Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos and picture albums Aplikacije za iPhone / iPad
Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos and picture albums Aplikacije za iPhone / iPad

Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos and picture albums Aplikacije za iPhone / iPad

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Kako instalirati Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos and picture albums Aplikacije za iPhone / iPad

Preuzimanje datoteka Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos and picture albums na iPhone/iPad
Dobrodošli na AppNaz.com, gdje ćemo vam pružiti informacije na diskontirane cijene svih aplikacija, uključujući igre, koje vole na iOS. S AppNaz.com, možete jednostavno pronaći app/igra vam se sviđa preuzeti ili slijediti svoje promjene cijena čak i ako ne možete pronaći tu aplikaciju na drugim trgovinama kao što su iTunes Store zbog regionalnih blokova ili drugih razloga. Međunarodni pristup, možete pratiti cijenu povijest svoje omiljene aplikacije u lokalnoj valuti.
Pic Scanner Gold: Scan photos and picture albums preuzeti s naše web stranice na mobitelu (iPhone/iPad), slijedite ove korake:
Kliknite na gumb "instaliranje" na AppNaz.com biti preusmjereni aplikacija na iTunes
Preuzeti i početi koristiti aplikaciju
Napomena: Gore navedene korake su besplatno apps od programeri. Sa svih plaćenih aplikacija, Preusmjerit će vas na iTunes Store i morat ćete platiti za preuzimanje aplikacija u vaš koji se kreće. Način uštede novca je pratiti uspone i padove cijena aplikacija želite na AppNaz.com Preuzmite besplatno ili platiti najmanje iznos za omiljenih aplikacija.


AMAZING value for money: Scan photos (MULTIPLE photos with one touch). Enhance, restore, recolor old photos. Create beautiful photo albums, greeting cards and slideshows. View, share memories. This advanced, feature-rich photo scanner app is fast, easy, LOADS of fun! Pic Scanner Gold will transform the way you save, enjoy and share memories. Placing all your forgotten old photos at your fingertips. Re-living priceless moments with our free Goodies. * Scan photos, automatically crop (multiple pics at a time) * Give old photos a new life with our 19-tool editor * Add personal notes (When, where, who…) * Watch slideshows, share with friends and family * Create & send personalized photo greeting cards * Make memories into photo crafts and gifts * Import pictures from Photos app: Pool with scanned pics * Organize photo scans in quick-create albums * Reorganize photos with easy drag-&-drop * Share picture albums and photos in many fun ways * Save photos in ANY free cloud service ALL-IN-ONE APP Now you don't need to scan with one app, then use other apps for everything else. Pic Scanner Gold does it all. Packed with features, yet intuitive and easy to use. Enjoy unlimited scanning and sharing with a one-time purchase. Costs next to nothing, and you can use it on iPhone or iPad. Or both. Share scanned memories: Pic Scanner Gold offers many ways to save, share and archive scans. Save to Photos app or Mac (via iCloud/Photostream). Share via email, Message, iCloud Photo Sharing or WhatsApp. Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google Scan and archive in Dropbox. This photo scanner app imposes no daily limits or restrictions. With Pic Scanner Gold, you need not sign up for an expensive cloud subscription service. Save digital photos to Google Drive, Google Photos, Box, Flickr - or any other cloud service or photo app installed on your iPhone or iPad. Makes it easy to archive or order prints, photo books etc. PIC SCANNER OR PIC SCANNER GOLD? Many users ask us which app is best for them. Existing users of Pic Scanner also ask whether they should upgrade. Here is what we tell them: In 2013, Pic Scanner became the world’s first mobile app for scanning and auto-cropping multiple photos at a time. It also let you do quick editing, add captions, create albums, and share photos. At US$2.99, it's a great bargain. Pic Scanner Gold is Pic Scanner's much-enhanced successor. You won't find so many practical, user-friendly features in any other app. Faster scanning. Best-in-class photo editor. Ability to share albums and captions, rearrange photos; import and pool pictures from Photos app. Many ways to share photos. slideshows and e-Greeting cards. All unlimited. Memories are priceless. At US$4.99, this app offers incredible value by preserving your memories forever. Learn more at www.picscannergold.com BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Pic Scanner Gold is a labor of love. Every premium feature has been carefully crafted to help you enjoy your memories to the fullest. You'll find it intuitive, useful and fun. If you need help, email us. We respond within 12 hours, usually faster.

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