Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad

Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad

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Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Easy Spending - Expense tracker, Save Money Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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Works great for me Écrit par

I have PCS and PTSD and keeping track of the current month budget along 3 months forward eases my stress. The app allows me to that plus I am able to track each individual bill by setting them up additional accounts. I have very little money at the end of each month so keeping track of where my money goes and what my balance is is very important to me. The fact that I can have the info on each of my iSO devices is wonderful bonus. No which device I input an action all of the devices are updated. The very few times I have had to contact tech support to answer questions (not complain) they have responded very quick and with the answers I needed. I have recommended this app to others and to the people that help me with my health issues.

Excellent !!! Écrit par

Merveilleuse application tout fonctionne a merveille et fini les casse-tête ha ha mais celas serait vraiment apprécier d'avoir la possibilité d'utiliser l'application en français disons que sa faciliterai les chose encore plus :) le seul probleme c qu'il n'y as pas de calendrier et la possibilité de choisir des dépense automatique a des jour de la semaine au lieux de date precise mais a par de sa très bonne application bravo !!

I actually enter my expenses - it must be easy Écrit par

After trying several other expense apps, I ended up with Easy Spend. I don't like jumping through hoops just to enter a number and this app makes it easy. There is a learning curve, and a couple of bugs. I can't view it in landscape mode and the report for the year only works if I exit the app and come back in. I have checked out many other apps for expenses and this is the one.

Definitely worth it!! Écrit par

Awesome app...agree though that needs bi-weekly recurring. Was disappointed with that part. UPDATE SOON WITH THAT FEATURE PLEASE!! other than that I will use this one every day!! PS Paid version allows for multiple accounts. Love that feature, keeps my business separate from my personal.

Nice!! Écrit par

This App is just what I was looking for. I've been trying to figure out why I have more month than money left after my paycheques. This has been great for tracking my spending and a real eye opener. Just the wake up call I needed, love it!

Pretty good Écrit par

Enjoy using it. You should be able to put in custom reporting period - using this for credit spending and it doesn't follow a complete month. Otherwise like the app.

Tracks money in money out Écrit par

It tracks my expenses well however I would like to see more options with graphs/charts like visually showing my categories in a pie chart with percentages of my income.

Very easy Écrit par

Easy to add expenses and income with the ease of customizing names for either an expense or income. Perfect for a person on the go who needs to keep track of finances.

Very useful Écrit par

A great way to keep a track of finances! I hope there are new features that will allow more freedom to customize input & outputs. Keep up the good work

Good app Écrit par

Good app but does not sync between ipad and iphone after paying 1.49$ for this feature. Please fix!! I'll give 5 stars when this gets fixed.

Excellent! Écrit par

Was just looking for an app to keep track of my daily cash income from tips and my expenditures from them and this is perfect for that! Love it!

Great app Écrit par

Awesome app works great for me only wish it had a more detailed summary report on export sheet other wise thumps up

Love it Écrit par

Excellent app would also like to see the "bi-weekly" feature. Thanks though, put together very well !

Love it Écrit par

Super simple and easy to use. Nice and clean. Needs a bi-weekly option though for recurring expenses/income.

Bugs Bugs Bugs and poor support by Weaver847536 2015-06-26

Have been using this app for awhile and after giving it more than a few chances I am finally fed up with it. The Dropbox syncing feature (which is a PAID add-on) is simply broken. The devs support has been lacklustre to say the least and problems persist update after update. I just want a simple and reliable way to track my day-to-day spending habits. It's not complicated. I've reset the app countless times and "restoring" from Dropbox has NEVER worked as advertised despite endlessly tinkering with settings and communicating with the dev team exactly what the problems are and what steps I am taking to rectify the issues. It the app bugs out (as it has been doing) and I have to delete and install every few months and spend a weekend manually re-entering info from my banking records - you know, the stuff that the PAID backup "feature" is supposed to do - than this app is useless to me. If the devs took a bit more interest in ensuring their app runs smoothly Easy Spend would be a decent piece of software. (The harsh buzzing sound effect needs to go and the currency abbreviations should match the international standard but this is minor stuff compared to critical features chronically breaking.) Please consider fixing the buggy backup feature so your app performs as advertised. I will be more than happy to update my review if/when this problem is taken seriously.

