Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

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Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot
Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows screenshot

How to install Smurfs' Village Games (apk) free download for Android/PC/Windows

Download Smurfs' Village for Android, PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10
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Smurfs' Village Games 1.53.0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Great Game! Posted by

Although this game takes real time, it is super fun. I find myself checking my village regularly, even offline. The only thing I dislike is the price of smurfberries. This game let's you unlock many different games, and many different locations, such as the island or the mountain, and even planet smoof. Smurfs village also let's you unlock all your favorite smurfs, which usually come along with special perks. Although I don't really like the TV show or even the smurfs in general this game changed my opinion

Great Distraction, HOWEVER! Posted by

Fun game. Helps keep me busy. I'm stuck on a task I can't seem to do, despite trying over and over. I think if there are tasks that can't be completed for some reason- I just can't bake the cherry cakes. I can't go from place to place without burning them. After 24 hours, change to a different task, the game won't progress until that task is complete and I can't do it. Is there a reason to keep the game? Maybe I should get a game I CAN do? I'd rather the game creators allow a change of task after 24 hours.

Best customer service EVER!!!! Posted by

I was finally able to download again (after a few years) since getting a new phone that has enough memory. I contacted customer service in regards to being reimbursed for previously purchased smurfberries. It took about a week of corresponding and then it was fixed. I was reimbursed, plus a few. I was beyond excited to be able to play my game again!!!! I've had to deal with a few different support departments. I've never had one problem with Beeline. Easily the best support department around. Thank you!!!

Changes have been really good, loving it Posted by

I really like playing this game and the graphics are really good. I just wish that smurf berries were easier to achieve and each level didn't take so long to finish. I'm mean I literally take over a week or more to finish one and that's only if I keep up with my crops and do each mini game right. I also wish access to certain smurfs opened up quicker. The pace just needs to be faster. I really like that they give different grounds like the island and mountain, keeps me entertained. Update: great add ons.

I love this game and really would like to give it like a 4.5, Posted by

It is a very fun game the story line quest are enough to keep me entertained(though more would be pleasant) but not overwhelming. I'd give it 5+ in a heartbeat if the game would transfer when I get a new devices, I've spent real money and hate to lose what I've bought. I tried out the new Smurfs game it was very underwhelmed the only thing it had that I wish this when did was the ability to store items and to sell items you no longer wish to have I prefer this game much much more

Game has too many bugs Posted by

SV is fun game but has too many updates with bugs. Never played a game that updates every few weeks. Lost all friends with last update plus game designed so player needs to spend real $$ to purchase smurfberries..very few free SB in the sometimes takes weeks to collect enough berries to buy item for your village. Players with highest levels usually spend the most $$....would rate 5 stars if game awarded more free smurfberries.

Smurf Village Posted by

I really enjoy this game. I would give a 5 star rating if I haven't had to start the game over due to bad updates in the past. For the most part, game is great, no annoying spam or ads which is great for a free game. New fearures added frequently so the game stays interesting. Keep up the good work Beeline. One if my fave games to play.

Loved it yet.... Posted by

This game was awesome I love it. I always play this game whenever I have some free time and I really enjoyed it, my only problem is that the game developers are not responding quickly and also the game size which is difficult for me especially because I love to play about 30 games and it is too big for my phone storage to handle now.

Best game, awful glitches Posted by

It may be the beast game I have ever played but sometimes the glitches a UNBAREABLE like when you wait 9 hours for some timing that should only take 5 hours because of the stupid glitch. And there are more glitches like the smurf count and ad freeze glithes. But other than the glitches, BEST GAME EVER!!!

Great game! Posted by

I played this when it first came out. Than stopped playing it for a long time because I had finished everything and had everything in the game. But then I tried downloading it again and I saw like 100+ new items in the game and I had to keep playing. Keep the updates coming!!!

Solution and congrats Posted by

I have an solution on how to remove the ads .the ads are there because u are above 13 so go to options press birthday options and change the year to 2005 if this works please reply however this game is amazing and I convince every one to download it!!

I Love this game!!! Posted by

I played this game years ago on an IPod but then couldn't find it on my Window's phone that I had for years. When I finally went to an Android phone, one of the first things that I did was to download the Smurfs' Village. I love this game!

LOOOOOVE!!! Posted by

Omg this app is sooooo fun!!!! It's addicting after you get into it!!! You don't even have to use the in - app purchases to have a good time!!! It downloads slow, bc it is a very large app, but I promise : ITS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!✌✌

I love it! Posted by

I hardly love games because if I install a game after 2 days I delete it but this time its different.its very amusing people should invent games like this but that don't take a lot of space

I like the game♡ Posted by

Nice game I DO like the update and the adds. It's just that people make such bad comments I almost did not install the app. But it's not a bad game. I'm just saying what I think.

