i2Reader Applications pour iPhone / iPad
i2Reader Applications pour iPhone / iPad

i2Reader Applications pour iPhone / iPad

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i2Reader Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
i2Reader Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
i2Reader Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
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Great App! Écrit par

This is an excellent app! I will admit, I was cursing it when I first got it. I mean it is 10 bucks, and there are countless other book reading apps for free, not to mention that at first it was very difficult to use. Frankly, I just didn't understand it. However, upon downloading i2librarian, and setting up my i2speaker, its worth every penny! This program allows you not only to purchase books from its linked store, but it allows you to upload your own via your WiFi server. This is something other apps simply cannot offer. It allows you to download and purchase ebooks from a variety of sources (not just the stores that are in affiliation with the app) and you are able to keep a hardcopy on your computer, which to me is a huge bonus! It supports a variety of file formats, which is also nice, the only thing I find lacking is a "highlight" and "add notes" feature, like comparable apps have. This would be a nice touch. Another great thing, is the ability to change the background colour of the books, so that if you have trouble reading from a stark white screen, or from a murky yellow, you can customize it. As well, the text size is nice and big, no squinting to use this app!

A text-focused reader Écrit par

This is the only reader I've found that: -extracts PDF text reliably with correct line breaks -presents the reflowed text as pages *or* a continuous stream -allows configuration of every aspect of the text presentation including line spacing, indent style, margins, inline italics or code -has a double-column mode for a very book-like presentation in landscape -can keep up with my reading speed during page flips, presenting a new page as fast as my eyes can travel to the top of the screen Essentially, i2reader will turn a PDF into an e-book. Most readers act as if any PDF is probably a magazine, comic or a business report. The price is justified. Emphatically better than GoodReader. Deals with PDFs better than Stanza.

On balance worth it Écrit par

This is a very polarizing app: people either love it or hate it. My experience with it has been good; I'm now using it more than Stanza. It's extremely fully featured and does, unlike how some reports here would have it, work with Calibre as well as several other methods of uploading books. Its Styles feature is very powerful although its italic and boldface are buggy. The memory limitation is dumb, but for me the worst feature is the total unresponsiveness of the vendor. You send messages: they completely ignore them.

Great app Écrit par

Thank you for the retina update! This is an amazing app. Please add the ability to share file/'open in' from other apps!

Room to improve by Qye007 2014-01-15

Pro: star dict integration. Con: it lacks morphology support. The work around is to use suggestion which brings in some irrelevant words. #1 issue is some books cause the app crash and some books are stuck in starting reading and frozen. once crash happened, open library becomes impossible, the app exits by itself. The only way to recover is delete app and re-install. The app should gracefully handle exception, if any book is ill formatted, the app should warn and the book should be allowed to be deleted. #2 issue is the style editor is confusing and complicated. Suggest a quick editor to allow background color, text font size color, margin and line size space, leave the rest to the fiddlers. #3 issue: when selecting a hyphened word, only the letters up to hyphen is selected.

Piece of crap!! by Cearo 2011-10-30

I am extremely pissed. After 3 hrs of fiddling and searching for help online i have discovered a few important things. This program has NO support. This program fails to do ANYTHING it advertises. The publisher won't even list it clearly on their website. It does not work with Calibre. It will not group by author. It crashes like a drunk's bumper car. Save the $5 and look elsewhere for your stanza replacer.

Please give me back my money! by yosais 2009-10-15

This application parses the PDF and generates the text. So, the pdf file is not reflowed as they say. The character encoding is not working as expected. I cannot read Arabic text. For PDF I recommend GoodReader. It is also slowing down my ipodtouch. Please I want my money back.

Garnear by Garneau 2010-10-18

Ridiculous. This app limits the amount you can download. Four ebooks and bye bye! Very odd, very useless, very expensive for this much useless.