Pomodoro - The Best Timer For Pomodoro Technique
Pomodoro - The Best Timer For Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro - The Best Timer For Pomodoro Technique

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####Top 5 Productivity apps in China!

####Pomodoro Technique helps you focus on work and say goodbye to delay!
####Pomodoro, the best timer for pomodoro technique!

Main Functions:

- Pomodoro Technique:
Support the start, break, pause or stop of a pomodoro .
Allow users to define the pomodoro time, short/long break length and intervals between long breaks.
Support the settings of auto start of the next pomodoro and auto start of breaks.

- Report:
Support the calculation of the total time and number of pomodoros.
Support the display of Gantt Chart of the pomodoro time of today or the past 7 days.
Support the display of tendency chart of the number of the daiky/weekly/monthly executed pomodoros.

- Multi-platform Sync:
Support the data sync of iPhone, iPad , Mac and Apple Watch.

- Support Apple Watch

- Various Reminding:
Support pomodoro finished alarm, break ending alarm and vibration reminding.
Various ring tones.
Various white noise to help you focus on work.

- Various Themes:
Provide various fresh themes.
The round tomato seeds in the interface indicate the progress of pomodoro execution.

- Support 3D Touch

- Daily pomodoro goal setting.

- Support prevention of screen lock.

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