Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

How to install Bomber Friends Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Download Bomber Friends for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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Bomber Friends Games 2.05 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Current Version:
Content Rating:
Everyone 10++


Posted by

I love this game!!! One idea that they could add is a rematch in vs tournament mode but because some people that I see would love to rematch other people but they can't. Another this is that if you can add people in a friend list so you can keep in touch with people you meet and you'd like to battle them again or become friends. A way the they could do this is to put icon on you and people can click on it to friend, but if you don't want be friends they could reject there invite. Overall this game is amazing and addictive and will do well in the future.

Awesome and really Addictive Posted by

The game is even better now with the accessories... but some does not line up with the face like the chin and glasses it goes beyond or above the face and eye.. you should consider this for the next update and also make the training mode more harder for practice. The multiplayer is now awesome with the new maps!!! Also add a Bluetooth multiplayer next time, I would love to play against friends offline.. Add more items to buy as i have a lot of coins and can't spend. Dont forget to add new taunts, greetings and bombs next time.. Great game..! ;-)

FUNtastic. Posted by

But there's a problem. The Controller(Joystick) in the game Sucks. Sometimes it keeps on moving by its own. The problem is not only with my device but many other devices too. Please look towards it and fix this bug! I am Addicted..umm.not only me but many of my friends whom i shared this game are addicted. I think u should add up some more players in a friends match (6-7 players). The game is "FUNtastically Amazing". But bcoz of that bug it stops me rate 5 Stars. Hope u fix this bug and I change my rating.

Ideas for update Posted by

Great game, loved's really addictive.. i have some ideas for the update, add some superhero costumes.. more levels with aliens etc.. and in training mode opponents doesn't use bigger bombs or throw when collected plz fix this.. yup the curse should be specified with different colours for players to know which slows us or make go faster or places bombs automatically.. more than 4 players in tournament.. ghost's curse should only slow player or make go faster, not auto bombs which is suicide..Thank u

Hi Hypperkani! Posted by

Thanks for this amazing game! if i would i could rate 100 stars... My character is Congatwz. And plz 1 thing, Plz let the packs be on the levels so people dont have to spend money... I know that you guys want money for succes but... i think its better for that so people can have more fun... since lately i have been promoting the game. like i have tell it to my friends like every people that i know. cause i love this game. Thanks for making this game. bye guys i hope u guys add packs on the levels! Bye!

GREAT STUFF BUT... Posted by

I seem to have issues connecting to online games. Says data retrieval error check connection when I have WiFi on at a relatively high speed. Some days I can't play at all then others it works fine so unsure if it's google play services errors or if the game servers are down for maintenance. When it does work it's an amazing game but so far it's not worked more than it has so I've had to download competitor options but none are as good so hope this will become full time working and not two days of week!

Won't lemme go online Posted by

Please Can You Let Me Go Online Because My Brother Had This Game For 2 Years And I Started Getting Into The Game Then I Wanted To Download It And I Did And I Pasted Through The Levels ASAP But One Day I Wanted To Play Online But It Wouldn't Lemme Please Lemme Go Online I'll Rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ So Please Oh And Btw Had This Game For 1 Year Already So Please Let Me Go Online.Thanks

Awesome - Behold! The most underrated game for this platform Posted by

Very addictive with a tactical retrospect. Very simple and at the same time tricky. Fun multiplayer is also available. Compact is not the word. Does not force you to buy and is transcendent with graphics for the flash genre. Very long with new levels and challenges. A must download. Asians are winning.

Data error and music Posted by

Toady I had deleted the app and then I reinstalled it and when I signed in instead of being on level 14 I was 13 and in stead of captain I was sergeant... can u fix it please. And the main menu theme isn't bad but the single player theme is just terrible

Back when i was a kid. Posted by

Back when i was a kid, Bomberman is one of my favorite xbox game. im so happy when i saw it in playstore. i download it asap. Excitement filled my heart. The i murmur to myself "omygod this is it. Im going to play the bomber man. Like the old days."

