iVI Applications pour iPhone / iPad
iVI Applications pour iPhone / iPad

iVI Applications pour iPhone / iPad

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iVI Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
iVI Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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iVI convertira presque tous fichiers video et l’importira dans iTunes ou iMovie avec un simple glisser et déposer. iVI créera un seul fichier HD/SD qui marchera dans tous les appareils d’Apple, y compris Mac, AppleTV, AppleTV 2, iPad, iPhone et iPod. iVI convertit surround sounds, plusieurs piste d’audio (pour plusieurs langues) et les sous-titres aussi. Les fichiers vidéos convertis par iTunes inclus : h.265, AVI, MKV, MTS, FLV, AVCHD, MOD, 3GP, MP4, MPG et presque tous fichiers de videoCAM. Fonctionnalité : · Les infos de films et de séries sont trouvé automatiquement sur l’internet et ajouté dans vos fichiers avant de les importer dans iTunes. · iVI convertira plusieurs pistes d’audio dans vos fichiers y compris des langues et surround sound, et ce sont accessible dans Quicktime, AppleTV, iPhone, etc. • IVI convertit SRT, VobSub, PGS, SSA, ASS sous-titres à partir du fichier source ou des fichiers externes et ceux-ci sont accessibles à partir d'iTunes, Quicktime, Apple TV, iPhone, etc. · iVI peut analyser vos dossiers et convertir vos fichiers automatiquement et regulierement et les importer dans iTunes. · iVI peut mettre à jour les infos (metadata) de vos fichiers vidéo déjà dans iTunes. Les infos viennent de l’internet et peuvent inclus les sommaires, les acteurs, des affiches sans avoir besoin de reconvertir les fichiers. · iVI vous laisse choisir l’image principal de chaqu’un de vos fichiers · ATTENTION : iVI ne convertira pas de fichiers protégés par DRM or ni copiera DVDs. Assurez vous s’il vous plaît que les fichiers que vous convertiez dans iVI vous appartiennent


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Great app with a tiny fraw Écrit par

This app is amazing. I have been looking for apps that can help me tag movies and tvshows for iTunes for years. I have even ended up writing a shellscript to help me do it. And this app can help me streamline the process (conversion, metadata tag, embeded artwork, and import to iTunes) in just a few click. However, I do have a few comments, improvement if you may. 1. Rating for movie/show episode does not show up on iTunes. I hope to have the rating (user rating) information for easy to choose with a simple column sorting. 2. When converting a movie, Director name ended up in the "Artist" field in iTunes. And no Cast information found anywhere. I would love for the app to embeded Cast (Just a few main casts will do) info on the "Artist" column and Director on "Composer" column as it would seem more relevent. 3. I would love to have an easier UI for me to review all the conversion information (including tags and ensure the movie/show is the correct one). Editing one at a time is okay but it far from being convenient as often the artwork often selected in language that not english (original). 4. When choosing the artwork, it would be nice to be able to identify the resolution of the artwork as well. I would like to have the higher resolution of the artwork if more than one are available. I hope this review get to the developer of the software and that they decided to update the app accordingly. Finally, I appreciated the developer for creating such an amazing app. This app is truly productive app and I would recommend for all people who looking to streamline the process of converting video file to importing it to iTunes library.

Absolutely Brilliant! Écrit par

I bought this app for the purpose of automating my conversion workflow. I had great conversion software already but was tired of manually converting the AVIs, moving them into itunes, collecting the metadata and sorting everything. The automation features with iVI are everything I hoped for and more - I now simply download my videos, and they magically appear in iTunes, sorted with their metadata and all the original files are deleted. It's perfect. My only complaint was I didn't always like the art it picked up for TV shows, but their rules feature lets you identify art you prefer. I'd also like to highlight the astounding customer service. I initially had an issue with the configuration, I sent an email to their support team and had a response within 24 hours on a weekend! Really top notch service.

Quality Software Écrit par

This is by far the best video converter I have ever used. I had many of my movies and series saved to various formats and now with having an Apple TV and an iPad I wanted to be able to take my media with me. This program does it all. Just drag your files into it and hit “Convert All”. If it is already H.264 video, then it will do pass-through making the converstion process very, very quick. If not, it will convert it without problems. It looks up media info and cover art, properly sorts the seasons and just makes my iTunes Library look completely professional. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. Killer piece of extremely quality software!

iVI is great! Écrit par

I love this program. I've tried lots of different ones and this is so far the best. I love how it finds the information for the video and it is so accurate! It save sooo much time not having to find the information myself! It converts quickly as well, depending on what needs to be converted. it only converts what needs to be converted so it doesn't waste time. It automatically sends your file to iTunes as well! That is convientent. Also, if you have movies already on your computer that are in iTunes, you can download the information for them quickly and without having to re-convert them! Just love this program so far!

