Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad
Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad

Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad

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$34.99 Gratuit 2017-11-13 11:44:40
Gratuit $34.99 2017-11-05 11:40:17
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Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Caato Time Tracker Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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Quick n dirty Écrit par

I’ve been using Caato Time Tracker (currently v.1.0.3) for a few months now. It’s good barebones time tracker for projects. I would really appreciate if they added an idle monitoring function to pause time tracking if it senses no activity for X period of time. Additionally, as a freelancer, being able to export time sheets or reset/archive time sheets by month (or any user programmed period of time) would be great for helping to sort my billings for recurring clients. A cloud version where I could share my time with clients or colleagues or to monitor staff would be a welcome addition too. Hopefully they keep upgrading the functionality of the app and it continues to be increasingly useful to me and to others.

Goodbye spreadsheets Écrit par

Simply amazing. It’s so easy to use (took me about 1 minute to figure it out). All you have to do is create one or more projects, create tasks for each project, then whenever you’re working on a task, press the record button beside it. When you stop, press pause. That’s it! The app automatically records the date and times worked (which you can make corrections to, if need be) and tallies time spent on each task, and each project. You can see tallies by day, week, or any custom range you choose. No more typing dates and times into spreadsheets for every 15-minute chunk of work! Works great for me as a consultant; I can set up a “project” for each client, and a “task” for each job that I’m working on.

Simple, efficient. Écrit par

I like that I can categorize jobs into sections or types. I like that I can track more than one job at once. I am a freelance graphic and web designer, and I use it to track the time I spend on each freelance job, as well to keep track of my total hours worked, and how much time I spend on different types of jobs or on administration, and I can do that all at the same time if I want to.

Good App for Freelancers Écrit par

I have been using Caato Time Tracker for a few weeks now and it has saved me a lot of time from just tracking my hours on my own. It is simplistic, but does the job for me as a freelancer. At the end of the month, I just click a button and download the info to a spreadsheet to submit along with my invoice. The nice part is that it works and it is free.

Wonderful app! Simple and efficient Écrit par

I love this app. Very clean interface, and it is simple and easy to track the time spent on projects. Whenever you pause and start the timer on your project, the breakdown of time for each session is recorded and you can see how many times you stopped working as well as for how long you worked for each chunk of time.

Bon boulot Écrit par

Fait son travail. Facile d’utilisation. La version gratuite est suffisante pour les besoins de base. On peut ajouter des tâches, conserver, ou non, l’historique. Après quelques semaines, des invitations, un peu trop insistantes, pour l’achat de la version pro. Pas besoin.

Does what I need it to Écrit par

Achieved what I needed it to - I track time spent on client projects. It allows me to subdivide a project time spend into various areas of that project. The user interface could be polished up, which is why the 4 star rating. Functionally, it’s got what I need.

Writer Écrit par

I love this app because it allows me to keep track of multiple clients and projects at once. It also helps me balance my workday among various projects. Five stars.

Great App Écrit par

Easy to use simple, just what I was looking for. I really like the export ability. Once my projects are done I can easily send my time sheets to customers!!

Graphic Artist Écrit par

this works for what I need free, simple & easy to use

Does the job by Airforce100 2014-11-01

It does what it claims it will do but lacks the bells and whistles in the areas of reporting and stats. Yes you can export to Excel and manipulate as you wish but it would be nice if some reports were included within the program. As well, an option to have it pause when your computer has not been used for a certain time, or is sleeping or even turned off would be nice. If you close down for the day and come back in the morning your last tracked task will still be running. All said, it’s a good little program

In This Day & Age-Anyone who would bother ... by The Sudo-Fed Criminal 2014-03-04

In This Day & Age-Anyone who would bother should be aple to itemize, name, rename, and list-off multiple topic projects and we usually DO progresively lead to buying full version when it has quite an offical present for a basic app.

Upgraded to PRO but it isn’t loading by IssyBiz 2016-03-17

I paid the ridiculous price to upgrade to PRO, had my CC charged and still can’t get the upgraded version. I’ve tried restoring purchases and even contacted the devleoper twice by email. No luck. What a waste of money.

Good basics with exceptions by SStevenson7 2016-09-20

Does ok for basic tracking, but needs to have the ability to do sub tasks or notes to tasks to be really useful If they want as much money as they do for the professional version, then this functionality needs to be there.