Not impressed. "EASY" does not imply featureless. by Gvbhfdjkb 2014-09-15

Easy Spend is named well. The easiest thing I do in my life is spend. In the case of this App I spent nothing. I got it for free as a featured item. However, if they want to get the regular price of $2.99 it needs some work. The App is pretty basic with limited features, and considering all of the apps that are available for the same price are feature packed this one seems over priced. I would like to point out to the Developers that "EASY" does not imply featureless. I'm not impressed with the color scheme and the fact you can't change it. The other thing I'm not impressed with is, despite the fact that the cloud link feature is mentioned several times it turns out it's only good with DropBox and will cost you another $1. That makes the App a hefty $4. I suggest the Developers add a few features and options like other Cloud services and receipt scanning abilities and better category controls. Why do I have to dig through 25 preset categories I'll never use to get to the ones I do? Delete and reorder would be helpful. Syncing with other devices would be very helpful. THAT'S what easy means! .

Do not buy by Badboy #1 2015-09-25

The app looked very promising with a lot of useful features. I spent hours entering my income & expense information from the beginning of the year but in the middle of all this work (and before I could back anything up) the app crashed. I tried many times to open the app again but it froze at the startup screen and crashed again. So the only way around this was to delete the app and reinstall it which meant that I would have to spend another few hours re-entering all the data again and praying that the same thing wouldn't happen again. No thank you. I deleted it. You have another choice: DON'T BUY IT!

Fancy looks, lousy interface, ridiculous operations by Guy (Montréal) 2015-01-22

This good looking but immensely impractical app offers no help whatsoever; so good luck finding out how to input and modify values ! And if your mother tongue is not English, you're again out of luck, since you won't be able to use any accented characters for the categories : the programmers expressly block what they call "special" characters, even though they make a big show of offering currencies for many, many countries. Ridiculous and stupid, in this day and age. To sum up my appreciation, let me just point out that I got this app for free, but I want my money back... That's how bad it is.


This second time around. Another update another crash. I now give one star rating. The app crashed a few days ago. Did not back up the app. Contacted the developer. They are nothing more than a lost cause. Wtf does drop box and wifi have to do with the app. I've never dealt with Dropbox and barely use wifi on my cell. It's crashed and still not fixed. Extremely disappointing after months of usin the app and payin full price for it. Still freezes and unable to use after 2 weeks. WOULDNT RECOMMEND THIS APP SINCE COMPANY DOESNT HAVE A CLUE ON WHY ITS NOT WORKING. RIPPED OFF.

Purchased full version by WoolB 2012-06-25

This is good but would like to see camera ability in order to take photos of receipts in note section with the ability to email (for tax purposes). Please add the would be 5 star, perfect!

Not bad by 514saywhat! 2012-05-22

Got it free glad I did I read on the details that it will double in price soon. Supposed that would still make it free. Not sure if I trust a budget app that has such poor math skills.

Latest update causes crash!! by everson67 2014-04-26

This app no longer works on my iPhone 5s since the latest update. Gets stuck on loading screen, then kicks me out! Works great on my iPad mini, but not my iPhone.

Somewhat ok by Owlchu 2013-10-03

Take time to get used to making correct entries, but then couldn't view the breakdown of each entry as well as in pie chart, does anyone know how to do these?

Want money back by Scumps 2011-08-16

Doesn't have all of the features that I was looking for. Like bill reminders bi weekly expenses or calendar association

Crappo by Augie2011 2012-03-19

I had entered all of Feb and Mar data. Turn it on today to find all info gone. Crappo.

Extremely confusing & user unfriendly by rlw007 2016-05-19

Trying to sync is a very frustration, little support available, good app otherwise

Currency by Maryamtabaie 2014-12-29

Unfortunately this app don't support my country's currency

Easy pay - waste of two bucks by Easy peasiee 2013-02-09

Lousy! Would not recommend