Worth Having But... Écrit par

The app is great for the most part, and is quite easy to customize and setup. The only drawback is metatagging tv shows, no matter how you have the file named, it cannot automatically metatag TV series as it does with movies. You have to select the episode, right-click and chose Choose From List, then scroll up or down through the entire list of episodes (which is long when you have a series with many episodes). This on its' own is very time consuming and annoying, but it is something the developper can work on fixing one day. In the meantime, for the price, it is worth downloading. It is also quite speedy for file conversions.

If you’re running Mac OS this is the go to app for converting to iTunes Écrit par

I’ve been using iVi for years. I recommend it to everyone that runs Mac OS and wants to add their personal collection of videos to iTunes. The updates have always run effortlessly. It has been drag and drop forever. Metadata info populates very well. Fully customizable to my needs and videos have had at least a 98% success rate. Batch converting is very convenient. Videos also play no problem on my WD media players (as long as their firmware is uptodate). There might be other apps out there that do the same things, but I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had to try anything else because iVI has taken very good care of me.

Great Converter Écrit par

I was a little histant about paying for a converter when there are so many free ones out there, but this one is great! The whole process can be fully automated so you dont need to do anything. You just set the location that you want it to search everyday and when it finds video it converts it, adds the metadata, and sends it to iTunes. The only few drawback are: you cant set multiple times for it to check throught the day, and you cant set multiple times for it to convert throughout the day. Just a few minor draw backs that can easily be fixed in a software update. Great product, makes downloading and converting so much easier.

Perfect for Converting MKVs Écrit par

As an alternative to Handbrake, iVI is pretty good: very attractive interface, excellent drag-and-drop options. It handles subtitles well, which is the Achilles Heel of conversion softwares. However iVI fails at converting AVI files to M4V files, and although AVI files are already iTunes compatible, I still need to run them through conversion software to get the subtitles working properly. Handbrake does this nicely, iVI does not. Regardless, it's well worth the $4 and I'll continue to use it for English films and MKV conversions (while using Handbrake for AVIs).

A very solid app for those who work with video! Écrit par

I have been very impressed with iVI converter for my MacBook Pro. I am a professional videographer, and can't escape working between different video formats, so a powerful conversion program is essential. iVI has been that program for me, and I have absolutely no complaints. It works with a variety of different formats and it processes them efficiently. Plus, its an simple, elegantly designed program that is both powerful and user-friendly (and it doesn't take up too much space on your hard drive!). I definitely recommend this app for anyone working with video.

Works ok, could be better Écrit par

I've been using VideoMonkey for the longest time, thought this could be a more modern alternative, It is … but it has a lot of rough edges. The metadata fetching code seems to be a bit finicky, it picks weird images as the cover images, even added to iTunes the files appear weirdly out of order (at least compared to stuff I encoded with VideoMonkey) On a plus note when it does work it works well, I like the HD options, the automatic metadata finding (altho I'd like more options on "helping" it find the right information).

Great Purchase Écrit par

Great Application, fast response from developer, easy to use. The price is a deal, gives you the ability to never have to worry about converting or filling out the show information. A must have for anyone using a apple tv. You can even automate it, giving you the ability to run a headless machine. I have tried other similar apps but they hang and did not properly grab imdb information, this is the only one I feel comfortable leaving unattended and at the price, makes it a easy choice for a avid video collector or casual downloader.

Appears to be THE answer to my BIG problem!! Écrit par

Just switched over to a new iMac after several decades with PC's. Problem: 444 treasured home movie clips from a Sony HD videocam to import and convert. Sony's proprietary software can be difficult to work through, and is not Mac-compatible. The Apple store advised me to try iVI and voila .. 444 Sony .m2ts video files which seem to have converted seamlessly to .m4v files on my iMac. If the results are as good as they appear at first glance, I'm extremely appreciative and impressed. Thanks folks!

The best converter out there! Écrit par

Ok, I have tried at least 10 different video converters and they all fail compared to this one. First off, SD conversion only took about 30 minutes and a full HD movie took just over an hour which is great in my opinion. After the conversion the movies were put into itunes automatically and worked perfectly. Everything is simple and easy to use with this converter and its working perfectly! The price is also great since now I can watch everything on my apple tv instead of my macbook. Thanks for the solid app!

