Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad
Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad

Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad

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Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Celsius 2 Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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Great App Écrit par

This is exactly the app I was looking for. Uncluttered. Weekly forecast. Who wants an hourly forecast anyways? Most importantly the data is from Environment Canada. They’re the most accurate forecast, in my opinion. Well done.

Weather App Review Écrit par

This is a very simple yet informative weather application. For Canadian cites, supported by Environment Canada, the data is accurate. In future versions however, I would like the see the dew point indicated.

Great stuff Écrit par

Very clean and simple. I like it. Please add push notification support, though. Would love to see a temperature icon badge and weather warning notifications.

Great Écrit par

Great app, wish it had more options like degrees but degrees is gone now! I'd especially like to Change the colors foreground and background fonts etc!

Good weather app for Canadians Écrit par

I finally found a new weather app that uses Environment Canada as a source! The app works well and the developer is very responsive with support requests!

Clean, accurate Écrit par

Everything (and only thing) a weather app needs to be.

Much room for improvement by warbitrary 2015-11-24

While the app is a good start, it could be much improved: - The app doesn't remember which city you are viewing between launches, and goes back to the list of locations. Quite annoying. - Doesn't display dew point in current conditions. - Alerts and radar view are not parsed, it's just a web view for the Environment Canada website. The whole point of buying an app was that the website is clunky on mobile. - The text is a little small to read comfortably, a bigger font size would be clearer. - The weekly forecast is hard to take in at a glance, but I don't have a good solution about that. Maybe light grey rows for the nights? Update: +1 star because the dev answered my feedback email :)

Potential is there by Secret_Weapon 2016-02-16

This app has a nice interface but it needs a few things: - Background app refresh. If I pull down the today bar, the temperature and forecast should already be loaded. Same thing when I open the app. - Memory of where the user left off. If I was viewing a particular location the last time I used the app, I don't want to come back to my location list. - Badge icon temperature. Other apps have it and it's great.

Like the app but like more added. by BEAViSX 2015-11-21

I've tried contacting the developer but I never got a reply. I was a happy user of degrees but they seemed to have disappeared. Two things that this app needs is an option for bigger text and badge to see the temperature from the home screen.

Crashes right after running by Sabretoth99 2015-08-16

This crashes right after I run it