Update idea! And problem Posted by

Love it but can make a thing were you can choose your type of smurf and you get his/her stuff for free?how do I do!left stuff from jokey when I gave him the Strawberry's!!NVM

smurftastic and problem... Posted by

after my smartphone reboot my smurfs game error just show 'black splash screen like downloading game' (can't log in). i already contact support center. please help me...

new device Posted by

hello im not using my tablet any more . now I try to downloade the game on my pc they told me congratulation ur game will install soon .... it gonna take time ?

Posted by

I love how you can save the game to cloud now if you want to install it on another device. I've lost so many berry purchases by not being able to save the game

Good, let's trick the ads Posted by

For users who is annoyed by ads, just root your phone and modify the hosts file (add the ad-block part) to your phone. Google it for more info. Good luck

I love this app Posted by

Ive been playing this app for almost 3 years,however I kept on downloading it coz I dont know how to save this in order to retrain it using other celfone

Nice app thx for fixing the bugs Posted by

In the past so many bugs and glitches were in this game but know they fixed it so feel free to download the game cause it's bug and ad free!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Users Posted by

download lucky patcher latest version in aptoide. download aptoide in Google. you can click all you want in shop after downloading lucky patcher.

Its good but... Posted by

I have my own village im level 35 ihave my boat and my rocket ship but since im board of playing it I delete it and now im installing it again!!!

Posted by

This is a very fun game to play and it keeps me very busy watching the village grow and if you like these types of games play THE SIMS FREEPLAY

NICE!! Posted by

This game is really wonderful>< I loves smurfs.. And I downloaded this game at my ipad long time ago but it's still here now!woww

BEST Posted by

Best game... Download it... But can you please let you buy 220 smurfs as workers and so misch animals like the snails as you want!

COOL Posted by

This is cool game ever! I love smurfs, but only 1 problem... so hard to get smurfs berry please give me more free smurf berry!

Super cute and addictive Posted by

I really love this game because it's not just cute, addictive, but it's also free! The reason why I can't live without this.

Not like love!!!!!! Posted by

It's fun and I'm addicted to it thanks the person who made this app I love it and all of u should download it too!!!!!!

Love it Posted by

The problem is its high space and you know long to download pls make the storage 3.8 like if im right

Posted by

Love it!! But why can i download my game on my other phone it wont let me get my game or levels back

Great Game - Addictive Posted by

4th time installing...lost a lot of real money...hoping this time around it will be stable....

Fun, love it Posted by

Its creative, time consuming, I don't regret downloading it. One thing I hate are the ads.

Great but Posted by

The system is great but sometimes I get complications with downloading some apps and games

SMURF VILLAGE... Posted by

So much fun.... But very disappointing that you have to also use WiFi to download!

App problems by Marjorie Gensler 2016-08-03

I play the game and i build up my villege i made it to the grove this time and i couldnt get into the game! I had to delet the game yet again to get in to the game and i had to start my villege yet again from the begining! This is crap that this is the 4th time restaring this game! You should have this game with facebook so you dont lose everything youve built like wwe supercard! I can delete it if it freezes but you facebook to retrieve my game so i dont have to start over again! It a fun game till you have to do this over and over again then it just become a pain! Im just glad i havent wasted money on this game or id be madder then i already am starting this game over and over again and this is the reason i dont!

Too many ads by Jeff Hurst 2016-07-26

Too many ads! Can't travel between levels without bogging down the game with commercials. Recommend one ad per day. Not one ad per level, every single time you log in. Game glitches a lot more often or completely freezes, causing your crops to wither b/c you don't have time to sit through every ad. I have played this game for 4 years on different devices...very disappointed, and will never spend actual money just to get stuck with the ads. Hope the vendors are giving you big kickbacks on their ads, you're going to need them.

Island Problem by 2016-08-13

Omg third time playing. So far so good until I built the bridge across the casum (island) before the actual mission and now when the ship arrives, it goes into dialog and freezes on "rrrrrooooooaaaaarrrrr". Game then has to be shut down and tablet restarted before the game will work again. Updates havent helped and I havent been to the island since level 23 and I am on level 39. Please fix. Like soon. Also when i open the game app the picture goes all wacko, like blurry, enlarged and tiled. Sweepy smurf has never worked.

This WAS my favorite game. by Lisette Ortega 2016-06-16

After the latest update I don't even want to play it anymore. The ads have gotten out of hand. Especially when they pop up for everything. Play a mini game, pop up before and after the game. Go to a different world another ad. I'm spending more time with these dumb ads than on the actual game. If I wanted another game I would've gone to my ap store to look for one & download it(which looks like I might have to do now)I don't need 30 seconds ads every time I want to do something in my village. Please fix!!!!

