for everything, otherwise you will be spending 2$ left and right for each character setting. This way you get everything. Yes, 8$ is a little much, but all inclusive is worth it and seeing the joy IN his face, priceless. Now if they could just fix the coloring book version, we'd be Happy campers.

by Adryanna Carr 2016-04-16

I can't even say how much I hate this flipping game it won't even f*ckin work i mean DUDE I hated it so much I wanted to slam my tablet against the FREAKING wall I'm not joking!!!!!!! It will make you p*ssed i......they either need to get rid of the stupid thing or make it way way way way better I mean come on you can make this better right??? If you make to where it's not pitch white and to where you can at least f*cking make it pop up like the stupid thing says p.s don't let kids get sad over this crap.....pp.s don't get this app it my want to make you slam your phone,iPhone, tablet,or ipad .......ppp.s this stupid game needs CHANGED DUDE MAKE A BETTER GAME IF YOUR THAT GOOD TO MAKE ANY OTHER GAMES YOU MADE!!!!!!pppp.s this is the most unwanted games there ever was.........pppp.did the can't make a good game don't make one at ALL

Frustrating by Ken & Tara Grysiuk 2016-03-27

When we first purchased the app it worked great. Later we could not get it to load plus we bought extras in the app. My grandson has waited over an hour for the game to load and it still is not working. Can you fix the problem? I also lost all my purchases and it wants me to buy them again. I bought a coloring book and it says you can color them and make your pictures go 3d but it just keeps saying it saves the page to your camera roll for printing. You can't even color them before you print and I can't find where they save.

This is what happened... PLZ FIX! by Xx ShadowOwl xX 2015-12-30

Me: *Opens game*.Screen: Disney. Me:*Looks for picture in coloring book. Screen: Loading Assets. 10 Minutes later. My sister who was waiting beside me: Is it done yet, I hate waiting! I want to see the magic. Me: It's taking too long sorry sis. Please fix my sister is so upset. We had this game before on another tablet but then that tablet broke. I installed this on a Sumsung Galaxy Tab E today and I see other people are experiencing this too. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!

Don't buy anything by Melissa M 2015-07-09

My daughter wanted this app so I downloaded and bought the big hero 6 coloring pages. We have tried numerous time downloading the pages (they NEVER download) & even tried air printing (doesn't work either) I've emailed them a couple weeks ago. They asked to me to send proof of me buying the pages. I sent that last week. Haven't heard anything since then. So it was a waste. My daughter is so disappointed. We're already going back to apple anyways since of the limited amount of disney games with Google play.

App is so slow my daughter couldn't use it by Sarah Majesie 2015-08-08

Downloaded this app and purchased the $7.99 in app play room pack so my daughter could use the Sofia the First stuff. I could barely get it to open as the app runs so slow. Once the first screen for Sofia opened, the app was going so slow that my daughter couldn't choose any tools to color. If you do download this app, check the function of the free parts of the app and make sure they work before you make the mistake I did and hand it to your child to disappoint them. Have contacted support for a refund.

Works but colorbooks are false advertising by Shelly Gailey 2016-01-29

I was able to get the app to work after a very long download, but it has very limited content included. I was very disappointed that the colorbook I already paid for, that says "bring your coloring pages to life in 3D using the FREE Disney Color and Play App!" does not in fact work without additional purchases. This is false advertising! I understand that Disney is in the business of getting absolutly every penny they can but they already got my money from the coloring book purchase. Should have know better

Practically a scam. by Chris Staley 2015-10-09

When you get kids apps you want 2 things, a trusted source so you don't get spamware and something quick and easy. I got this app because I believed it would be good since the source was Disney. It is junk. I downloaded and got to the coloring pages. You have to download a page, of course each coloring book costs money, so I dropped $20 for a package to buy all. My kids happiness at a restaurant was worth it. Problem is, the pages take almost 30 minutes to download even through Wi-Fi. You do that math

Bad app dont download by Alyssa Crafton 2016-08-09

This is a terrible app, i got it for my little girl. She was so exited to bring her drawings to life. It was better(a slight bit)before the ubdate. I spent 50 dollars on it cause it was working ok. Then they updated it and i lost all my money. There was no way to get said money back. Also, they make it seem like a 1 notebook will let you play(i got only one two work from every book)I thought it would be a good app if it was so large. I could not download anything else. I could go on but i wont let me.

Not right by Brittany Powell 2015-11-18

They tell you it's free but after you do one picture they want u to pay for everything else and now my daughters very upset because she didn't even get to see the 3d version of Elsa unless u want to pay for pretty much everything the app has to offer this is the app for u but I don't think it's right they advertise it being a free app but than wanting you to pay for everything after you try it out once this is complete bullsh*t I also feel Google play should reimburse my almost 1 gb of data I wasted

Horrible by Brian Burdin 2015-12-17

Took forever to download then just kept saying downloading assets. When finally got past that had to pay 3.99 for the book and at last when all was said and done it wouldn't even open the page scanner to take the picture. So after all the coloring and high expectations my little girl is just crying thinking there's something wrong with her coloring. Thanks. Would really expect a lot more of a Disney app. This shouldn't even be in the App Store unless it's been tested and proven to work.

Doesn't work!! by Shauna G 2015-08-20

My daughter is 3 and I thought she would love the magic of Disney with this book. It didn't work. I could take pictures all I wanted but the "come to life" part didn't happen. Nothing happened? ?? I tired multiple pictures multiple lighting etc etc and it failed me. I guess Disney isn't as magical as I thought it would be. Now that I read the reviews to see if others have this problem I am realizing that maybe I should just Un install this app and find something better to down load.

