33 financial management classes Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad
33 financial management classes Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad

33 financial management classes Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad

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Raise money trader, life in before the age of 35 must read the book. Strongly recommend


The first lesson from 700 to 4 million, the distance is not far away
Safe keep money the time has passed!
Money in the bank, will become more and more little!
Monthly investment of 700 yuan RMB, retired to 4 million
Lesson 2 in the 21 century, the power of compound interest is better than the atomic bomb
People make money-the most traditional method of making money
Money making money-automatic ways to make money
Compounding the atomic bomb is terrible--than effect
Investment--is the surest way to make money
The third class you know you belong to the type of investors?
Investment properties and the relationship between financial success or failure
Investment properties can be divided into what type?
Simple measure method: I belong to which type?
Even though the same kind of investment tools, also have different risk attribute
Avoid incorrect expectations, miscalculation return on investment
Lesson 4 financial don't follow suit, financial management is your thing
A blind spot experience behind, no global vision
Blind spot two believe second-hand spread, eyes only have to follow suit
Blind spots around three he investment, not clear profit and loss
Blind spot four no goal, don't know their own investment properties
Daw a map of wealth, the way to financial freedom
Lesson 5 investment management, human nature than the methods ten thousand times more important
Difficult to get away from the human nature is bound the main causes responsible for failure of investment
Alarmist, investment stop
Control mood is the first step to get rich
Investment the key to success: analysis
Lesson 6 no digital financial goals, equal to no goal
Financial goals include?
Money is not to earn more and more? Why to want to set a goal?
Specific, digital, complete financial goals
Every half year to review, fixed unrealistic goal
Establish targets to consider the external factors
Lesson 7 whatever money does not have money, make the best use of the asset allocation good money
People with small amounts of money but also asset allocation?
Eggs whether or not to put in the same basket?
Asset allocation of the key: risk
Asset allocation of the three steps
Asset allocation to consider diversity, liquidity and insurance
Class 8 article five must abide by the laws of the investment
Any firm earn not to compensate according the investment?
Investment law protean, some even contradict each other
I should listen to what kind of?
Personal experience has discrepancy, fine-tuning the actual operating mode
A good foundation, to learn the basic skills
Lesson 9 three investment master-learning model
Andre secco stowe laney:
Stock investment "ten law" and "ten commandments"
Peter lynch: never worry about short-term fluctuations
Warren buffett: brave buy, hold on for the long-term
How to become an investment master
Perseverance, steady wins the race
Lesson 10 what's character?
China's billionaires
The gap between rich and poor expand, M type social formation
Reading rich password
Rich characteristics big public
Frugal financial management, the key to poverty
Planning article
Class 11 financial activity and life cycle are inseparable
No financial management, the pressure will be more and more big
Financial six-part series: life in different periods of financial planning
Life has a cycle, financial management to change

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