It's veru addictive but Posted by

Can you pls add smashing mode or you had a hammer to destroy walls and more power ups very very pls add smashing mode play bomb it on pc and pls do the smashing mode and remove real money packs because its unfair for me and more cloths or any

It's good Posted by

It's only 4 stars because I got 200 coins but they did not give it to me plz fix it all that 5 stars plus a character the grim reaper with his like clothe or thing and his hoody make him free what I mean is not a pack all that and 5 stars

Lost Progress Posted by

I stopped playing for a while. Now that I've reinstalled the game, and logged in with my same previous Google account all my progress is lost. The rank, all accessories i had bought, all single player progress as well.

Pretty cool Posted by

This game must be a long one because forever to download. As I am typing this this game is downloading. So I am really excited to play it and I think the views already told me that

Posted by

Outstanding game! One thing I'd want added is my customized clothing because there's a lot of map packs that have it, but if you expand on free clothing it would be more diverse

Great Posted by

Really decent game, download and give it a try but custimize your chrac. And play online, there is interesting tactics can be useful to kill opponent.

More power, pls more free bombs and costume... Posted by

What is the use of coins i earned if no more costume to buy nor bombs? Rather than buying power ups. Add free bombs and a costumes:) ill give 5 star

Awesome Game Posted by

I love this game it's so awesome I remember I used to play this on the computer in now even better can play it on my phone. Love it thanks.

I like it <3 but Posted by

Since when I was a kid but why since bomber friends have update i never open the app and show in my phone PACKAGE FILE IS INVALID why?

Love it!!? Posted by

Love the game its wonderful..Please everyone download this game and don't listen to those ignorant comments who say it dosent works

Bugs Posted by

Game freezes a lot its the only game that freezes from the other ones I have and also many ads but everything else perfect

Fun Multiplayer Game Posted by

Simple game but really fun playing Multiplayer mode. Searchingm multiplayer games? Make sure you download and play this

Bomb fight Posted by

I like it because when I am boring I play it and I like missions too I like changing country's too so download its fun

Im So BusyOFThis Game! Posted by

I Like The Game Make More Game I Allways Give FiveStar Make More Better Than This Make More Charcter And Free Diamond!

Awesome game Posted by

Superb game. During my childhood times I used to play in my system. Fun to play this game. Worth for download

Great game! Posted by

Can you please try to update the app for new upcoming levels. Im too excited for it. Hope it soon. Thanks!

Awesome game Posted by

First it told that couldnt be downloaded but after it did. Awesome one loved it. Keep making such games

Awesome! Posted by

It's cool! I downloaded it while searching for a multiplayer game with my cousin and it was awesome!

nice game but robo pack should be freely available Posted by

nice game but robo pack should be freely available in game plz make Robo pack freely available ...

Fun Posted by

Its is sooo fun and its is awesome beacause you play with real ppl so go ahead. INSTALL IT!!

GREAT GAME Posted by

U should get this game it is worth it they even have computer characters to play off line!

I really like this app Posted by

Wow, they give me a free costume and bombs only 3 they give me wa so nice lah this game

Best game Posted by

This game is fun addictive and really cool so if I were u I would download this game

I LOVE IT Posted by


The best multiplayer game Posted by

It's very good no ads cool I love it please download this,it is not waste of data

I liked this game Posted by

You should download this game because it is fun but it is hard to control

best game ever Posted by

Best game ever I love this game everybody should download it!!!!!!

Posted by


Nice game Posted by

You must install online game.It has very much fun.Plz intall

Great bomberman Posted by

Great bomberman game, with free online playing. Five stars.

