Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad
Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad

Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad

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Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Canada Radar Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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great app... Écrit par

IF IT WORKED!!! I downloaded the app (I'm using the so called new and improved iOS4) and as soon as it loaded up it tells me that it can't find a radar. And to go into my settings app and select another radar... Problem is I go to my settings app, and low and behold... No radar setting and to make the best of it when the app itself is running, there's no options no buttons no nothing, just says to look for new radar... Maybe I'll start to make bogus apps and make a fortune all because apple don't have any restrictions as to what you sell. As long as they get their cut I'm sure they don't care. If your a con artist... There's an app for that.

Excellent aid for GA Canadian pilots Écrit par

We are very limited in available resources for in flight weather in Canada. This program works reliably as advertised and is stable and has woeked flawlessly for me the animation feature is great! This will prove to be very helpful in flight planning for GA pilots through Canada. Thanks and looking forward to upgrades. Suggestions: It would be great if you could include capability of looking back one hour for comparison. Also great if you could include upper wind barbs and freezing level and Zulu time on charts.

Does what it promises! Écrit par

Yes, you can view this info on the related websites for free, but it's always been slow and cumbersome so I was glad to come across this native app. Works well, only requests would be that it switches radar stations automatically - I travel to different radar coverage areas every day at work and having to manually change the desired location twice a day (when the app could automatically select by GPS location) is a bit of a pain. Fix this, and it's 5 stars from me!

Easy weather radar on the go Écrit par

The app knows your location and displays automatically the radar map of your area if you choose "GPS configuration" in the settings. The image is exactly as seen on the Environment Canada website. You can choose either rain or snow but there is no mixed precipitations choice. Very useful for planning outdoor activities like golf! Eventually, why not ad some satellites imagery? Thank you for this nice app!

Luv this app Écrit par

There were 10 of us camping. When we were all sitting around a campfire the app notified me that rain was imminent. I told everyone it was going to rain within 5 minutes. Everyone laughed at me with disbelief but within 5 minutes it rained! This app is very handy and accurate. I use it for golf, when hosting parties and camping and I'm looking forward to using it when winter.

Great app !! Écrit par

This app is great for outdoorsmen. It is accurate and simple to use. Approaching weather is depicted so decisions regarding outdoor activity like golf, fishing, etc can be made 10 April update. App stopped working 3 days ago. The radar images will not download, saying radar is unavailable. Not sure if this is a problem with Enviro Canada or Canada Radar. Frustrating

Very accurate Écrit par

I drive truck for a living, so knowing the weather in advance is very helpful. I would like to see the option of being stationary or mobile being added to this app. Also would like A choice as to how often the updates, or push notifications are sent. Then, I believe this app would be perfect.

Fantastic Écrit par

This app is fantastic! If you are concerned with impending weather or a weather geek this app keeps you up roseate on the local radar stations. He ability to animate the images is he best function of the app allowing the user to make simple predictions for upcoming weather! Worth the money!

Best straight radar app for Canada IMHO Écrit par

I use other weather apps, but when it's the radar I want to check, this is my front-screen go-to. Excellent gps localization, great zoomability, the only rain or snow interpretation I've seen (by far the most important for ground-hugging off-lake snow streamers), and very fast!

DJR Écrit par

I've been using this app for a few months now and really like it. Worth getting. FURTHER - when will the radar for my area begin working again? HAS NOT WORKED FOR OVER A WEEK. Please update soon - I miss not seeing ACTIVE weather

Most useful, but.... Écrit par

I use this app constantly. It is well presented and helps me with planning my day. The amount of map detail is perfect. I like the control I have over what is seen. The developers have done a good job of laying out the screen.

Works great... Écrit par

Took a lot of releases to make this work right, but I'm happy to say it is reliable and so useful. Using this app lets you tailor the weather forecast and apply it to your area of interest. Could not safely boat without it.

I love it Écrit par

Great app for weather buffs like myself. Allows to localize the info, see a region, or see across our Canada. I purchased the Radar Notice to with it. It does a fine job of notifying you of any approaching weather systems.

