Rapunzel - Bedtime Fairy Tale by iBigToy Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad
Rapunzel - Bedtime Fairy Tale by iBigToy Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad

Rapunzel - Bedtime Fairy Tale by iBigToy Applications gratuit pour iPhone / iPad

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The best reading experience - Children's classic story "Rapunzel" now available on your iPad.
This is totally new reading experience: illustrated audio books with interactive animation on each page.

Classic story in new multimedia form: It tells the story that the little girl whom abducted by the witch and dated with the prince secretly. When the witch discovered, the witch cut the lettuce girl's hair, lettuce girl is banished. The prince was also thorned blind. Finally lettuce girl with her tears saved the prince's eyes. In the end, “the prince takes the lettuce back to his country and lived happily together”. incredible digitally-redesigned pages with every detail inside.

This interactive audio book features:

• Stunning animation effect on each page.The small animals could barking, the little girl crying because of sadness and the witch could suddenly hiding and etc. special effects. Make the person at the scene.
• Revolutionary redesigned interactive animations.Example: Drag the vase on the table with your finger at your will. You can click the cat in the side of the witch, the cat can mew. You can interact almost everything on the screen.
• Professional audio narration.


Contact us: [email protected]
Follow us on Twitter:@iBigToy for updates and time-limited promotions.


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