Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad
Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad

Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad

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Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
Reiner Knizia's Money Jeux pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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Money est un jeu de carte rapide et addictif basé sur les jeux de tables eurogame lancés par Reiner Knizia. Vous commencez le jeu avec 6 billets de monnaies choisies au hasard. Votre but est de concentrer toutes vos liquidités sur seulement deux ou trois monnaies avant la fin de la partie. Pour ça, il faut que vous dépensiez l'argent que vous avez déjà. Cela coûte de l'argent de gagner Money! Bien que Money soit le plus avancé (et le plus riche) jeu de cartes de Reiner Knizia, il a été adapté avec beaucoup d'attention pour cette version pour iPhone. La recoloration des billets facilite la lecture des monnaies. Des gestes simples vous permettent d'examiner votre propre main et les mises de vos adversaires. Tout est animé, pour une experience ludique colorée. Enfin, 6 intelligences artificielles, chacune avec sa propre personnalité, aident à faire de chaque partie un jeu unique. Vous pouvez peu à peu comprendre les stratégies des intelligences artificielles pour augmenter vos chances de gagner. Money est le premier lancement de la série RPGnet's MobileEuroCard. Tous les jeux de cette série partagent les mêmes animations et gestes, pour faciliter le passage d'un jeu à un autre.


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Wow Écrit par

I am massively addicted to this game. Must say though, I do NOT like the change with the recent update of removing one currency at the start of each hand. It was hard enough to get two full sets when it was seven currencies between four players. Now it's six between four. It's not as fun so cutthroat. Can you maybe adjust the options so that we can choose the number of currencies in play?

Great Game. Updates? Écrit par

I enjoy this game, as I enjoy 'High Society'. I really hope for future updates, such as more currency. I think it would be great to have the option to choose the types you have a game with. A 'pass and play', as well as a online game option would extend the playability further. Like I said, I enjoy the game, but I think it could be even better.

Addictive! Écrit par

Fun to play with many interesting strategies to use (if AI opponents are clever; not sure yet how "hard" the game can get). Would like a list of currency names & pics for reference.

Great game - good challenge! Écrit par

I wasn't doing well & then I figured out how the points are scored, (I played the game & then read the guide)! One game that I'd still fun to play after you get the hang of it.

Great! Écrit par

Love this game, play it all the time, could be harder. Either I'm smarter than I think I am, or Fred and Vern could take our games a little more seriously.

Surprisingly fun Écrit par

At first glance the game doesn't look that exiting, but it is fun and addictive. I do find the AI to be somewhat easy to beat now after only a couple hours.

Good simulation of the card game Écrit par

It's more fun to play with real people but this is a fairly quick way to pass time and let's you practice until your next game night.

A classic go-to game Écrit par

I can always count on lots of time passing playing this game. Lots of fun and doesn't get boring.

Great strategy! Écrit par

No two games are the same, and with various difficulty levels you can play this game over and over!

Love this game! Écrit par

Easy to learn, challenging to play. I've been playing Money non-stop for weeks.

It's money! Écrit par

Great game. Simple premise but challenging. Good execution. Highly recommended

strategy + cards = fun Écrit par

took 2 games to get used to it, fun, fast. really enjoy the gameplay

Euro Game Écrit par

Excellent Euro game! Makes a great single player game.

Addictive !!!! Écrit par

This is really quite fun and fast.... Nice work !!!

Awesome Écrit par

Can't wait for more knizia games on the iPhone

patch only fixed the rules by Tartrazine 2012-08-06

Money's a quick, fun set collection game. This is a bad adaptation of it because there's NO multiplayer (ELO rating vs. bots?!), cards move so quickly that it's hard to tell who took them (even tougher because there's no player avatars), your money becomes so tightly packed that it's hard to tap the right one to bid with, the red and purple money are very difficult to tell apart and they chose a HORRIBLE font for the card values. The only big improvement in this patch is that the (awkwardly) rewritten rules now actually explain how to play the game.

Good game, decent implementation by Xopods 2011-04-20

The game is solid, like most of Knizia's work, and the implementation is okay from a usability standpoint... It could stand to have more visual polish however. I've dropped my rating from 4 to 3 however, because the AI is deeply flawed. If you just keep bidding your lowest card and taking the most valuable lot you can, you'll win pretty much every gane, because the AIs always bid too much.

good...but no multiplayer? by Technostrat 2011-04-22

A decent conversion from the card game to the iPad, but the AI will only keep you busy for a few games, until you figure out the mechanics. It loses two stars for having no hot seat option, let alone an online mode. I was tempted to rate it one or two stars because of that, but feel that it would be unfair to the game's concept, which in itself is fun, simple and quick.

Love this app but.. by unorthodoxmama 2011-04-20

Today it decided to crash and suddenly be unplayable. Other than that its a great game. Takes about 2 games to catch on. I've bought a few apps from these guys. They're addictive! Hopefully the crashing gets fixed soon.

Nice, light, AI Needs Improvemoent by Kurt Berger 2010-11-30

This is a nice light game that is a faithful adaptation. Game play mechanics are good for the I-Pad. My only quibble is that is too easy to beat the AI players. Multi-player options or a smarter AI would be good next releases.

Pretty Good by Mean man moose 2011-05-10

Fun game but I rarely play more than one game in a row.