StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad

StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad

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StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot
StickyStudy Japanese Kanji JLPT N1-N5 + Dictionary Applications pour iPhone / iPad screenshot

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Awesome App but need some tweaks Écrit par

I stumbled upon this awesome app but it need some tweaks. For example, the landscape mode seems to have some problems especially after getting out of editing mode or when launching the app. It often go back to portrait mode and then turn back to landscape, which is a bit annoying. Also, when studying, the answer buttons are not repositioned in landscape mode so the text is written vertically. Maybe use icon instead ? Another killer feature is to be able to create your own study board but the problem is you probably want to use the existing material, which doesn't seem possible right now. As an example, I use the excellent Japanese app on iPhone and you can create your own list of any damn thing (particles, verbs, adjectives, name it) and make your own study set out of this. It would be awesome if you could create a custom board out of existing material because when encountering new words in life, it doesn't really fit the "academic" order and you might want to study that right away, which is downright impossible right now. JPLT Grades are also pretty daunting if you just begun learning Japanese. It would be really good if you could start with school grades instead, like the iKanji Touch app. The very best thing would be to have a writing practice feature to learn how to correctly draw the kanjis since it's the real way the kanjis will stay in your head. Fix those and you will have a killer app! :) Good job!

Wicked amazing kanji study app Écrit par

In context for me this app is amazing. I spent 7 years in Japan and speak fluent Japanese but my reading and writing skills are at a modest intermediate to advanced level only. I'm currently using this app to do a complete review of the entire language and finally finish studying the last few hundred kanji I never got to in my studies. I have tons of textbooks but right meow this is all Im using. I only have 2 criticisms; 1 - I literally spend hours staring at my iPhone studying so it would be great if I could swipe to the left anywhere on the screen to go back to save time and avoid having to stretch to reach the back button each time. 2 - JLPT level 1 kanji deck is huge, would be amazing if you could have an option to break it up into smaller pieces based on a study schedule you can program in yourself so you don't feel daunted by the task. These aren't reasons to not buy the app though. Thank you so much!!

Useful app, but a bit buggy Écrit par

I bought this app so I can learn Kanjis when I commute to and from work. It does the job, and I'm happy with it. The interface is nice and clean, easy to read. The colour system is pleasing to the eye and informative. As Philippe has reported, the app is buggy. It has "quit unexpectedly" a few times on my iPod Touch (4th G, 64gb), especially right after the installation. But it has become stable over time, enough to let me use it and enjoy it. That said, I now refrain from using the "Browse" function that gives an overview of all the cards of a particular section, because that will cause the app to crash. (Can you please fix that Justin?) -- In a future release, I would really like this app to be expanded to include separate chapters on "verbs", "nouns", "adjectives" and "particles", as well as a writing practice section.

Best app for building your vocab. Period. Écrit par

I am studying Japanese completely on my own. Between this app for vocab and the "Tae Kim" website for grammar, I can learn on my own - fast. The app is kindof addictive so I end up studying many times a day, any chance I get... Which is the perfect way to memorize new terms! All my coworkers are blown away by the kanji that I know after being in Japan for only 7 months. And some of the guys that have been here for 5-10 years (and married to Japanese women) are a bit embarrassed! (so they decided to get the same app... Haha) Actually I also develop apps and was going to do something very similar, but I stopped once I found this app.

Excellent app, and not just for an independent Écrit par

I played around with the "lite" version for a while and realized there is a lot of value to be extracted from using this app. I have been using the app "Kanji" for its simplicity for a long time but it hasn't been updated in years. I'm done with it. This app, on the other hand, allows a simple approach to flash cards but somehow manages to offer lots of useful features at the same time, and it is still actively updated! Kudos to this guy... Gotta support independent developers. Buy it!

It is about time! Écrit par

My wife and I have been studying Japanese for a while and have been frustrated about finding a simple, user friendly app for the iphone. Most apps are either too expensive or frustratingly limited in how they move cards through the deck. This app is great. We have recommended it to other friends in Tokyo and they are addicted. I strongly recommend this act to anyone who is serious about expanding their vocabulary. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

Be a JLPT Pro! Écrit par

If your studying vocabulary and kanji for the Japanese language proficiency tests, to finish all the joyo kanji or to learn more words this is the best flash card app you can buy. Don't waste your time with amateur flash cards on gFlash or other apps. This one scientifically reviews wrong answers to help you remember. Interface is great, look is professional. Wish it could do more than just Japanese.

Amazingly useful Écrit par

I am absolutely certain that the sticky study apps are the easiest and most effective way to learn kanji/kana on the AppStore. I found it a little hard to figure out how the UI/navigation worked specifically how to get to the practice writing after pressing answer in study mode, but afterwards this app has helped me so much. Thank you so much for making this app!

Great Écrit par

I bought this because of the other reviews, and now I'll add my own. I've tried many apps for learning Japanese and this is one of the best. Anki is still necessary, especially if you use the Heisig method, but this is an excellent supplement. The SRS algorithm should be improved, though. As it is, there is no long-term reviewing.

Very useful for on-the-go studying Écrit par

I've been using this app a lot while studying in preparation for N2 and N1 and still using it. Nicely designed app, pretty reliable. Good for beginners who wanna remember hiragana and katakana. Good for veterans who don't have much time to study too.

Fantastic App - highly recommend! Écrit par

I use this app extensively and passed my JLPT 4 in part thanks to it. The app has a few small problems but has improved significantly over the past year. Customer support is also great. I highly recommend you get this app!

best app for studying Japanese ! Écrit par

finally after tons of wasted money and dozens of apps I found The One this app got great interface and vocabulary and best of all it has usage samples! something no other app has! thank you!

Amazing Écrit par

This app is really amazing. It's constantly being updated and improved. If you're serious about learning Japanese then you really need to download this.

Fabulous Écrit par

Great app for studying. Very motivating and it works. My kanji and vocabulary have improved an amazing amount. Thanks for the app!

Rock solid Écrit par

Combined with the dictionary view on the iPhone browser and a real Japanese dictionary, I find this incredibly helpful; kudos!