Posted by

This is the best games ever get it and your lucky its free

Worst game ever by No No 2016-05-07

Where do I start,oh yeah the impossible quests that give you a bomb... yeah, and sometimes it's one of those boring bombs like, like a meatball. But if your into food then there you go but then there are boring bombs, that you get for working 24/7 on a quest... even though the cool bombs cost a fortune in real money and what I'm talking about is just the bombs you get from a quest that takes forever, even though you have like 10 hours, then you are on last level and it ENDS so that is why everyone hates it

Please Fix the "PUBLIC GAMES" by Josef Dasmarinas 2016-02-04

The game is totally addicted. However, on the Vs Friends or "Public Games" Whenever I choose a specific Game Room, it always routed me to a different Room and ALWAYS disconnected. I hope this will be fixed for the coming updates. I also want to suggest to add an option to find your own MATCH like "CHALLENGER RANK", Coz like me I am a Supreme Commander, I want to find a match on my Level and I'm having a hard time to find the same level as my rank. I really love this game. I'll wait for the updates. Thanks.

2 and a half stars right now. by Antonio Fields 2016-02-11

Yall need to take care of the glitches in this game. It would be 5 stars but this game bs's too much. I lay a bomb down and people get to walk right thru it way after i put it down. But when im right with someone step for step and they put a bomb down im stuck n cant pass it. Then wen i get cursed its always the curse that drops bombs behind me but i rarely see anyone else get that curse. My player stops moving After i put a bomb down and i hafta hurry up and remove again,Those are just a few things wrong.

Glitches by Tony J Heart 2016-08-15

First after playing for hours it's movement controller joysitck gets glitched n go oposite direction instead of the one where pressed to go and 290 level has way enemies then it should have respawning special bots ok but too quick that's messed up plus so many grey stun n red mine bot makes hard to move quickly or bomb cos either you are stunned or gets stucked by red bomb either by its gas bomb or its death bomb and if u r lucky enough to get away from them then there is this big guy who can't be killed!

Deserves zero rating or even negative stars by Abdallah El-Shewkh 2016-02-09

U call this the best bomber man game ? I'm sure I'mn't going to believe that... that stupid dull ad covers the game,I can't just have for a moment fun,15 EGP for only removing some stupid silly ads ? Don't u think it's a little EXPENSIVE ? I'mn't going to pay for that and I'mn't going to rate even two stars until it's solved... please remind me to re-rate if u,Guyz solved that unbelievable disaster (other items deserves 3 stars cause it won't sync and bring me my old account)

Won't let me sign in without changing account deets by Jewels van Raalte 2016-05-02

Enjoying the game. But. At first I thought it wouldn't let me sign in using my current google games account. Then I just gave it a go and it changed my username and photo instead of loading a new profile. Wouldn't let me just sign in with my original settings for some reason. Now my Google games details were forced changed from the game registration and I can't get my original details back from the Google games hub.

the stupid booest bomber game is here! by keseter FTW 2016-01-28

really too manny advertising stop puting advertising in the multiplayer game i delet bomber and freind 4 time and download 5 times or i delet this game again and also when i was rank bengediler it dosent work i still in major even i buy a angle hat the gold ring when i go back on its dont have and i hate bomber and freinds!??!

I can download this but can't Install . by Adrian Remigoso 2016-07-11

Why !? I have tried several times now . Why can I download it but can't install ? All my waiting and patience have been useless . Please help !..... *after reading your reply* I have now cleared the cache and data in Google Play Store . I once again tried installing it . but now it still can't install .. please help :(

Waste of time & money!!! by Ricky Inglis 2016-02-15

DONT download this app! It is programmed so it will make you lose on purpose & you WILL have to spend money to play on & move onto further levels. Controls are very poor also. Worst game I've EVER downloaded! Do NOT waste your time with this crap, money robbing app!!!!!