Great app Écrit par

I am using this app primarily to convert my avchd sony movies that i record on my camcorder. This app converts them very well and i can then load them into iMovie for editing. Very pleased. I was not sure if the converted format was correct for iMovie and I contacted the Southpole Software and got a quick reply. It was something I did incorrectly and they provided a link with detailed information that helped me to solve my problem. Highly recommended.

Excellent video converter Écrit par

Provides all necessary choices to convert any file type that I use into iTunes compatible for all of my devices. I have yet to find a bug , or failure in its conversions. I love the audio synch or video synch options. Multiple options to choose quality of output. The metadata link is a great time saver for those of us who like digital movie collections. I highly , recommended this app for all your video conversion.

Does what it’s supposed to do… effortlessly Écrit par

I currently use this app on my 2011 Macbook Pro 17” with 16GB ram and 512GB SSD, running on Yosemite and I have yet to encounter any issues to date. I mainly use this to convert all my recorded AVCHD files since I do a lot of videography and this is an absolute gem for the kind of work I do. I have both Handbrake and iVl installed, but do most, if not all of my conversions with iVl. Great update guys!

Great App. Works Perfectly. Écrit par

I was searching for an app that could convert my mpeg to a format for my iPad. I first downloaded the free Miro program and it created files that were corrupted that couldn't scrub. This program is simple and quick, able to convert multiple files automatically rather than one at a time. It's only $4! Get it now if you want to convert files for your iPhone or iPad!

Could not be simpler! Écrit par

This converter is comletely amazing and does so much more than just converting video; it's ability to search and include all the important information surrounding a video file and easily import it all into iTunes has made the AppleTV2, as well as our iPads and iPhones, the simplest mdeia devices we've ever had. This app is an awesomep urchase AT TWICE THE PRICE!

iTunes TV Posters is the only irritation Écrit par

Great App! Highly recommended! With it, I have now completely automated my Movie & TV collection, processing and organizing for my Apple TV. The only thing I would like to see fixed, is that it uses rectangular poster shapes for the TV shows. This does not work when watching the library on an iOS8 device. Other than that, this is a must-have for any media library!

Take the time to get to know it. Écrit par

It works well as a simple conversion tool, but it's the added things that make it really useful: watching folders for added files, auto-starting conversions, deleting originals and adding converted files to iTunes are what get it 5 stars. Especially when it's used to fill a role in a workflow along with an app like Hazel.

Needs A Bit of Work by bazokajoe_2k 2011-03-03

This application is a fairly efficient front-end to the FF video conversion engine. It has a fairly broad swath of options, and allows you to configure presets a little better than some "drop and convert" video tools out there. One of the nicer features, if you like to watch video on the go with your iDevice, when converting an HD video file, you can choose to make a HD conversion and a SD, iDevice-compatible version at the same time. The video will show up in iTunes as one entry with a (SD|HD) logo beside it. If you have an aTV, it will sync the HD version, if you have an iDevice, it will sync the SD version. The program does a fairly good job of finding metadata matches to your video files as well. That being said, here are a few areas where it could be improved. First, the UI is pretty atrocious. The toolbar buttons look awful, and the entire application looks very Windows-like. I think this is a significant holdback, as the UI makes the software look a lot more complicated than it actually is. I think the developer should take note of some of the extremely well designed modern applications coming out (Twitter for Mac, Reeder for Mac Draft 11, iPhoto, Sparrow, even aspects of iTunes 10), and update/enhance/streamline the interface. I think in that aspect alone, it could greatly improve this app. The other problem I noticed is that many videos I convert have problems with color balance after conversion. The files that come out of iVI tend to have a slightly redder/yellow tint than converts of the same file out of Quicktime, FF MPEG-X command line, or Handbrake. This is definitely an issue that should be identifed and fixed. All in all, I believe that this application has the potential to become one of the best video conversion tools on the Mac; but a bunch of work still needs to be done. It's definitely not in a place to replace my Handbrake/iDentify combo yet. I encourage the developers to keep at it. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on updates to see where this application heads.

Thank You iVI by GilbertCarol 2011-07-29

I recently purchased a Mac computer, I was able to download my video made from my Sony Camera directly to Imovie, but for some reason, Imovie refused to import my MPEG2 who had ben previously downloaded to my hard drive. After limited result from talking with Apple and Sony, I tried the iVI converter. I was able to convert all my previously downloaded videos to a format that IMovie could read. This application was very useful and did what I needed to do. The price was also excellent. Thank You Rev. I had previously given a 5 to this application, but I must review my score since I just realized that the converted file to IMovie takes a very long time to import in I movie. A 31 seconds clip takes about 4 minutes to import, compare to about 30 seconds directly from the camera. Apple advised me that the time difference is due to the converted file.