Too many commercials by BOXYBUG01655538 38 2016-06-06

This new update with all the advertising is horrible! Do we really need a commercial in order to move from one place to another or to play Every game? A serious time waste especially when you consider the fact that crops can get lost because of a 30 second advertisement! Also the glitches that are happening because of the ads not always loading or because the ads continue to put the game on hold and repeat over & over is downright frustrating. Especially disgusted because I only have this for my children

Can't open, always stop every time try to open it by Rose Lie 2016-06-26

To be honest, I really like this game since i used iPad gen 1. On that device, it totally can't open anymore eventough I missed my village. A week ago when i got this this device, I decided to install this game again and start play it from beginning. Unfortunatelly, like my experiences before, again, I couldn't open it today. Its stopped every time i opened it. Never succes to reach my village. DO YOU CAN HELP ME WITH THIS ???? Its totally annoying. If i try checked my RAM its suppossed to be save. So????

Yes And No by ReadyForThe80s 2016-08-25

My tablet conked out after playing for over a year so I had to download this game on another device. What a bad surprise it was to see that this new version has forced ads. I still love this game but to force people to watch ads with nothing in return (coins, Smurfberry bits, etc.) is annoying. Whenever an ad comes up, I just stop the application immediately but mostly put my tablet in airplane mode if I don't need it for the video hut or Reporter's daily gift. 5 stars otherwise for the game!

I used to love it. by Rich OKelley 2016-06-08

With the latest update now it seems to be more about the ads. After you play any of the mini games or visit each of the different areas you always have to watch a video about another game they want you to download. Even if you your not connected to the internet it still tries to play the video, then you have to get out of the game and get back in. I have been playing this game for 3 or 4 years, it looks like it is time for me to stop playing a game that was 5 stars at one time.

Really by kevin newhart 2016-06-09

Level 92. 3 yrs later and now have ads every were you move. Delete..30 second ads every 1 min. Adds cookies to you phone. Eats up data. It uses every bit of 7gigs in a month. If you have a limited data plan do NoT download. Virus also is a factor. Zero stars.. you can take this game and shove it up you smurf blue a$$.. surprised dumn a$$e$. Did you not know people wouldn't quit and stop spending money..5 star rating is a lie. No one likes this game. Look at all your reviews.

by Tony Plank 2016-08-07

Have been playing game for two months with no offers for the garden shop. Also I seldom get the berry bits for watching videos. I have spent around $170 on the game. Will not spend anymore. Been cheated way too many times when it comes to the supposed free berry bits. Have also been charged for ordering berries twice without receiving them. $ 20 down the drain. At this point I will not reccomend this game to anyone.

Too many adds by Elizabeth Bradley 2016-07-31

I used to absolutely love this game, made sure to play it several times a day & kept up on all the quests. There are now too many adds, it's aggravating to have to watch an add every time you play a game or switch areas. I had no issues watching an add in exchange for smurfbits in the theater, I wouldn't even mind an add every 15-20 minutes. It would be nice to have the option of purchasing an add free version.

by Patricia Ford 2016-06-22

I am angry with your program. Over 100 smurfs have disappeared and 60 appeared in the animal sanctuary where they were not needed. I have tried to move them back to the main village with no success. You have added ads which distrupt play and freezes which delay and frustrate me. I want to continue playing, but you keep coming up with roadblocks that make me want to quit finally.

by Daviann Law 2016-06-29

The newest update sucks!!! Too many ads and Now the game freezes up on me constantly. And on my swoof planet I cannot complete my latest quest cuz it won't count my star dust its been asking me to collect. Which is only 3. So I can't even get to my next quest. Please fix these issues cuz I love this game and have been playing it for years. I would hate to have to delete it.

by Indeewaree Wickramaratne 2016-06-11

This is a lovely game yet hope they had a backup system. I had to stop playing this game in 2014 I guess. I used a Galaxy Note 1. Now I want to play this but no way of having my previous profile (even my old phone is crashed) for this new phone. I have even spent so much real money but it was a total waste. Love this game but can't start it from the beginning again noh :(

by Ermelinda Capelo 2016-07-01

Second time it crashes. A while ago it happened over a weekend and I had to wait until Monday. Now I can't open it. I click it then it changes to orange screen and then shuts down. I suppose I will have to wait until Monday. Oh, last time I deleted game and reinstalled it. This time I don't want to start from scratch. And I hope it's fixed soon.

by Andrea Gősi 2016-07-17

It keeps freezing. I loved it, but had to start again twice because of this problem. I loved it when I played but now I can't launch the program. :(( After the last update i could play but still throws me out after the ad videos and always say my device clock is set wrong. As it's automatic it can't be wrong. So many bugs... :(((

by Brian Carpani 2016-09-02

This app crashes non-stop. Tried reinstalling to fix issues. Saved to cloud prior to doing so; however, it took me back 25 levels to level 24 from a very old cloud save. Spent money on upgrades, etc and now this. Never again will I downlowad this as 2nd time they've burnt me. Horrible programming and support.

