3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad
3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad

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3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot
3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps free for iPhone/iPad screenshot

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Meet 3D Earth. The most wonderful app. Ever.
A clock and weather app unlike any you've ever seen.

3D Earth presents a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world.
Gaze at our planet floating amongst a universe of thousands of accurately rendered stars and gain a completely new perspective on time and weather.

The current weather data is gathered from thousands of professionally installed and maintained weather stations installed mostly at airports. 3D Earth only shows current weather from stations that have reported local weather conditions within the past hour. Current weather data is refreshed every 30 minutes; that is twice as frequent as most other weather providers can offer. Unique 48-hour forecasts from over 80,000 locations around the world provide a level of coverage and detail that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Current weather information includes: description, air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, dew point, pressure, visibility, as well as comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.
Detailed weather forecast information includes: description, day and night air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, UV index, probability of precipitation, and comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.

● Weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind, pressure and forecasts.
● World clock, weather and extended forecast for millions of cities around the world with 15 day and 3-hours forecasts..
● Notification Center Widget provides quick access to weather essentials (requires iOS8).
● Home Screen temperature icon. The current temperature for your location can be displayed on your Home Screen icon.
● Sunrise and Sunset times.
● iCloud city syncing

One purchase for all devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

3D Earth - weather widget world clock USA forecast Apps ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

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Brilliant App! Posted by

A truly brilliant app by any standard. Your chosen city appears in a 3D representation of the globe, which is shown correctly in sunlight and darkness that is appropriate to the local time. The lights, or lack thereof, on the ground in the undeveloped areas of the world are extremely dramatic as compared to the luminosity in the developed countries. Local weather forecasts enter another screen from the right, and do so with a theatrical suddenness. All in all, this is probably the most incredible free app I have ever downloaded and installed. Thank you, the app's creator!

Weather combined with Maps! Posted by

Nice concept! Nice app! Now I can see a pinpoint on a real map(street names, etc) of the location I chose to show weather in that area, plus I can look at the streets, etc in the area(using the zoom feature). It would be nice to be able touch the city(s) I have chosen, and have the app zoom in automatically to that city(like when I first entered that city), also It would be cool if you could add comments to each pinned location, also if you could add a feature so that you could just drop a pin in any location. Keep up the good work! Yerington, Nv person

Amazing Posted by

I truly love this app. Not only are the graphics and sound effects nice, it is also accurate and something different than the standard weather app provided by Apple software. Highly enjoy and would recommend friends, family and complete strangers to download. What are you doing still reading this review? Go and download the app instead and experience d it first hand.

Like it! Posted by

I like this app very much but wish i could have simultaneous display in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Also i wish i could just change the order of cities in the list easily than deleting and adding to change the order. i also wish i could hold the map steady at higher magnification. Otherwise i like it a lot.

Best of all worlds Posted by

This is a great app that is simple and yet can be sophisticated. It gives you information at a glance and when you want you can take a deep dive into the weather. By far my favorite weather app. Great job guys.

Neat Posted by

This is my go to app for weather. I like the way features are presented a nice departure from other weather apps. Four stars because there is always room for improvement.

Good Graphics, Excellent App Posted by

Nice use of graphics (especially on an iPad). Easy to read, east to add cities, nice way to present forecast information. I use this several times/day.

Enjoyable Mashup Posted by

I like the weather, flags, geography and atmospheric graphics. I can watch the conditions over the cities in which my friends and family live.

I second amazing !! Posted by

Wonderful to look at and truly functional. Works great and the info is very accurate. We love it! Keep up the good work - thank you

Awesome Posted by

This is a beautiful and accurate app,it's my favorite! It a wonderful app for planning my gardening days and everyday!

Great app Posted by

Earth 3D has become my go to app for weather, but like other reviewers, I also would like to see both F and C together.

Excellent weather app Posted by

This has everything from location view, satellite view, wind, visual temperature change, and many other features

Great app Posted by

I like this app. Now i can tell if it is day time or night time. I would like to see moving weather maps added.

Best weather app ever! Posted by

With this weather app you can keep up with local weather as well as national weather--great app!!!

Weather Posted by

I like it a lot better than the iPhone app. Much more info

Nice..Little Help by Bass_Fishing1 2016-01-06

I like this app except it would be really nice if you could expand the cities on the map. You can pull them on an iPad but they don't stay. Animation on the maps along with fronts would be nice. Weather statements and warnings would be nice but not a paid for thing. There are so many other free apps that these things come with for free..!!

Very functional and informative by Dustball613 2015-12-15

I like the app and use it more than the Weather Channel app because I'm interested in temperature pattern. I didn't give it 5 stars because it's off temperature wise ~3 degrees which matters more for cold temp planning. Must get temps from another location than Weather Channel, but great idea and I still like the app.

Crap only begins to describe it by Crappy. Shiq 2015-09-16

Will not work. Not on my iPhone nor on my iPad. It just keeps saying that it is unable to connect to server. Which is crap. To add insult to injury, some moron wrote a positive review of this crap. Unfortunately the system doesn't allow me to rate this less than one star. It is a waste of time.

Not working anymore on ipad 1 by Deletonator 2016-05-09

It worked fine on my ipad 1, but since a few weeks it cannot connect to server (others have the same issue). On newer ipad, after updating the app, there is NO issue at all, but on ipad 1 (which is still useful for such apps as a wall mounted device) it stopped working. Please fix!

Doesn't follow you by Srini Iyer 2016-03-26

This app is by far the most gorgeous and functional with great visual temp chart. The one key functionality though is missing, which is ability to follow your location on the fly and display name of the place and weather thereof. When that is is done it will qualify for a 5 star.

Nice app but exactly like Wether Now by Bobthesuper 2016-01-31

Beautiful app and I would have given it 4 stars. However it is exactly like Weather Now app. Even the in-app purchases are the same. I just seems a little fishy. I don't like being duped. Why have two apps, exactly the same, under different names. Just curious.

Purchased App and still won't connect to server by SRY100 2016-03-27

I have been getting connection issues with the server for the past few days. So I thought buying the app might solve the problem. That turned out to be incorrect. Now they want more money for a widget. Forget it, it looks nice but it just doesn't work anymore.

Looks great but... by Javaman4 2016-08-22

A weather app should give you the current conditions and the forecast. This app struggles with that. Many times in the afternoon I have checked temp and it would be correct but the temperature graph was wrong.

Problems with this app by RXXXz 2016-07-02

The widget cost more than the app, and still did not display the temp on the home screen icon like the description claimed. There is NOT A HELP FUNCTION, NO CONTACT US FUNCTION!!!

Needs work by MnKJ 2015-10-17

Has the potential to be a really good app but the weather never works or take forever to update it's always blank fix it and it will be a five-star app

Not impressed by DaredevilX90 2015-12-04

Nothing special here don't waste your time

Not bad by JimInNewYork 2016-01-13

Only holds 100 stations data....bummer