Used to work well, now frequently crashes by southpole help 2013-08-04

This program used to work very well and has reliably converted many thoussands of files for me. The releases put out over the last six months have been of poor quality. Automatically checking video sources often doesn't work. When it does work, the app often hangs or crashes while videos are importing. I diligently update each time a new version is release, hoping the crashes would be solved. I'm losing hope that this app will go back to its previous glory. Sadly, I've had to work around these crashes with an application that automatically restarts ivl when it crashes. South Pole Software - I'm willing to help you gather corefiles and crash logs if you're interested. I'm a Software Engineer myself so there would be minimal hand-holding. I just want a reliable app I can count on for my conversion needs.

STOP RIGHT THERE! by SilverRubyVideos 2011-08-10

I bought this program because I needed to convert my videos from my Camera (Sony Handycam) from there .mts (AVCHD) format to a .mov or .avi format, thinking that was nessecary to put it in iMovie. If this is also why you are looking for a program then Stop! Because you can use iMovie; open iMovie and click on the video camera next to the 'refresh' picture. Then select your camera and it will automatically convert the videos to an iMovie format - free AND easy. iVI is not a very good program considering you pay for it. It doesn't really do anything you can't do with free programs.

Works well, but crashes WAY too much by WallsOfJericho316 2012-11-30

The app works as advertised for the most part, but it crashes way too much during batch conversions on all of my Macs (2009 iMac i5 2.66Ghz, 16GB RAM and 2012 i7 2.0 Ghz Macbook Air with 8GB of RAM - running Mountain Lion). Doesn't matter if it's 5 videos or 50 videos. I can't trust the app to stay open long enough to get the job done. Very annoying, especially since when I put the same files back in the app, it works fine. Weird. If the app was reliable, it would get 5 stars from me

Really hard to work with by Simple Cyber 2016-09-23

I bought this the other day to replace Identify 2 and while it works on some movies, if it gets it wrong there is no way to fix it. The program also creates lots of garbage files and doesn’t clean them up when its done. Can’t set it to download only English information or any other language for that matter. Have to go through and remove or add spaces in any titles or it doesn’t work. Goes berserk if you let it run on automatic. I would like my money back on this one. Not worth anything.

If there's an update don't expect iVI to work anymore. by notbrennan 2013-10-04

Software will no longer update. When there is an update for the software an old version of the software will no longer search for or grab the correct meta-data. You can try to contact support but they will simply give you a ten conersion trial for the more expensive pro version. Support will not provide actual support. Do not purchase this software if you expect it to work for more than a quarter of a year.

No longer as advertised! by balkib 2013-04-14

App had been working fine until a change in an onlne DB caused this program to stop processing TV shows properly. When contacting support, i was advised to purchase the PRO version as the App Store version was waitingfor Apple to push through the update through. That was a couple months ago. The optics clearly lend to an upsell opportunity. Save your money and DON'T PURCHASE!

Does what it says but crashed twice in the 1st day of use. by Saskquatch74 2012-10-06

I like this app and like every thing it does, but I have had 2 crashes on this app within 24 hours. once it crashes all the pending transfers are lost and you have to start all over again. Without the crashes I would have given it a 5* By the way I am running the most current software and on a new iMac 27"

This is crap by 000x00v 2014-03-12

I have trying to convert MOD and MOI files for and hour and the thing bugs and won’t play the video. This is crap and not user friendly at all. One hour+ lost and 4 $, you’d better look for another option to convert your MOD and MOI files. Good luck.

bit better then I initaly thought but... by KulaTor 2012-08-12

Converts files extremely slow. On 2012 Macbook Air one movie took 4hours and 50 minutes while another one took 20 hours and 48 minutes to convert. On a positive side t converted some files that Smart Covnerter Pro (which is much faster) couldn't.

Not Performing As Said by MRobbz 2011-04-21

The Movie database may not be working correctly becuase I have very popular titles, after adjusting them, that sill are not being found. That is why I bought this for the auto-fill. Please fix.

…. by Dest-87 2011-10-15

long, unsupporting, cant chose file name, when it plays in its own player, the video and audio is off, and slow, and it take long to convert.

Not for Anime by BrainRat 2011-06-16

Not impressed with the subtitles functions. It seems all the free apps work better. Don't waste your money.

A Terrible Software by Silver Hawke 2011-04-03

Doesn't do a thing. Not worth downloading. Handbrake is a much better alternative.

GOOD BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH! by samcraymer 2011-07-22

Just get HandBrake! It is free and more flexible.