Love to play...when it lets me! by Michelle Harris 2016-06-20

I love this game! I'm hooked and was months ago... But I can hardly even get it to open for me! I had downloaded it before than deleted it because it Seems like I get started, get a ways in and suddenly it fails to open or just won't work. If there's a way to fix this, I'd give more stars! Please help!

Bugs really need to be fixed by Katie Martin 2016-07-21

I like that you don't need Internet to play it. But It's really annoying that sometimes the game freezes in the space land, after loading a video between switching lands the game just stops working & on the island, I'm still waiting for 2 of my rafts to come back & it's been 3 weeks already.

MANY YEARS COSTUMER by RubyG Chivas 2016-07-22

I've been playing for YEARS!! I changed my phones but I had saved it on the cloud.. I downloaded to the new one, everything was fine.. UNTIL I lost my 169 smurfberries.. WHAT'S GOING ON??? Adds are gone YAY!!! NOT!!!!!! AND STILL didn't get my smurfberries back!!!*

Glitch not fixed by A Google User 2016-06-16

Game freezes when I go to the island and has done since February. Have contacted tech support MULTIPLE times only to be told it would be passed on to be rectified. Over 3 months have passed and nothing fixed. I've stopped playing out of annoyance.

Please fix the game by Steph 2016-06-05

Still can't play game and nothings changed in a week. If this is not fixed soon I will boycott all beeline games and tell everyone I know to do the same. It freezes every 5 minutes, half my stuff won't work and the ads are ridiculous.

Beware of bugs by Michael DeRosa 2016-08-11

I put a lot of time and hours into game and was really enjoying it until bug messed up everything. Screen would freeze everytime I landed on the moon and couldn't continue my quest. Ended up being a waste of time unfortunately.

Used to love it by Teann Park 2016-08-15

Once again game fully lost! That makes 3 times of investing much time in the game and bang I'm left with nothing . Ads shut down game and freeze phone, this last time I lost my game, level 57! Ugh. Likely won't reinstall.

Why does it close your game by Norma Ledford 2016-07-16

This makes the third time I have downloaded this game if it tells me smurfs has stopped responding again after I spent good money and get so for we will not be getting games from your company again thank you Mrs Norma ledford

by bob Billy 2017-01-26

I tried many things and I even reinstalled it but it didnt work it was horrible the game would freeze and then it would stop working. Most of it was because ownership changed I had it was great and then it became horrible.

Could be better by Brenda Rubirosa 2016-06-24

It started as a great game and now is going down the drain. Every time you move to a different section you have a ad, so it takes a lot to get anything done with all the ads. Please fix it. Now it freezes all the time

by Kate McGregor 2016-06-18

You get a 1 star cause you keep spamming me with ads for free games!! I couldn't give a rats bum about free games! Very annoying in middle of playing than suddenly screen jumps to 30 second ad for free game! STOP IT!!

Ripoff ads! by Roberto Co 2016-06-10

Good thing I read the comments first before I decide whether to download the latest update. Saves me from being a victim! Why not give us the option to watch ads then in return we get smurfberries for reward?

Would rate "MINUS 100" if I could! by The Count 2016-06-12

DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME if u intended to. Ever since the last update, players are FORCED to watch advertisement when moving from map to map or collecting rewards! If I can rate -100, I would have done so.

Oka but freezing up by Kate Lee 2016-08-26

Freezing up on the island after papa smurf says calm down its not that scary spent alot on this game but cant go to island because of the freezing plz fix would go 5 stars if it didn't freeze

Really like this game by Stacy Parks 2016-06-12

I like this game a lot but recently it wouldn't let me go in it and I had to redownload it and I lost my whole game I worked hard at making and use money on please help me recover my game

by Jennifer Hanna 2016-08-25

Love the game but very unhappy that I can't open it since installing the newest update - load screen gets to 75% and then force closes. Please fix and I will improve rating.

Normally I love this game by Annalillia Romero 2016-06-13

I just got a new tablet not too long ago and downloaded the game cause I love it but it keeps putting ads on Everytime I switch areas and sometimes after playing a game