Not all it says it is by 2016-08-11

Falls very short of what it says it does, I put my camera over the picture and I never see the stars so the picture never comes to life, even when I stay there a long time scanning it over the picture, making sure the stars are viewable and still does not work. Also it is very slow and it freezes all the time. I advise the creators of this app to update it, and make it better. I really did love this idea for my kids to use whenever they painted a picture, please fix it.

I had to try and everyone was right. by Jason Kalla 2016-01-09

This app is horrendous. It says 1gb but guess what...thats just the app. After its installed it 'loads assets' and it takes up another 1gb. It sits for over two hours and loads. And after ALL that it then crashes when attempting its only useful function. Only thing that ever worked was the intro video and the help icon. Possibly due to being out of space since it took up over 2gb. I gave up without even trying to see what was free and what i still had to pay for.

DOES NOT WORK by Joe Douglas 2015-11-22

Bought the book for my 5 year old, she carefully colored the Princess she wanted to see come to life on my phone while I downloaded the app...took a very long time to download even on wifi.....wouldn't open, closed it, wouldn't open, force stopped and cleared everything, wouldn't open, deleted and reloaded, finally opens (kind of but buggy) but doesn't work as advertised...so even if you get passed the "loading assets" part of it the actual app is crap........

Hasn't been updated to support any new books by Zak Nakano 2016-05-21

Bought a Disney Color and Play Finding Dory coloring book and it doesn't even have the option to scan anything from the book. It only includes categories for old titles. My daughter was very disappointed after coloring the picture, waiting a long time for the download, then it not working at all. The book is plastered with ads and logos for the software and even has an entire intro page for the app, then turns out it's not even supported by the app. Lame.

Don't waste your time by Jessica Swiercinsky 2015-06-19

Only gave this stupid app 1 star because 0 was not an option. I downloaded this app because of a coloring book we bought. None of the pages do ANYTHING when we hold the camera over them, except make me scream in frustration (and yes, we quadruple checked that they're pages with Mickey stars in the corners). My son is crying because his pages won't come to life, and I'm sorry I even downloaded this stupid, useless, mammoth of an app. SUCKS.

Thought Disney wanted to make little girls happy?? by Drew Rigler 2016-03-19

My 4 yr old was so excited to see her princesses come to life. Now she's heartbroken and I had to tell her it was Disney's fault. She now questions all she's ever heard - are mermaids real, are Santa and the Tooth Fairy real, what really happened to Gaston in Beauty and the Beast? She has now lost faith in her entire world because Disney failed her with this non working app. What's next?? I've failed my kids by downloading this app!!

Fix the bugs!! by kori edmonston 2016-08-12

I purchased the Finding Dory coloring book from the store. We downloaded the app and didn't have any issues with it working with the book. I decided to purchase the extra pages for Big Hero 6 from the app to print for my daughter to use. The app WILL NOT save the files to my phone to print them. I have tried all troubleshooting to get it to work and it doesn't. They ripped me off 3.99 for this and I can't even use it!

HATE IT HATE IT by Anfal M 2015-06-07

It takes forever to download and it's a really big app as i was going through the permissions of the app it is said $ which means it's not free only somethings r free which r not even fun i guess ;-) cause in every DISNEY GAME this is the problem well....all the games from DISNEY that I've played anyway i like this game but it NEVER downloads this is the only REASON why i said that i HATE IT. So only 1 ★ frm me.

What a joke by Dustin Carhart 2016-08-15

It says contains ads and in app purchases with usual games this would mean its free to play and there would be special content that you could purchase. Not so with Disney's money grubby hands. You can color and interact with 1 pic. Everything else is special content that needs to be purchased. So not only do you deal with ads you still have to buy everything. Total joke don't waist your time downloading.

Doesn't Work!! by veronica smith 2015-09-19

Really irritating to buy the kids something they are so excited about just for the dumb app not to work. Takes pictures but does NO 3D animations at all. Deleting the app....Completely disappointed. 《--- 06/2015 3 months later, we're in Septemeber now and the app is WORSE. just says "loading assets" even after the additional file is completed. DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. COME ON DISNEY GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!

Why? by David Concilio 2016-08-07

Lets see so I purchase a book in a store, download the app, and if my child wants to color another page I have to pay $3 for extra sets. A complete rip off. Just another garbage game/app that you download but havw to purchase every little thing for it. When all is done you could have spent $100 on a digital coloring book app that the child will enjoy for 10 minutes. I am definitely not happy with this app.

Ugh by christina c 2016-07-21

I just install the app and I'm trying to access the coloring pages so I tap on the magic wand and it keeps freezing and bringing me back to my home screen it's very frustrating that you have such a wonderful app that crashes and works like crap my child is very upset that you cannot watch your coloring pages come to life you guys need to desperately fix the crashes it's very annoying and upsetting

Doesn't work by jason cowan 2015-12-10

Downloaded this after buying a Mickey coloring book for my little boy who loves Mickey and Friends. It was a waste as the app loads to the blue Disney page and freezes my phone and tablet. Also my husband's phone. Note 4 Edge, Note 5, and Verizon ellipsis tablet. Update: the app now loads, and I can get into the playhouse section, but it will not scan the coloring book pages.