This games used to be great now I won't play it to save my life lmao by Marc Anthony 2016-03-11

Loved it and now I hate it 1 star because you can't vote another star because everyone is like speaking Chinese and Spanish all game another for the space it took up which made me have to delete it another you can't download it now 1 star only because it used to be good

STUPID COMPANY CLOAE IT by CaptainMiner TV 2016-05-31


PLEASE CLOSE THE STUPID COMPONY by John Paul B Padilla 2016-05-31


by aza azza 2016-09-05

I think its crazy . . I just format my phone and install this game back . . You know what happen . . My account is gone . . My badge is general before . . Now im start from new game . . You need to do something about this .

Freezing by Asim Dj 2016-05-22

The most frustrating game I've ever played!!! The walk pad keeps freezing and take about 5seconds after you release for the character to stop walking. Happens 4-5 times every level. Dont stress yourself!

Login issue in multiplayer option by loving Nona 2016-06-14

Can't able to login and i tried a lot like reinstall this app twice,clear data of this app because of that i lost all levels and other data, clear data of google + and login again pls resolve it asap...

It lags by 2016-08-12

When im contrlling the joystick it lags badly. When l move the joystick and it lags and I move and it do this every time please fix this. So here I am reinstalling kudos guys good game

robot quest impossible mission by Im Legend 2016-05-30

29th of the robot quest is impossible to clear,if you dont want let people get the free items,you can shut down the game instead of creating non sense event which cant be clear

Stupid by Arl Jonathan 2016-08-28

The maker of this game is really stupid, if you have no money its absolutely you must play for 100 years until you can finish it. The game is free but without money no win

not attractive... by Akmal Abu Hassan 2016-02-29

why are not make this game like 'explode arena', the bomb that can be triggered and we can move the freely... i think this way may more attractive and challenging...

Commercial spam game by Bacanu Andrei 2016-02-01

Commercials popping up in middle of gameplay. Even worse after two minutes of play already found one saying I won at lottery. Not worth the battery to install it

Can't Install ERROR -506 by Inno Prinx 2016-09-04

i have so much of free space available in my extSD as well as internal memory but still it shows error -506 .. what kind of error it is can you explain?

Not installing by Harry Sharma 2016-06-12

Hello sir... I have a Lava mobile of x8 model and i'm unable to install this game..... Please fix the problem

by Isaac Chavira 2016-03-16

I get to play one game then i have to restart app to play another because it freezes after one game finishes

Beward when you play online by Andrew Eng 2016-07-10

Lots of online game crackers/cheaters getting away freely and game developers are doing nothing about it..

Pls help me by Louis Caranto 2016-07-19

I like it but i cant download it on my cellphone i already clear the data and cache of google play store

Damn nill by Jawad Mushtaq 2016-07-24

Its not downloading..... Plz tell me why.......?? Its saying Package file is invalid Plz help me

Maisomenos by A Google User 2016-06-04

A vesao do meu celula era 2.3.6 eu atualizei so pra baixar esa porcaria que iventarooooo

Needs lots of updates by Parsa Rezaie 2016-03-20

It jumps out, freezes, lags, drains battery, etc. It's worth two stars for now.

A new update by Lucky Owl 2016-05-19


Tell me what to do? by chetu patil 2016-05-14

Its not working...window opens in half of the mobile screen... and look half

Dodgy by Keith Colbert 2016-03-20

As soon as I downloaded this someone hacked my Google account! Do not trust

I would love it by Ozzy Hernandez 2016-05-26

But Everytime I try to download it it says package file invalid i need help

Damn stupid maker by tebbob oinamo 2016-05-11

I dont like the game when I download it it says that download crushed..!!!?

Bad game ever!!! by scooby doo l 2016-02-29

Worst game to download... You get problems every where you go in this game

cannot install... by Kent Peromingan 2016-03-11

i am running on android L... but when it is installing error occurs ~_~

Freezes while playing by Aditya Ramanathan 2016-07-16

I am playing the game and the game freezes.Its quite irritaing!!

I love this game! by Mark Dizon 2016-04-13

i love this game but it can't be download at my cellphone. :(

Error by Rainbee Gt 2016-06-15

Why erroring while downloading i cant install it .-.-..-.-.-