24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad
24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad

24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad

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Screenshots & Video

24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot
24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad screenshot

How to install 24H Hip Hop Radio Apps for iPhone/iPad

Download 24H Hip Hop Radio for iPhone/iPad
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Cool Features to look out for:

•Plays both Mp3 and AAC+ quality sounds
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•Left/Right channel equalizer
•Master Play and Pause Option
•User friendly interface with cool graphics

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Get this app ! Posted by

If you like music this is it :) kool app ! & it's FREE . This is koolio YO must get yo ....fo sho

Rana Posted by

So love it badly!! I listen everyday n I m enjoying it......!!!!! Plz more then exclusive next!!

5 star app Posted by

I Love This App ...Best Radio Ever ...Plays All My Favorite Music ;) <3

Just Wow! Posted by

Hay ya! love the app dude. Can i download the screen shots as wallpapers?

Rocking Posted by

Found it very cool! A friend told me about the app. Liked it very much!

Awesome Posted by

I wish I can give 10 stars I highly recommend this 110% thank u guys

Radio station Posted by

Wow this is u r great u hear me all the stations r wonder fun

Crazy Posted by

Thats all i need on my ipod and ipad...im on all day

Amazing Posted by

Thank you for making it free, enjoying it everyday

o_O by Ivan Crume 2013-03-31

This latest updates lives up to the distributor/developer's name; AWFUL! While there are a few welcomed features, such as the ability to save stations as favorites there are fewer stations to choose since they removed stations that were non-functional but didn't add any new or replacement stations. The real problem with this app is that should you use your smart-cover to protect the iPad screen the player shuts off as well. And don't think you can simply outsmart the glaring oversight by removing your smart-cover because once your device shuts down the screen in an effort to save your battery life so goes the player! I guess you could just turn off this battery saving feature... This was not a problem with previous versions of this app. And while I hate giving 1-star reviews (especially on an app that I loved so much) this error makes this app unusable. Please fix

?? by Ninajw 2013-01-20

Seems to me like whoever the creator(s) of this app is racist. "♠♠Some brothers would still be virgins if Crack never came out! ♠♠" I don't know what this has to do with anything but I'm truly offended by that. Why would it even be in the details section to begin with?

Where is the ZERO STAR RATING!! by Pacific_Islander 2012-11-25

Don't even bother with this app! Not worth the time to download! It needs updating! Nothing works!

Fix it by Billz23 2012-10-26

This app would be good but u got to fix this sh!! Bad than I give it 6 stars lol

Pffff by Дмитрий л. 2013-01-13