Great Update! Écrit par

Version 2.0 is a major improvement. All of the requested features from the previous version were added and it has multi-tasking support. I use it almost every day with all the thunderstorms at this time of year. Awesome!

Works great Écrit par

Don't forget to go into "Settings" to set it up though before you use it. I suggest that the times of the scans be displayed below (as this is useful info) and then it will be exactly as it is on my computer.

It's Good Écrit par

Sure this is the same info that's available on the EC website for free...but this is quick and convenient to use and has a zoom that the website doesn't. This is an essential for the Canadian weather buff !!!

iOS3 Compatibility Please!! Écrit par

I love this application! Very usefull but since I downgraded my 3G (from iOS4 to iOS3) I can't reinstall the app. PLEASE bring back iOS3 compatibility before I'm stuck out in the rain. Otherwise, great work!!

Great Weather App! Écrit par

Great visual weather app. I like the moving radar images. If there was a way to continue the upcoming 2-4 hour weather pattern (perhaps in a different colour), that might be a nice feature to consider.

Radar Canada Écrit par

I can get the same data on my pc but the pc environment is not nearly as convenient. One quick tap and I can instantly see what precip is heading my way. Radar Canada is an essential app for me.

Excellent for truckers and travelers Écrit par

Simple nice update can now refresh and access settings on the odd occasion maps won't download maybe twice outa 100 tries very cheap compared to the other and is exactly the same nice job

Average only by karimspost 2010-08-29

It's nice that it grabs the radar images from but not much more. Can't zoom other than pinching which isn't really zooming just making the image on screen more distorted. - like the website, nice that it has animation. Would like to see a centering option on top of the radar instead of scrolling around from the default view. Also should show more options than just rain or snow. Maybe base reflectivity, clouds or not- satellite view. Some options dont appear to show on rhe image whether selected or not- such as rivers. Landscape mode would be useful to see the legend without pinching in. Range selection would be good. Has an occasional bug where touching the image just flashes the menu but won't let you select it. A basic app, what can I say.

Notifications are $5.99 and broken - DO NOT BUY by Meditaten 2015-07-20

This app had promise, but firstly, the best feature (push notifications) cost $5.99 for an in-app purchase NOT $2.99 as advertised on the website. More problematic is that once I purchased the notifications it wouldn’t let me configure them. It did once, but when I tried to change, it said “this app is not set up to receive push notifications”. After banging my head on my phone, I finally deleted the app to try to start from scratch. But of course now it doesn’t recognize my in-app purchase so it asked for $5.99 AGAIN. It’s not being maintained and support doesn’t answer. It’s just a cash grab scam at this point.

It's ok by AMJPRO 2009-01-09

A map of the area you select - double tap press play and you see an animated radar from current data. It's just ok. The resolution is poor and the area covered is huge. Zooming in looks bad. The worst is you have to leave the app, go into your phone settings to change the radar area (from Toronto area to Vancouver for example) or tweak a setting. The app appears to work ok but if you're going to charge for it you've got to put a little more effort in than that. For this first version I'd maybe pay a buck, so I'm looking forward to updates as it does have potential.

Relatively useless by CalvinToronto 2012-08-14

There is nothing here that the (free) Weather Network app can't tell you. All you get is an image of cloud movement (if any) in your area. That's it. Totally. It only shows clouds moving in, not where they will be in an hour or four. This is really all a set up, anyway, for the $5 push app they sell that will, unlike the single page map you do get, warm you of inclement weather. I love all things weather, but this is truly a waste. I've deleted it after just a week. Stick with The Weather Network instead.

Original customers stranded with non functional App by Just another Canadian 2010-07-28

It worked beautifully on iPhone 3G before iOS4 was distributed, but now the App has stranded its original customers who chose not to reduce their iPhone performance by changing to iOS4. I went to iOS4 on my 3G, and the App worked (one of the FEW things that still worked after iOS4). I removed iOS4 and replaced it with 3.1.3 and now the rest of my iPhone works well but this radar app no longer functions. I guess iOS4 just keeps on taking ... and taking ... and taking.

Could be better by Bellfail 2011-06-29

This app isn't bad but does have it's flaws. First change the location icon to something smaller. That mushroom cloud icon is hideous and blocks the view when zoomed in. Second should have the 5hr animation and not just 3hr. I believe the old version of this app had that feature. Third you should be able to choose the radar site. Make these changes and that will greatly improve this app. As of now I use gradar which is much much better.

No path prediction by Kristofur 2014-07-22

I travel through some areas which get heavy snow. I used the Environment Canada website which shows the current precipitation distribution as well as the predicted path of the snow storm. This helps a lot in travel decisions. This app's radar only goes upto the present time. Very good to know how hard it is snowing but not good if you wanna see if the storm will pass through or linger.

Bubbleybob by Bubbly Bob 2010-07-21

Works great , as long as you don't have any storms in your area. I've had this app for over a year and every time there's a storm approaching , the radar goes down just when I need it the most. This really ticks me off. If you like getting ticked off, then just buy this app. I assure you it won't be long and you will be getting ticked off just as much as me !

Limited Time Frame by Madam, I'm Adam 2014-08-31

Limited usefullness. Only shows weather for one hour before and up to present time. Does not show even immediate future let alone next few hours ahead. For golfers wondering whether to leave to play, it is useless. Thankfully, my golf course uses dopler that shows weather coming in over next few hours and can tell me probable time of rain arriving.

Simple but effective by pilotguide 2009-03-28

This is a great tool for pilots who need quick access to radar imagery. Works as advertised but you currently have to change your location from the iPhone/iPod settings application. I would like to see the ability to change the radar image location from within the app itself. It shows promise.

Won't allow radar to come up by Kellis22 2015-09-18

Terrible app! As it won't allow me to access the radar maps. Then it directs me to use the regional radar instead. When I hit "yes" it says that it isn't available! Glad to see I wasted money in purchasing a faulty product that doesn't receive and support!

Ok Sometimes but ?!?! by 2Duff 2013-02-03

Its not a bad app, but still throws me out or freezes for no apparent reason, every now and then. Would be GREAT if there was an additional option to input other cities/towns for travel. When this app works, it is quite accurate. Use it daily - a definite app for everyone!!!!

Frustrating & often useless! by Bouzouki Boy 2016-07-05

This app frequently just does not work! It either fails to connect to the radar (as is the case right now) or gives a "stale images" warning. I live in Metro Vancouver where knowing if rain is on the way would be very helpful - wish there was another app for this!

Does Not Work with iPhone3G OS3.1.3 after iOS4.xx release by Auranium 2010-09-02

This App no longer works/downloads to iPhone OS 3.1x since iOS4 release. There is a serious problem if Apps will not work with certain Operating Systems. Apple needs to rectify this problem!! I have paid ALOT of money for Apps expecting them to work but now they wont!

Was a good app by Weather finatic 2016-03-21

I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to the 5s. Still a great app but won't let me turn on my recently purchased radar alerts from the other iPhone. Really annoying. Not worth getting if the support isn't there.

Bonne app mais !! by petits111 2015-08-06

Ca semble une bonne application mais quand elle fonctionne acheter la semaine passe et depuis quelque jours elle ne fonctionne plus. Une erreur s'est produite lors du download des images radar

Please Fix! by Musicnstamp 2011-08-04

This app used to be ok and worked fine but now no data downloads for Montreal and a stale image notification pops up just before the app crashes. This needs to be fixed.

Canada radar by sixzer04 2009-05-07

Doesn't work on my 2.1 iPhone, crashes before it even starts up... Not worth 1.99 in my opinion. Contacted the developer, was told an update was coming, nothing yet.

Worst radar app ever by Marcus115 2016-07-01

Horrible graphics, not even a forecast it shows what's happened already, who needs that. I can look outside the window!!! Don't waste your money

Waste of money! by Lliw359 2012-03-26

If you buy this app you are wasting your money. This exact same radar is available for free on Environment Canada's website!